29 Apr

Congrats William + Kate!

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Who stayed up (or woke up early) to watch it live? We wish Kate and Wills the happiest of marriages and lots of beautiful children to carry on the family name.

Have a great weekend everyone! We’re all out of town, enjoying spring in different places. Hope you all have a chance to do the same, even at home.

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  1. I was up! 😀 It was lovely.

  2. Such a glorious wedding – Kate is the epitome of poise and grace. Gorgeous couple, gowns, and setting. Loved every bit of it!

  3. It was just beautiful! They seem to truly care for another another & are such an endearing pair:) Hope they have a happy life together!

    On another note, I really think we need to wear more hats here in the States;)

  4. It was 11:30 AM in the Netherlands. I watch the wedding while I was at work 😉
    It was just lovely. I really like Kate her Dress and the light Yellow outfit the Queen was wearing.

  5. Btw, here in the Netherlands al the woman of the Royal Family wears also a hat when there is a special occasion. Tomorrow it’s Koninginnendag (Queensday). I’m very curious what kind of hat the Queen is wearing tomorrow 😉

  6. Not only did I get up at 4:30 to watch it in Toronto, but today at work we are wearing tiaras and fascinators, and celebrating with a royal-wedding-themed potluck. My contribution: vanilla-iced cupcakes served on a tiered stand, to mimic a dramatic royal wedding cake. Wearing tiny golden crowns. Too much?

  7. Oh, your royal themed potluck sounds so fun! I thought they both looked so lovely! Kate’s dress reminded me a lot of Grace Kelly’s!

  8. I missed the live broadcast, but have been scouring the news for pictures and videos of the wedding this morning! It is all so elegant and pretty!

  9. Sadly, I was fast asleep all night. I’ve only been at my job for almost two months, and don’t have the luxury of coming in late or going home early or any of the necessary prep work that would have involved making all that wedding watching happen for me. Thank goodness for the internet though! I’m all caught up on the dress, the vows, the double kiss … I’m so happy for the pair :)

  10. It was perfect!! She looked amazing. It was such a beautiful and emotional day. They really are the best royal couple ever. So down to earth and obviously very much in love.

  11. I’ve recorded it but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. I’ve been drooling over all the gorgeous photos online though. LOVED her dress! It was a perfect choice for a modern princess – elegant, classic and modest without being stuffy or matronly.

  12. I was in Hyde Park! The atmosphere was just totally amazing- a real one off day! The sky wascompletely grey, then as Kate walked up the aisle toawrds William, the camera (BBC) panned out and the sun broke through the clouds.. the crowd went absolutely wild! It was just a magical moment and had everyone in tears!
    Everyone has been in such a happy mood here in London- it’s a great day to be British! I’m glad the whole globe has been able to enjoy it. x

  13. I was asleep but I programmed the DVR and turned it on as soon as I woke up. What a beutiful day. Such gorgeous dresses and unique hats.

    Philippa what a great memory for you to have for the rest of your life

  14. Its only 2 hours difference in Greece so I watched it

  15. I woke up at 4:45am to watch it! Such a beautiful wedding. I loved every bit, especially Kate’s dress. I wish them every happiness!

  16. I got up at 5am to watch it. So exciting! Kate looked lovely!

  17. @Jessica, we agree. More fascinators and hats should definitely be worn!
    @Lisa, how fun! love it.
    @Michelle, We were so glad too, that she chose an Alexander McQueen. The epitome of modern style!
    @Philipa, We’re jealous you were there in Hyde Park! Can only imagine how amazing it was to be near this historical event!

  18. it was 1.00 PM kuwait time :) lovely ceremony! everything was simple and elegant <3 loved the touch of green in the abbey 😉

  19. I download the highlights and really very nice to see this wedding . It was amazing experience.

  20. Was just thinking back on how amazing this wedding was and the profile that it raised for the UK. The Olympics is just going to be an epic fail next to this great wedding day !

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