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We thought we’d remind you of one of the more fun events of getting married – registering! Yes, we know it can be quite the chore to walk into stores with that little scanner gun and mark every item you think you need, but we are so far from that these days. It can all be done with just a click of your handy little mouse! That’s why we’re loving

my registry lets you:

• Add items from any store in the world using a simple “Add to MyRegistry” button. (An easy peasy button you add to your bookmarks toolbar so you can easily add items from any store in the world to one universal registry!)
• Sync and Display existing store registries to manage all of your gifts in one location.
• Tastefully register for cash gifts. (This is perfect for those of you who already have all your kitchen needs met and kindly want to accept cash gifts.)
• Use advanced registry tools to get the word out (such as a Facebook application and eCard system)
• Use your iphone to scan items you might see while window shopping to add to your registry!

Ok, what are you waiting for? Start building your dream registry!

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Social Love

Tiffany on Jun 21, 2011

I wish so much there had been this kind of thing when I got married. What a great resource!

Nata Stone on Jun 21, 2011

I literally just signed up right after seeing your post. This is what I've been looking for. Thanks so much!!

Jenny on May 11, 2012

Are people still using these types of registries? My fiancee who is a total techy found We can put any and all items on the site as our wishlist and we get the cash equivalent of all the items that our guests made a contribution to. Its only 2.85% and very low compared to sites like wishing well and deposit a gift. Highly recommend it!

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