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Good morning everyone! We’re hoping this week is better better better than last. ARG. Server issues kill us. SO!

Let’s start on a happy, pretty, inspired note. Forever & Ever Events! Have your met Mary? She’s an American, living across the pond in London, planning quirky, chic events throughout Britannia.

Isn’t she cute? It’s so nice to actually meet the lady behind the planning, isn’t it? That’s her pup, Samson.

Founder Mary Lee Herrington’s Anglophile tendencies brought her to London five years ago. When planning her own wedding in England, she realized that not only was wedding planning what she wanted to do with her career, but that there was a demand in the UK for gorgeous and quirky weddings that we so love.

Whether you are in the US dreaming of a wedding in London or you’re a resident of Old Blighty, Mary will plan your celebration with obsessive attention to detail, guiding you through every step, recommending only the most trusted vendors, providing styling ideas that inject your personality into the wedding, and personally being on hand to make sure that every single detail is completed to perfection on the day.

Each of Mary’s weddings is bespoke and tailored to the individual needs of the couple. As your wedding godmother, Forever & Ever Events will make sure your day is everything you dreamed of, which if we’re not mistaken, is the whole point in hiring a planner.

Photos by:
Alicia Pollett Photography
Caught the Light Photography
Caro Hutchings Photography

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Social Love

Alexis - OMG I'm Getting Married on Oct 25, 2010

OMG I LOVE MARY! I am so excited because she is going to be my "day of" coordinator and I just know I won't have anything to worry about. She has a finite attention to detail and is awesome, plus her pets are awesome too. Love love love her!

TheWeddingSecret on Oct 25, 2010

LOVE the photo of your dress in the window!

Charlotte @ Restoration Cake on Oct 25, 2010

Every now and then in this industry, you meet someone who is as talented and fabulous as they are passionate and excitable. Mary is all of these things and more. Most importantly, Mary is fun to be around as well as being super efficient - an excellent combination. Only thing is, you do have to keep your eye on Samson, because he will try to steal your sandwiches! Cx

Lara on Oct 25, 2010

Ooh lala, the silhouette place cards are to die for - and Mary your little puppy is just the cutest!

Wesley - Wesley Hort Wedding Photography on Oct 25, 2010

Mary is AMAZING - Hire her now.. do it NOW!!!

Laurie, married 28 August 2010 on Oct 25, 2010

Ladies... this girl is the wedding planner of your dreams. Trust me...Mary was my fabulous wedding planner just 2 months ago when I tied the knot here in London. She "get's it" - she understood how my fiance and I worked when it came to communication, she has fabulous taste, and her attention to detail is unrivaled - she thought of things that, had I done it alone, would never have even hit my radar. On the day - I worried about nothing - I knew she had everything completely under control, I had so much fun! They say at least one thing goes wrong.... it didn't for me, and I know who I am thanking.... A FE&E Events and Mary Fan For Life, xoxo Laurie

Louisa Boyles - Denote Stationery on Oct 25, 2010

Mary is THE wedding planner in my eyes. She has it spot on.

Alicia on Oct 25, 2010

I can vouch for Mary! What a doll. She has an absolute passion for this industry. A romantic with a delightful eye for the quirky, sweet touches and coupled with her American enthusiasm I can't get enough of her!

Chantal on Oct 25, 2010

Mary truly is the bees knees.... Everyone should have a Mary!

Kara on Oct 26, 2010

Where did the placecards come from??? I love them!

Micah - Alt Coast on Oct 26, 2010

Mary is an absolute delight! She has a wonderful sweet soul. Loved this!

Mary Lee Herrington - Forever & Ever Events on Oct 27, 2010

Thank you everybody for your lovely comments and especially to the 100 Layer Cake ladies for featuring Forever & Ever! Kara, the placecards were designed in a collaboration between myself and Askew Design, a bespoke stationery company based in New York. Everything Askew Design creates is gorgeous, playful and unique, oozing with talent! MLH x

philippa on Nov 7, 2010

Mary, you are living my dream! Primrose Hill and wedding planning!! The portrait Chloe @ Caught The Light Photography did for you is great! I look forward to reading more about your work! x x

Chloe on Nov 14, 2010

Love Mary very much, she's talented and a great laugh too. Always a bonus!

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