28 Oct

Dear ESB: What do I put in my hair?

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We have another installment of the guest column by East Side Bride today. Hooray! This one is something all brides can relate to. And ESB has the perfect solution, as always. Here we go:

Dear ESB,

I’ve attached a photo of my wedding dress. Do you have suggestions on what to wear in my hair? I’m over the birdcage, I’m over the tulle. Everyone has flowers. Do you have any suggestions or ideas? I’ve effed myself with this situation, my dress is cream and I’m just not finding anything right now.

Lemme know.

(That is not me in the picture, btw.)


Dear That Is Not Me,

I think you should go with a good old-fashioned veil. I think, in fact, the good old-fashioned veil is about to come back with a VENGEANCE. (You heard it here first).

How bout this silk tulle version with lace trim by Twigs & Honey? It’s tulle that doesn’t scream T-U-L-L-E, if you know what I mean. And I think it’ll give just the right touch of softness to the lace badassery that is your dress.


p.s. Myra is happy to do custom orders if you give her enough lead time, so by all means get the veil in cream.

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  1. How about a spanish-style Mantilla? They’re beautiful and NOT overdone.

  2. that veil is gorgeous and a great length for your dress, i second that!

  3. i love that dress. where can i find it?

  4. Beautiful. I wore a replica of that veil (a friend made it for me) on my wedding day. It has a rustic, traditional, simple, and feminine look to it. I LOVED it and felt beautiful. Great choice, ESB!

  5. i’d say work an organic edge to create a bit of friction with the lace. bleached peacock feathers! porcupine quills! a piece of white coral!

  6. oooh… i think esb hit it right on the nail. also, i know you don’t want to do flowers, but noa from feather love found this, and i CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.


  7. I’m partial to this: http://pinterest.com/pin/790499/
    (You know the world is upside down when ESB goes trad and WPM goes batsh*t crazy)

  8. Nice tips ladies! The vintage wedding dress is from Dandelion Daydreamer Vintage, my online vintage shop :) Here is the link!

  9. Love this suggestion, definitely go with the old fashioned, could be pretty and badass at the same time!

  10. If you wanted more badass than girly, you might also want to consider those hair thingies on Etsy that are all rhinestone-y and have comicbook expressions like ‘POW!’ written out on them. I think I’ve only ever seen them in one indie wedding blog post ever, so I’m thinking it can’t be too overdone.

  11. I’m on the same boat, not knowing what to wear on my head, thanks for the suggestions here!

  12. Bringing back the classics ESB! It’s tradition with a twist.

    I wore my great-grandmother’s mantilla on my wedding day. It felt romantic and timeless but still like me.

    Here’s to the old-fashioned veil!

  13. I love this dress but I don’t love the idea of the length and simplicity with a long, in your face veil. I would love to see it done with a simple Heidi braid or an off center feathered headband in ivory or your colors with just a touch of beading. I know you don’t want to go do the bircage veil but a simple real vintage birdcage hat sans veil could by quite cute. Id also love to see it in a vintage cloche hat but I think then the dress becomes more “playing croquet in the park” than wedding. My final suggestion, and I wish I kne more about your wedding and your personal style, is a chignon cap – not necessarily the round kind. I have seen some amazing ones recently by some fab designers.

  14. I have major issues with the historical significance of the veil (i.e., that it was used as part of the “marriage contract” where ownership of the bride was exchanged from father to husband), so I knew I wasn’t going to do one (though, I might have considered birdcage). My husband’s aunt (“aunt-in-law?”) made me a veil clip – basically, a hairclip that had a gauzy bow (not a “bow” bow, but like those little ribbons you attach on your shirt, or the magnet ribbons you see on people’s cars). I wore it on one side, and rocked a curled side ponytail on the other.

    If I hadn’t done that, I might have done a braided headband, with my hair half-up, half-down.

  15. Oh my! Thank you for recommending a Twigs & Honey veil, ESB and 100 Layer Cake!!

  16. Nikki, this is actually my reception dress. I have two dresses, one is floor length and more formal for the ceremony. I bought this to wear during the reception, to relax and be able to leave in it as well. We are having a picnic wedding in the middle of the day, so it will still be light out when we leave. The idea of a hat is perfect really. The veil that ESB has suggested is very much like the one I’ll be wearing for my ceremony.

    Thanks everyone for the advice.

  17. I love Twigs and Honey but how about something a little simpler! The dress should be the focus! Myra has this listed on Etsy too http://www.etsy.com/listing/52852579/handmade-silk-tulle-flower-headband

  18. Jen, fantastic! That’s the benefit of giving you about 5 different options. I absolutely love the idea of a hat for a mid- day picnic reception. I think birdcage, cloche or even a wide brimmed hat would be lovely. I would love to see what you end up doing.

  19. Woo! lace and birdcages! So pretty!

  20. I didn’t wear a veil or any sort of hair piece at all and was completely happy with my choice. The only thing I wore was a rhinestone brooch that had been mounted on a big hair pin (http://www.etsy.com/transaction/27124725).

    Though, I do like the sheerness of the veil ESB linked to.

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