14 Jun

Starting now in the Pop-up Shop: Bountiful cake plates and domes

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We’re so beside ourselves with excitement right now. The most beautiful cake plates and domes, from Bountiful on Abbot Kinney in Venice, are in the Pop-Up Shop! This is the first time Bountiful has ever sold them below retail and this deal is 100% exclusive to the next few days on our site. Did we mention there are limited quantities? Are you clicking yet??!!!

cake plates milk glass

These are seriously amazing. We’re quite certain that every single one of you could use at least one in your serving ware collection (we know we could!). And um, they are a gorgeous part of any wedding dessert spread! We posted photos of the shop and Sue Balmforth’s unbelievable cake plate art in March, but we thought we’d tempt you with a few new ones we’ve snapped while preparing for this sale.

Even the store front is inspiring:

And just for good measure, more unbelievable stacks:

And they just so happen to be featured in this month’s InStyle Magazine. How serendipitous! Not that we necessarily look to dear Paris for decor tips, but the styling of the shoot is super cute!

Paris hilton instyle magazine

So, um, why are you still reading this post? You should staking your claim in the Pop-Up Shop!

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  1. Dying over these- seriously amazing- linking over the shop as we speak!!

  2. I just bought a couple! LOVE these! and such a great price! yay

  3. omg looove these! going over to buy some now..

  4. i just drove past their store the other day and almost crashed from awe of their window displays!! can i just have every single one of their lovelies?!!

  5. While the stacks of stands are gorgeous and I appreciate the deal you are offering for these I must mention that these stands are marked up considerably. They have a big ol’ stamp that says made in china at the bottom and I am sure they cost about $5 or less for them to make yet in the store they charge $100 of more for them. If you are on a budget I would suggest shopping flea markets or DIY-ing but if you can afford it shop away! It is a very cute shop after all

  6. How do we get the shipping costs to Canada? Vancouver, specifically. :) LOVE these and I want some! :)

  7. Hi Meg,

    Just wanted to clarify that the glass cake plates in this sale and at Bountiful are hand-poured glass, made in the USA and in the same factory that they have been for over 100 years. They are extremely sturdy, very heavy, and made of one piece of solid glass, unlike most replicas that are glued together, that are made in China.

    Hope that clears things up.

  8. Can you ship to the UK? Will buy in bulk? X

  9. Hi Heidi,

    YES! Bountiful ships all over the world. We just emailed you with some shipping details. Happy shopping!

  10. GORGEOUS plates! i love the white ones. so pretty xo jillian

  11. A huge lightbulb went up in my head after seeing these dessert platters! I want these sooo bad now!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! Who would of thought one could get so excited by cake plates. ;0) P.S. Love your blog.

  13. Hi ladies,

    I too asked about shipping costs (to Vancouver, Canada) can you please fwd the details to me as well?


  14. Hi Saschie,

    We emailed you with some details. thanks!

  15. Love story

  16. Can you still purchase these?? i cannot get through to the link for prices etc.



  17. I guess it would cost me a bomb if these are shipped to Malaysia right? :( :(

  18. beautiful…can you also fwrd me the details about the shipping cost to australia

  19. Thanks for sharing this post with us. These photos are so fantastic, thans for sharing.

  20. So excited that my daughter is flying from Amsterdam via the US where she will choose one of these beautiful cake stands just for me!

  21. can you tell me the cost and the size of the bountiful-cake plates?


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