27 Apr

Royal Wedding week: The Ascot Necktie

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Jillian spotted this adorable gift on A Field Journal that Livy made for her BF’s birthday. Isn’t it so cute and thoughtful? We thought it was perfect inspiration for the gentlemen out there! After all, attending a royal wedding requires a fancy style necktie, don’t you think? Her design is so beautiful!

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  1. Cute. Presentation is EVERYTHING.

  2. This is so lovely, would be a great gift for a groom to give to all his groomsmen on the morning of his wedding! I think Livy could sell these (hint hint wink wink) xxx

  3. Wow that’s amazing!!

  4. Awesome design!!

  5. This would be perect for a great western affair at The Presidio Log Cabin! Too cute

  6. How beautiful! It’s wonderful right down to the lining of the envelope :)

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