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We thought we’d start a new little series on the blog to introduce the people we think are extraordinary in the industry… our A-list members! Let’s say good morning to Gia Canali today with a short, but sweet Q&A.

wedding photographer gia canali


Tell us 4 things you love about weddings?
1. Watching a woman transform into a bride.
2. When the groom cries during the ceremony.
3. That moment of exhilaration, just after the ceremony, when a couple realizes “we did it!”
4. Even more than seeing how a couple loves each other, seeing how everybody — family, friends, everybody — in a couple’s community loves them. That’s kind of what a wedding is…a big show of and promise of support by the couple’s community.

Favorite wedding trend of the moment? Wedding trend you’d love to see disappear forever?
Firstly, I am loving the return to classic wedding design (with gratitude to the Royal Wedding). Also, I think couples are really being thoughtful about putting together the various elements of their wedding, considering the meaning, beauty, sustainability, and the experience for themselves and their guests. They are trying to represent both partners’ aesthetics in the design – which is great – and they’re being really intentional about their words during the ceremony. Couples are taking to the wedding planning with a very sweet seriousness. And the weddings are better for it.

Do you have a favorite song/band/style of music? Does it define or help shape your work?
I love Over The Rhine’s music. I don’t know if it defines my work, but I would consider it a great compliment if someone compared the photographs I make to the music they make.

Is there an artist/designer/generally creative person in a totally different field who inspires you?
The writer Annie Dillard has always, always inspired me. And I usually have a crush on one or another painter.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be?
I love getting to be a photographer and an artist, but if I couldn’t do that, I’d love writing more. Or I’d want to be a mad scientist.

Favorite summer food?
Avocado vanilla ice pops from The Pop Shop!

Thanks Gia!

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Anne on Jul 7, 2011

The column is a great idea. I love seeing who is out there all over the country. It is inspiring and thought provoking to see what others think and do. The questions were great. When else will they be featured?

Orlando Wedding Videographer on Jul 7, 2011

Very cool insights from a great photographer!

Jessie on Jul 8, 2011

Yeah Gia! Beautiful interview with thoughtful insight! Xoxo

adsf on Jan 10, 2012

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Deborah Dcuir on May 20, 2012

Gia, your portfolio is resplendent!

Wedding Dresses on Jul 17, 2012

Sometimes,you have to be your own hero.Because sometimes the people you can't live without can live without you.

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