26 Jul

Starting now in the Pop-up Shop: Geronimo Balloon Troopers

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This week we have the bestest sale in the Pop-Up Shop, you all! Beautiful, special edition 100LC Geronimo balloons, available only until Friday right here. These beauties would be perfection at any event (especially a pretty wedding!). Order them up while you can. They’re 50% off, which is a super steal you won’t find anywhere else. We have two gorgeous designs, blush and a creamy white, each with their own style of fancy frill.

Get shopping before we run out!

wedding balloons

wedding balloons

wedding balloons

wedding balloons

PS, did you recognize the lovely Dominique from her pretty pretty wedding we shared a few weeks ago?

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  1. Great balloons! So festive!

  2. good and nice

  3. $100 for ONE balloon is supposed to be a good price? cuh-razy!

  4. Katy! We know $100 may seem high but as you can see you’re getting more than just a balloon. These balloons have been individually handcrafted w/ fine ribbon, vintage millinery and hand cut paper to create beautiful garlands that make each balloon super unique.

  5. Those are awesome!

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