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Erin and Mickey are both designers and have been working on projects together since they met 10 years ago in design school. As you can imagine, their wedding was like their ultimate project – including sewn programs, guest book, garlands, boutonnieres and such. And each decision was a collaborative one, (dream or a nightmare? Haaa), making their wedding a true reflection of their joint style. Isn’t that so perfect?

Love the tartan backdrop to their ceremony!

Erin created the boutonnieres from collected feathers, scraps of silk, muslin and antique buttons. So cute!

Their entire celebration, ceremony, cocktails, dinner and all was held at Public.

They used Lovely Design’s card file (which we absolutely love!) for the table seating cards. A typewriter and stamps were used to enter each guest’s name on the cards in the catalogue.

So pretty, you two! Love this interpretation of a modern NYC wedding. Thanks so much for sharing!

Venue: Public / Photography: Erin Hearts Court / Invites & paper: bride and groom / Flowers: bride and mom / Dress: Monique Lhuillier / Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Purse: Vintage Judith Lieber / Jewelry: family heirlooms / Suite: Ralph Lauren Black Label / Shoes: Prada / Wedding rings: Tiffany & Co. / Music: LapisLuna / Day of set up and help: Alane Clemens

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Social Love

Thais on Feb 3, 2011

I'm from Brazil and I LOVE this blog! Marriages are perfect. Is my dream. Congratulations!

michelle on Feb 3, 2011

That card file is brilliant!

lydia {ever ours} on Feb 3, 2011

love the tartan backdrop...and the confetti. but more importantly, love the photography team!

Rachel - theWeddingVine on Feb 3, 2011

The boutonnieres are amazing! I love the feathers!

Dynamite Weddings on Feb 3, 2011

So classic and chic!

christina on Feb 3, 2011

just in love with this wedding! especially the ceremony backdrop!! amazing!

Anna on Feb 3, 2011

Fabulously wonderful. Love her dress!

Lace.and.Likes on Feb 3, 2011

oh my goodness the rouching in the back of her dress is absolutely gorgeous

Orlando Wedding Videographer on Feb 3, 2011

I love this venue and the details of each item.

em on Feb 3, 2011

everything about this wedding delights me: the flowers, the reception venue, the photography, the confetti, the bells. swoon.

Kamie on Feb 3, 2011

I love her dress and the way it's bustled!! Gorgeous wedding thanks for sharing!

Lacey @ Lacey Wagner Events on Feb 3, 2011

I love the card file idea. So cute and practical to boot!

Aisthe on Feb 3, 2011

It looks simple and stunning! Simplicity is genius! ;)

thelateafternoon on Feb 4, 2011

I love the first photograph with all the confetti!! its so vibrant against the white and black attire. also, the card file is such a great idea!

Dahlia D. on Feb 4, 2011

So romantic! Love the last shot!

Kat Strack on Feb 4, 2011

My mom bought me that owl that is under her shoe for my wedding. Weird.

alexis from OMG I'm Getting Married on Feb 5, 2011

Love those boutonnieres! Very chic and so nice that they were handmade by the bride.

McKenzie Powell Designs on Feb 5, 2011

Love restaurant weddings! Find a hip, stylish restaurant with amazing food...and wham! Much of the decor / planning is done!

Monica on Feb 5, 2011

What a chic & pretty wedding! Love her shoes...

Ashley on Feb 8, 2011

Love the photo book where you leave a picture and note for the bride and groom...did they create that or buy that somewhere...if so where? Love this whole wedding!

Wedding Invitations on Feb 18, 2011

I thought all the pics were great looking at each of them, but the last one was so beautiful it took my breath away. Beautiful wedding!

Muslin Photography on Apr 16, 2011

So inspiring... especially the last shoot. What a wedding :)

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Ralph Lauren on May 21, 2012

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Giant Invitations Brisbane on Apr 1, 2014

The photo at the end is terrific. Very well-designed wedding. Intricate to the last detail. I wonder where the paper good came from?

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