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We love having East Side Bride pop over every few weeks with her totally candid advice for brides-to-be, but she has such a great fashion sense, we thought we’d have her over for some purely style-focused posts too. Bueno, right?

Here she goes with her take on rehearsal dinner dresses for many different sorts of brides.

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I’ve gotten a bunch of requests for rehearsal dinner dresses recently (WEDDING SEASON IS UPON US), so I figured I’d knock em all out in one big roundup.

For the bride who’s been “flip-flopping between ‘fun’ and prim – and can’t seem to find a balance,” the Rachel Comey Flippant Dress (via NOTCOUTURE) or the Madewell Floral Croquet Dress.

For the bride whose rehearsal dinner is doubling as a tea ceremony for her fiancé’s Chinese-Vietnamese family, Diane von Furstenberg’s New Julian Wrap Dress or Deianira Faux Wrap Dress.

(This was a tough one. The bride explained that ideally she’d wear a red cheongsam, but the sizes carried by the shops in her local Chinatown are too small for her. If only I could track down one of these Phillip Lims!)

For the bride who requested “A red carpet dress, A sequined, metallic New Year’s Eve number that will make me feel fabulous!” the Vince Cluster Sequin Silk Dress or the Halson Heritage Pleated Lamé Mini Dress.

And for the almost-too-cool-to-be-bothered bride, I’m a big fan of the ASOS WHITE Cupro Oversized Dress (via one of my fab readers).

A little piece of advice for all the brides out there? Just, please, don’t wear a white dress to the rehearsal dinner. It really kills the suspense.

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Social Love

Chocolate Fountain Hire - Hot Chocolates on Apr 5, 2011

Some gorgeous styles there.... lovin the red dress :) x

Kirby {Colors of Honey} on Apr 5, 2011

what a great post! I am bouncing back and forth between wearing something I already have or buying something new for our rehearsal dinner. then its the idea of do I go with white all weekend (rehearsal and the next day brunch) or wear whatever I want? decisions, decisions. xo

Lisa on Apr 5, 2011

Only to add, in San Francisco's Chinatown the bride always has her qipao/cheongsam custom made. You will still be too big, in theory, but the garment will fit:). Which brings to mind shopping in Shanghai with my 5' 9" daughter. Who is quite slender, but over there counted as a giantess of mythic proportions.

lauren on Apr 5, 2011

i have this theory that the halston dress would also be a solid choice for a bridesmaid to wear to a rehearsal dinner, say, in washington dc this june. dc needs more lame, no? go on sale, halston dress. go on sale for me.

nikki on Apr 5, 2011

now I feel like I missed out, I totally wore jeans and a tank top to my rehearsal dinner! I had some killer sandals, though.

Melissa on Apr 5, 2011


Lo on Apr 5, 2011

I'm the bride who’s been “flip-flopping between ‘fun’ and prim" and I am totally head over heels for the Madwell watercolor number. Such a great find! I also really liked the "save white for the wedding" advice, I'm definitely going to save that up for the big wedding dress reveal. Thanks a ton!

M on Apr 5, 2011

Shanghai Tang does cheongsam and they do cater to Western sizes. Oh how I covet!

east side bride on Apr 5, 2011

M, you rock!! (I had a sneaky feeling *somebody* would come through.)

Another Emma on Apr 5, 2011

I really love that sequinned number. Oh, sometimes living in Australia sucks.

erin * sparkle & hay on Apr 5, 2011

that pleated silver one steals my heart!!

albeit dot dot dot on Apr 5, 2011

Woo! i love the Vince sequence dress! So glamorous....yet casual. (oversized short sleeves)

Kaydence on Apr 26, 2011

Help!! I already bought a white dress. How can I accessorize it to keep from "killing the suspense??"

Apple on May 20, 2011

Kaydence, don't worry about the white dress thing. If there is anything indie weddings preach, it's to be yourself. If you wanted a white after-rehearsal dress, go for it! Unless it looks exactly like the wedding dress I really doubt there will be a problem. My rehearsal dress is white too. It has big pink flowers, and I think it is absolutely wonderful. It is the polar opposite of my wedding dress, which is a lovely vintage dress that is a pretty cream color, but even if I had a white wedding dress I still wouldn't care. I don't think anything can "kill the suspense", short of wearing your wedding dress on a daily basis the week before the wedding.

Essex Wedding Photography on Aug 19, 2011

Great frocks

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