20 Oct

Mr & Mrs Honeymoon by Mrs. Lilien

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Today we all get the extra special treat of a Mrs. Lilien guest post. Hooray! For those of you planning your honeymoon suitcase, this post will prove invaluable.

Meet Mr. + Mrs. Honeymoon – this dashing young couple is jetting off to Europe for a post wedding sojourn – they’ve got big plans to sightsee, celebrate and swoon. Touring by day and painting the town red by night – they’ve got this trip dialed with all their newlywed might! He took care of the hard get dinner reservations – she planned the swanky over night accommodations – together they planned the ultimate european vacation!! They’ve packed their bags with a smattering of Honeymoon essentials – from head to toe fashions, honeymoon enhancements and plenty of sentimentals! They’ll hit all the big spots and hunker down in all the hidden gems – they’ll stay up all night canoodling and reciting their wedding poems! She with her luggage suite, and he his singular suitcase – they’ve brought what they needed and then some, you know… just in case! She brought along an extra trunk for all their honeymoon shopping – it doesn’t stand a chance to go home empty with the wedding cash she’ll be dropping! There’ll be endless silly tourist pictures and lots of hand holding – entries in their travel journal and all kinds of flirtatious cajoling! They’ll be long romantic lunches where they’ll share both their dishes – followed by long winded strolls with plenty of stolen kisses – you dare not expect anything less from this new minted Mr. and Mrs.!

The Mr.
Jeans / Sunglasses / Necktie / Boat Shoes / Cufflinks / Folding Comb / Razor / Shave Balm / Flask / Dopp Kit / Luggage Tags / Suitcase

The Mrs.
Lipstick / Cape / Sunglasses / Long Gloves / Corsage / Sparkly Flats / Clutch / Naughty Panties / Earrings / Passport Wallet / Suitcase

Love Potion / Book / Camera

Mrs Lilien

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  1. Haha I love the ONE suitcase vs. FIVE. : )

  2. What a cute idea! Fabulously laid out as well. love love

  3. I love that Jeans / Sunglasses / Necktie / Boat Shoes / Cufflinks / Folding Comb / Razor / Shave Balm / Flask / Dopp Kit / Luggage Tags / Suitcase. Perfection

  4. I REALLY loved this collection..immediately I went to look up the shoes so i can buy them :) but then i realized they were $645!!! can you re-do this for the average couple, weddings are expensive enought we cant spend thousands of $$$$ on our honeymoon attire…please i would LOVE to see an assortment of items that would make my pocketbook smile. :)

  5. Oh my goodness I love this post SOOOO much!!!

  6. A great compilation of items! I love the 50s/60s inspired feel of it all. I’m especially loving the red, elbow-length gloves, as well as the red and white checkered necktie — I wish I could get my fiance to wear something so dapper!

  7. Anything with Jack Spade in it is a winner for me!

  8. I just adore this. Her outfit had me at “hello”.

  9. Those shoes! But sadly as my mother would say “Yup, you certainly do have great taste!”

  10. love this design and the cute little story to go with it! what a chic mr. & mrs.

  11. I love this! I was just talking to some girlfriends today about honeymoon ideas and we talked about hopping around europe!

    xx Kirby

  12. great idea… love the selection ….

  13. Excellent guest post! loving your picks!

  14. love the picks, love the description of mr. + mrs. honeymoon!

  15. Love this description. Sounds like such a lovely time. Love the idea of an extra empty trunk to fill up with all the wonderful expenditures along the way.

  16. Super cute pairings and what a fun idea!

    Liesl :)

  17. Oh my goodness I LOVE everything. This is amazing.

  18. I like this post – it is both informative and funny. Thank you!

  19. You like it? They kind of remind me of Muse mixed with some 70s prog? bands.

  20. Great collection of items! looked just like my suitcase did for my honeymoon!

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