Vendor spotlight: OffBeet Productions

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OffBeet Productions is a little team doing BIG things. Helping to eliminate the hassle of having to hunt around for the perfect photographer, the DJ who will rock the best tunes, and that videographer to capture all those fun behind-the-scenes bits from your wedding, partners Kate Connolly and Denny Testa have joined forces to provide you with their one-stop shop fusion of talents.

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We can’t stress enough how much of a weight it takes off your shoulders when you work with a team like OffBeet. They know what’s up. From their cinematic quality film coverage seen here, to Denny Testa’s personable vibe and ability to read a crowd and get them moving, to Kate Connolly’s clear vision of capturing the details, smiles, and memories – they’re pretty much the dream team. Enough said! Head over to OffBeet Productions to see how you can bring them aboard to make your wedding awesome!

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jillian on May 31, 2011

love those pleated bridesmaid dresses! and the bright blue shoes! how fun :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Paul on May 31, 2011

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