28 Jun

Vendor spotlight: Goodsie

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Just to put it out there – we love our brides! Our minds are blown on a daily basis with how crafty and creative you all get with your weddings. That being said, we know a lot of you make and sell your own unique products and that’s why we’re super excited to tell you about Goodsie! (Apologies if you’re already aware of how awesome they are).

Goodsie lets you create your very own fully-branded personalized storefront. As mentioned in a recent article, one advantage of Goodsie over Etsy in particular is that shoppers often think of buying things “on Etsy”, rather than from a particular vendor. Goodsie allows you to use your own domain name and fully brand your store with logos, typography and more to make it your own.

It’s so easy-to-use (really, just watch the video on Goodsie.com). There’s no coding required and setup is a breeze. Ok, now to answer the question you might have on your mind, “How much?”. There’s one flat fee. Similarly, there’s no penalty for processing big orders (or many small orders) because they don’t charge transaction fees. Store owners (you!) can rest easy knowing they will only pay $15 per month, every month. Oh, and did we mention that you can upload an infinite number of your products with no penalty?

We’re in! So, all of you crafty brides (or just plain crafty ladies) whom we adore so much, go set up shop!

1. BluePrints of Style / 2. Zara Terez / 3. Chabuki / 4. MilkMade Ice Cream


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I will look at the link you showed. I always enjoy looking at this site! Thanks again!

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