2 Sep

Santa Fe inspired invites from The Indigo Bunting

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We’re pretty shamelessly in love with everything that Erin makes, but these invites in particular are unbelievable. The attention to detail is frickin’ gorgeous. She’s easily one of the best custom invite designers out there, don’t you think? Pls send sample to the 100LC HQ, Erin. We want to pet each piece with our own hands.

(We had to post big juicy photos of each piece… hope yous don’t mind.)

from The Indigo Bunting.

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  1. these are really pretty.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful!

  3. These are so inspiring. The colors are right on for a great impact, and even though the shapes and designs individually are so simple, all together they create something I personally have never seen before. Very beautiful and will definitely be added to my inspiration book!


  4. wow. i just put my own invites in the mail, and this is making me consider asking for them all back so I can send these out instead. love ’em.

  5. absolutely love. amazing!

  6. those are literally the best invitations i’ve ever seen.

  7. Yeah, she’s pretty much a genius. I love these.

  8. i am head over heels for these invites.

  9. Love the graphic borders!
    Gorgeous stationery!


  10. the color palette is gorgeous. truly says santa fe but with a modern twist! Love it.
    ~ Lizelly

  11. Both fun & beautiful. They kind of make me want to dance : )

  12. LOVE the native american/santa fe/mexican look. So modern so lovely!

  13. Beautiful!
    They remind me of Polish folk. You can try a sample here: http://www.folkhome.pl

  14. So so pretty!

    And so different, and would work for any non-theme or themed wedding, love!

  15. in LOVE with these! Wish my fiancé would go for something like this, so inspiring!

  16. Love these invites! The details, type, color, and pattern are spot on. So gorgeous!

  17. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Those are the friggin coolest invitations EVER! And I look at good and plenty. Holy cats. They are like Bavarian and Art Deco and Seventies Fontastic and effortlessly modern all at the same time. Wow. I heart good typography!!


  19. Very inspiring indeed!

  20. those are some sik invitations. love the design and colour.

  21. STUNNING ! love :X:X

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