30 Aug

Sponsored post: Williams-Sonoma and a $150 giveaway!

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Good morning all! We have another awesome giveaway from Williams-Sonoma for you today. Everybody loves a good Williams-Sonoma gift card, don’t they?

We’re thinking you could perhaps use it to build your Sunday Brunch arsenal? Brunch is such a fun meal to host, and it’s even better when you have all the perfect serving ware and breakfast gadgets at your disposal.

1. Siena Glass Tumblers
2. Stainless-Steel Citrus Press
3. Breville Electric Citrus Press
4. Williams Champagne Flutes

1. Morning Buns
2. Calphalon Unison Slide Nonstick Frittata Pan
3. Calphalon Unison Slide Nonstick 10″ Fry Pan w/ Poacher Insert
4. All-clad Classic Round Waffle Maker

To enter, leave a comment telling us your favorite Williams-Sonoma items, perhaps that you’ve included in your registry? And if you don’t have a registry set up yet, you should definitely make one with Williams-Sonoma! Their shops are a joy to visit and they have such lovely things for your kitchen. And if you include a link to your registry, you’ll receive an extra entry. Sweet!!

Giveaway closes on Friday, ladies, so get to it!

Update: We’re closing comments to announce the winner shortly. Stay tuned!

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  1. My favorites are actually those tumblers! They’ve been on my wish list forever and a day.

  2. Their lemon and key lime curds are so delicious!

  3. I love, love love, Le Creuset. I have to look at it every time I go in there :)

  4. I definitely would love this set in my kitchen….Wüsthof Classic 9-Piece Knife Block Set!

  5. Oh, oh, oh, I want that fry pan so badly! I don’t even eat poached eggs, but I’d find an amazing use of the poacher because that is amazing. <3

  6. I LOVE the Bundt Cake Keeper! So incredibly cute! Makes any bundt cake look even more delicious. Definitely going on my registry. Thanks!

  7. Obviously, the roasting pan is to die for!!!

  8. my favorite stuff at WS are their knives! i drool over them everytime i go in there!

  9. Le Creuset Panini Press!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. In the name of all things holy,…the things I would do with that waffle press! Dreams of brunch-y goodness with fruits and jams and syrups; *sigh* (oops i just drooled a lil on my keyboard)

  11. I really fancy that new Popsicle . But i always love all of their cookbooks. 😀

    Oh…Meridith! That’s a good one too! I love that Panini maker.

  12. I love my pastry scraper! I use it all the time while prepping.

  13. I would LOVE to get the citrus press! It reminds me of my childhood. Glorious Saturday mornings with pancakes, eggs, and freshly squeezed orange juice!

  14. All-clad. Anything All-clad. I sort of drool over it every time I see it!!

  15. Ooo, I love their Le Creuset Reversible Griddle/Grill. I could whip up some yummy pancakes on that lovely piece of machinery!

  16. Oh how I LOVE WS. I stop in there every time I am near one just to see what stuff they have out! I am a huge fan of all their bake-ware. I’m currently swooning over their Goldtouch non stick pans!

  17. For me it’s a tie on my wish list, ice cream attachment for my kitchen-aid or that fancy classic round waffle maker you featured on your list 😀

  18. I looove all of their stemware! I can’t get enough wine glasses.

  19. i couldn’t live without my calphalon frying pan!

  20. love the WS hand towels. would love to have a frittata pan.

  21. being a broke college student, when i finally saved enough money, i went straight to william sonoma for a dutch oven in lime green! i love it and will buy another one in red!

  22. I pretty much LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bamix Immersion Blender!

  23. Who doesn’t love a microplane! I adore mine and think it’s the bees knees. Oh and I can’t get enough of their hand towels either

  24. It’s small and silly, but I can’t wait to get the little pocket lattice pie maker. The little pies are so adorable!

    Our Registry

  25. I love my WS bright red bread basket!! It always makes my table stand out!

  26. I cannot wait to get my hands of a Le Creuset dutch oven. It was the first thing we put on our registry, and if no one gifts it to us, we will be purchasing it the day after the wedding…
    We’ve been improvising with an old (read: ancient) bean pot, and we are ready for an upgrade!

  27. i’m dying for the ebelskiver filled-pancake pan! and i’m completely obsessed with their entire basil-scented home care line. candles, soaps, lotions…i want them all!

  28. I love the isi gourmet whip. It’s such an unnecessary item, but so amazing….who doesn’t want an easy way to make homemade whipped cream???

  29. my absolute favorite WS item is the Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan. we use it on lazy sunday mornings to make the perfect sweet-filling pancakes. i recommend it to everyone because it works every time!

  30. My favorite Williams Sonoma item is the cupcake mold that makes cupcakes in the shape of mini 3 tier cakes – what could be better?!

  31. Where to begin?? I think I’ll have to go with the cookbook department and say Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook. (Close second: Le Creuset kettle.)

  32. I love shopping at Williams-Sonoma and it is hard to pick just one. We are actually using their new star wars cookie cutters as part of our wedding but one of my favorite items is the monogrammed cutting board.

  33. I love love love the Calphalon pans! Does not get better in terms of price/quality.

  34. I deeply desire an immersion blender! I’m sure I could find a way to use it for brunches, too, but man do I want one for blended soups!

  35. Love the basics, wooden spoons from WS, and my favorite apron!

  36. My favorite Williams-Sonoma item on my registry is the Breville Smart Oven. It’s the most amazing little oven ever. It’s like a toaster oven, but it does everything from cooking a turkey to toasting bread. I can’t wait for it!

  37. My favorite tool is the Oil Mister, it makes low fat cooking easy and delicious!

  38. Favorite WS items: Wustoff Knives, All Clad pots and pans, table linens- I have never bought anything there that I didn’t LOVE!

  39. We haven’t started our registry yet, but William-Sonoma will definitely be the place we’re registering. I love their dish towels; they have such a clean look. We’ll probably register for a few more of those. As far as big ticket items go, we definitely have our eyes on that slow-cooker!

  40. I love the perforated french bread pan (http://tinyurl.com/23ycgnt)… and everything else in the store.

  41. I am obsessed with all the baking tools… From the cupcake stands to the mechanical Pastry bag…

  42. I love the all-clad waffle maker… Saturday morning blueberry waffles have become one of the things that my honey & I look forward to most on weekends!

  43. i’m a total sucker for williams-sonoma’s madeline pans! i used to have one & lost it (so sad) and desperately need to go back to get another. they’re so fabulous with their non-stick surface!

    i also just discovered their fall cakelet pan, which is just about the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen. can you tell i have a thing for adorably-shaped baked goods??

  44. I love all the fun shaped baking pans! Ice cream cones, castles etc. How nice would it be to add such lovely a gift card to my upcoming wedding on Saturday?

  45. Geeky, I know, but I still adore my Star Wars cookie cutters. I’ve been trying oh so hard not to pick up the pancake molds too. It might just be the best way for a geek to wake up each day – to Star Wars!!!

  46. My favorite WS item isn’t particularly sexy, but oh how I love my miniture spatula and spoonula. This silicone pair are a dream for working things our of jars, or scraping the very last bit of something into the mixing bowl. Initially I picked them up because their wee size rendered them too cute to leave behind, but once I owned them I realized these two were true workhorses. Don’t be deceived by their tiny size.

  47. My favorite item is the KitchenAid Professional 610 Stand Mixer . One day it will be mine!

  48. I love the cast-iron cookware by Staub. We haven’t registered yet, but this is definitely on our wish list!

  49. What a great opportunity! I would love this to buy the Message in a Cookie Cutters set! My fiance and I plan to use that for our favors! And then fun things for our kitchen! He would probably vote for the waffle press :)

  50. I would love a waffle maker. Mmm.

  51. I would love a waffle maker! Mmm mmm mmm.

  52. I love everything in that store…however my favorite thing to do is buy their Homemade Marshmallows in the winter. (I have never been able to just buy those when I go in though…I have tried very hard…)

  53. Oh, the marshmallows!

  54. Oh, to pick a favorite item is tortuous…

    However, two of my favorite items on our registry is:

    a monogrammed cheese board/knives

    a monogrammed cheese server

    two things to make a quick party look really planned out and elegant!

  55. I just got engaged, but I am super excited to get a pizza stone from W-S!

  56. Amazing Giveaway! Here’s hoping my soon-to-be hubby and I will be able to fill our home with Williams-Sonoma goodies!
    I created a registry and my favorite item is the Automatic Yogurt Maker – how amazing is that! My fiance and I love having yogurt for our breakfasts and it would be wonderful to make it at home and not have plastic containers to throw out/recycle after each serving! Just thinking of all the different fruit and flavor combos we could create is quite exciting.
    Honorable mention to another favorite item on the registry – The Message In A Cookie Cutter Set. What an adorable idea to put a “stamp” on your cookies, and even make your own wording with the letters provided. Love those sweet touches!

    Here’s our Registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2609054/registry-list.html
    Thanks so much!

  57. I absolutely uh-dore the message cookie cutters!! I need them in my life. I don’t know how I’ve survived this long without them.

  58. I really love the beautiful decanters and the delicate pocket pie molds, but I’d have to say the thing I crave the most is the Williams-Sonoma Essentials of French Cooking Cookbook.

  59. I’ve been lusting after their stoneware bread basket for ages; I’m hoping for it in red. I also adore their Siena tumblers. They remind me of an old diner that I love. There isn’t much currently on my registry because I deleted everything and started over, but here it is, no less.


  60. I would buy a white KitchenAid blender to make healthy smoothies for me and my loved one: http://tinyurl.com/32ptv4o

    I would also get Dorset Crystal Highball glasses to enjoy the smoothies in (who says breakfast can’t be glamorous??): http://tinyurl.com/332h8f6

    A great start of the day and a great start of our new life togeather!!

  61. My favorite Williams-Sonoma item is their hand soap, I’ve been using the same white tea soap for the past 4 years.

  62. I LOVE WS. I’m like a kid in a candy store anytime I go in there. It’s so hard to just pick one item. I’d have to say my favorite item right now is the Breville Panini Press.

  63. I love their bakeware line- the best cookie sheets and cake pans out there. The luxe item I really want thought is the penguin water carbonator! So cute.

  64. My Favorite Items is the Kitchen Aid stainless steel hand mixer! I use it ALL the time :)

  65. my favorite item from williams sonoma is the ebelskiver pancake pan. the creations that we’ve made (nutella filled, pizza filled, cream cheese/jelly filled) always come out amazing and remind me that every investment ever made in williams sonoma, always brings a smile!!!


  66. I have a couple of WS cookbooks given to me by my MIL and I love them! Thanks for this giveaway!

  67. I love WS bakeware – cake pans, cookie sheets, biscuit cutters…..so many things!

  68. My fiance and I are registering there in a few weeks, it’s our favorite store! The only reason he will tag along with me on my mall trips. Our favorites: every single one of their bread dipping oils, especially garic and parm; the stonewear pie pan (perfect for pumpkin pie); and their line of copper cookwear. We want to register for a few of the copper pieces!

  69. My Most Favorite product at Williams Sonoma, that I have purchased, is the kitchenaid stand mixer in glacier blue. It opened up a whole new world to me in baking.

  70. I’ve been seriously hankering for a KitchenAid mixer for years. Maybe now that I’m getting married, I’ll finally get one!

  71. I don’t think they still sell it, but the beehive cake plan shown here: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/lemon-beehive-cake.html IS SO FLIPPING CUTE!!

  72. I love their classic white dishes.

  73. I love the bundt pans at Williams-Sonoma that come in different decorative shapes, and I would LOVE to include any of these products presented today in my kitchen!! The bakeware at W-S is also amazing — both beautiful AND hard-working!

  74. Pick Me! My favorite product is their vanilla. They have the BEST vanilla. Every time I go in the store…I am there at least an hour. I love browsing their products. I plan to register at the beginning of the year!

  75. I absolutely love everything form this site and their window displays at their stores. This is one of my favorite items on my registry;
    Le Creuset 3 1/2-Qt. Round Dutch which I hope to use often and make many delicious French recipes with my Julia Child recipe books.


  76. My fiance and I are hope for the Cuisinart Extreme Brew Coffee Maker from our registry! We love enjoying a good cup of coffee together. We also really love the cute little cast-iron bacon press :)

    Our registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2584106/registry-list.html

  77. Rooster tablecloths go with my red tableware.
    And the Williams Sonoma cookbooks never steer me wrong, for a recipe or for a gift.
    I’m also kind of partial to my farm animal pancake molds…

  78. I am drooling over the Breville Panini Press.

  79. Definitely the waffle maker. Nothing makes people happier than a warm waffle!

  80. My fiance and I love the store. We want everything in the store!
    My favorite part of the store are the samples to try when you browse. I love the samples during Christmas. We always end up buying what ever we sample. :) Mmmmm….

  81. One of the places we registered was WS and I can’t wait to see if we get the Le Creuset braiser in the beautiful Dune. Just love WS little gadgets too.

  82. My husband would die if I made waffles with the waffle maker on Sunday mornings! We have been eating pancakes for 2 years now :) Who can pass up Le Creuset?

  83. That poacher insert is awesome. I love it.

  84. I LOVE the peppermint bark :) … and the white chili bowl gift set!

  85. I love everything from Williams-Sonoma! I think my favorite are their tart pans. I think I own all of them! What a wonderful store!

  86. Oooh, I absolutely love the electric citrus press. I am a huge fan of fresh squeezed juice (grapefruit is my first choice, followed by fresh orange juice), and having an electric citrus press would make my mornings!

  87. I really want the Calphalon grill pan. I look at it everytime I visit one of the stores.

  88. I love this inspiring brunch mix of items! I was in Williams-Sonoma the other day and fell in love with a couple of things: 24-cup cupcake/muffin pan, calzone mold, oven pizza stone and the easy icing kit. And of course, the list keeps growing… 😉

  89. The egg poacher! Have used it at friend’s home and would absolutely love one for myself.

  90. I am absolutely head over heels for the Le Creuset skillet in the bright green and my better half is a huge fan of the Wusthof knife sets!

  91. I love their citrus juicer, it is my favorite!

  92. My favorite little gadget from Williams Sonoma is my avocado slicer – it takes the pit out and then cuts the avocado into perfect slices – while peeling it at the same time! It seems so silly to have something just for the purpose of slicing avocados, but it really comes in handy! (and makes my friends jealous)

    Also love their peppermint bark!

  93. the pineapple slicer…it is the best thing since sliced bread, love it!

  94. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I have to go with the Wusthof chef’s knife that I gave my fiance as a birthday gift. Now we are registered for a complete knife set.

  95. I want that Cuisinart Griddler Grill and Panini Press (http://tinyurl.com/32qytpx). Love that store!

  96. I absolutely love the chef’n strawberry slicer! O and the avocado slicer!

  97. My first non-ikea kitchen purchase was a can opener from WS, so that’s pretty special to me. I also love love love all things All Clad and their Shun knives.

  98. I love William-Sonoma food and mixes. My favorite is the pecan pancake/waffle mix and the little chocolate Easter eggs that come out in the spring. The package design is great and the illustrations are amazing.

  99. everything at william’s sonoma is amazing…i can literally play in that store for hours. but oh my gosh…i love the electric citrus press!!! would LOVE one of those for sunday brunch :)

  100. I adore the Zoku Quick Pop Maker for tasty frozen treats and all the wonderful accessories that go with it.

  101. Wow, this is a great give away! For soooooo long I have wanted the Le Creuset dutch oven. How I would love that!!

  102. right now my favorite thing are the sheet pans. i am in desperate need of a couple of those!

  103. I actually really love their aprons. Definitely a staple for any kitchen.

  104. Okay, I desperately need the Breville convection oven as I don’t have an oven at all. Also, when the season comes, there is nothing on earth that does for me what their Peppermint Bark does. Heavens.

    I also love the fact that they now have my tonic water, Q, in these sweet little 4-packs and they always have great baking/decorating items. I love their sprinkles and edible snow glitter.

  105. I intentionally plan my meals around using my food processor that is a hand-me-down from my grandmother & I would LOVE the Cuisinart Elite food processor

  106. The waffle maker please! Waffle brunch- delicious!

  107. There are so many things that we would love from William Sonoma, the list could just go on and on.. but the number one thing I’m wishing for is a classic KitchenAid professional stand mixer!

  108. I hope to have the Wüsthof Classic 9-Piece Knife Block Set one day! I love William-Sonoma!

  109. My absolute favorite from WS are their gorgeous linen napkins. Perfect and classic.

  110. Wow. Williams and Sonoma — I love walking into those stores (although I don’t have any near me — I live in a small, small town). I just got married this summer, and we didn’t register, actually (we had a wedding that required a good amount of traveling for a good amount of folks). But could we use an upgrade on some kitchen supplies? Definitely! It’s not romantic, but oh oh oh I need the Cuisinart Electric Rice Cooker. Our current rice cooker is on it’s last legs!

  111. I looooooove their dish towels (in blue and yellow!), their Emile Henry Auberge Pie Dish, and their Peppermint Bark every Christmas. :)

  112. My immersion blender…. Love that thing.

  113. My fiancé’s grandmother is very Italian. He makes regularly her own gnocchi, ravioli, and spaghetti sauce. She has passed some of her amazing recipes onto me. My favorite Williams-Sonoma item is the Imperia Pasta Machine with ravioli attachment. I look forward to passing on her recipes to my children.

  114. I love the avocado slicer! I love avocados and this makes eating them so much easier, and therefore more enjoyable! Sometimes they don’t even make it into a dish, I use the peeler and end up on the kitchen floor devouring them.

    Yum! I want to win and get MORE cool gadgets!

  115. Hands down, anything Le Creuset! Specifically the round Dutch Ovens. I could use them for anything from risotto to baking bread! They’re timeless and classic.

  116. My favorite is the Buttercup Yellow Kitchenaid Mixer I received at my shower from my mom, dad, and sisters!!

  117. I love all their bakeware! I can bake w/confidence when I use their bakepans. My registry is almost complete w/less than 3 weeks to the wedding!

  118. My favorite item in my registry is the Tibos Electric Crepe Maker!

  119. Oooh…I love everything from Williams Sonoma, but I absolutely adore that waffle maker! :)


  120. I’m loving the Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan. So many options and delicious every time!

  121. I am in LOVE with the Tea Cake pan from Williams Sonoma. It bakes up an assortment of 2-bite mini-cakes you can decorate and serve for any occasion. I can enjoy the fun of a whole wedding cake without having to eat a whole slice!

  122. I’d love to get a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. It could replace a few other electrics I already own that need upgraded.

  123. My favorite gadget is simple and cheap…but SO useful! I love the little pie cutter tool that allows you to “stuff” a mini-pie with fruit filling. I give the apple shaped one as a gift for my son’s daycare teachers often. So cute, so easy, so delicious!

  124. My fav is the Emile Henry pie pan which would be perfect now that my apples are starting to ripen for fall! Pie making time in the midwest! :)

  125. I don’t think Williams-Sonoma carries anything I don’t love. I love love love the Le Creuset dutch oven! Everything, I love everything they have.

  126. I’m dying for a Kitchen Aid Mixer, preferably in pink, but I love my fruit juice glasses from Williams-Sonoma. They’re so cute. They have lovely illustrations on them and the French word for each fruit.

  127. how in the world can we narrow it down to just one favorite thing???!!!
    i love my salad spinner, but i cannot get enough of browsing all of the Le Creuset stuff in there. really, i heart everything. sheesh–it’s like disneyland for home cooks/entertainers in there!

  128. I love the NordicWare pans. They are whimsical and sturdy at the same time. A winning combination!

  129. I love love love all the amazing baking items, but my favorite is the Lattice Pocket Pie Mold. We have registered for it and I can’t wait to get it!

  130. I LOVE their bakeware, specifically the ruffled bakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. There’s nothing as classic as my KitchenAid. I also love their demitasse coffee cups, they’re perfect.

  132. Love the le crueset……but it’s a toss-up between that and the mandoline. :)

  133. Oh man oh man. Anything would be a treat! I’d totally use the money toward a mixer!

  134. I love the Wusthof knives- I’m slowly building up my entire set. And the coloured ceramic mixing bowls are just so fun and functional!

  135. the monogrammed ice bucket with glasses..love it!!

  136. I LOVE their table linens!!!

  137. My favorite items are the message in a cookie cutters, the all-clad round waffle maker and the Le Creuset Fry Pan, 12″!

  138. The Le Creuset Teakettle in Lemongrass is by far my favorite item. It is such a great burst of color in the kitchen. And it whistles so there’s no chance of ruining it!

  139. Nothing says brunch like some really decadent waffles (I’ve been dying for the all-clad belgian waffle maker at Williams Sonoma)

    Thanks for hosting this!

  140. I loooove the Domed Cake Plate/Punch Bowl and the anniversary bundt cake pan. I’m also in love with the Large Double-Handled Soup Bowls. (I can see myself serving all kinds of homemade soups and chili this winter in these bad boys.)

    Everyone has to seriously restrain me every time I walk into any Williams-Sonoma stores.

  141. I have been pining for the Zoku Quick Pop Maker for ages!!

  142. Oh my God, I do not know what I would do without the Molcajete! The ideal tool that comes in handy anytime! Especially when there’s Thai food on the menu for diner ;). I love the sound it makes, and I feel like back in the prehistoric time, because it’s simply a rock and that’s all to it! I love slamming away with the stick, when I need to get out all of the frustration held back during the day! It’s a tool that has been with us for centuries and can never ever be replaced by anything else, at least not for me!

  143. I have been dying for a waffle maker! The all-clad one looks fantastic!

  144. the waffle maker hands down. i feel if you have one of those, you’ve made it. heh :)

  145. I could live at WS! Any accessory from there would be the beesknees, but The Williams avocado slicer is awesome. I’m not sure how I got by without one. The Calphalon pan plus Poacher Insert would be a much needed addition to my kitchen.

  146. I don’t have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer yet, and I think I would just have to put this gift card towards that purchase that I have been dying to make!!

  147. I love the Shun Edo 6-Piece Knife Block Set. Modern, functional, and very different than traditional knife sets.

  148. Does it count if I say I want the whole store??

    Oh, alright. I really want the Staub Mini Round Cocotte Set and the Kitchenaid Mixer Ravioli Attachment . . . and throw in the All-Clad Belgian Waffle Maker for kicks.

  149. yummmy!!!! poached eggs- I just learned that I love them & the poached egg insert would make it a lot easier.

  150. I love the great cookbooks they come out with. One of my favorites is essentials to heathful cooking!

  151. My fiance is a chef and we love all things Williams Sonoma. It’s one of those stores we always visit when at shopping at the mall. We plan on opening a registry soon because we would love new All Clad pans, some knives, and tons of other kitchen items. For me, I would love a waffle maker. The All Clad one looks so awesome!

  152. It’s definitely Le Creuset. I’m coveting so bad looking at the website!

  153. i have been dreaming about a kitchen aid mixer for 6 months now…. the gift card wouldn’t cover the cost, but it would push me close enough that i wouldn’t feel guilty for dropping the rest. and then homemade bread would be mine!!!! :)

  154. My favorite Williams-Sonoma item has to be these message in the cookie cutters. We used them for our bridal shower spelling out messages of love and thanks. We even made the cookies the colors for my wedding it was so much fun.

  155. What is not to love about Williams-Sonoma?? I go to register later this month, but my favorite thing from the store is the Heritage Bundt pan — so dramatic, but so easy!


  156. My favorite would have to be their copper pans… not only beautiful but produce great food that is cooked evenly through.

  157. I love the poacher insert/ frying pan! I love poached eggs but always mess them up. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  158. I love the Wusthof knives. I would love to have another!

  159. I would love to get my hands on the Shun Edo 6-Piece Knife Block Set. Wow!

  160. I love the Jamie Oliver Pantry collection. He is such a great chef with a wonderful message

  161. WS to me now is like Toys R Us was when I was a little kid. I would pretty much do anything for a Le Creuset dutch oven.

  162. Can’t beat their spatulas. And I lust over the Calphalon pans! Someday….

  163. One of my favorite items from Williams-Sonoma is the set of 3 stainless steel breading pans … being italian and all, we love our bread crumbs :) I also love their meyer lemon soap and cleaning products … makes your house smell amazing.

    Here’s a link to our registry for an extra entry:

  164. I’ve had my heart set on one of their kitchen aid mixers that are about $300…this would totally help! I’ve wanted this mixer for years now!

  165. I love the WS knives. Thanks!

  166. Love this give-away and also WS heart shaped individual cheesecake pan! It is fabulous for bridal showers and Valentine’s Day!

  167. Wow W-S is pretty much the best food related place EVER! I know i’ll have items from their on my wish list for years to come. Right now i would love to play around with that brunch set!

  168. I am absolutely in love with their kitchen aid. They have the most adorable colors. I love williams and sonoma!!!!

  169. love the citrus press! hello fresh orange juice in the morning!

  170. Hands down, the Mango corer. I love mango but hate having to cut them up. My supermarket has them pre-cut, but its triple the price. BECAUSE THEY ARE SO HARD TO CUT.

    WS also has corers and peelers and nifty gadgets to make all of your fruit and veggies prep easy-peasy. Love it.

  171. Williams-Sonoma has so many tempting products! The baking mixes are always fun…currently I’d love to try out Monkey Bread Mix. :)

  172. For some reason, I am most excited about the waffle iron on our registry – which I added to it yesterday! Can’t wait for lazy waffle Sundays!

  173. Without a doubt in my mind- the PENGUIN!!! 15 seconds and VOILA… Carbonated H2O!!!

  174. I go to Williams-Sonoma to de-stress :o) My favorite part is the gourmet food selections. I usually leave hungry, but inspired!

  175. I need to get one of those KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixers…. especially with the pasta maker attachment. I love Williams Sonoma!

    Link: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2608451/registry-list.html

  176. The Penguin Soda Maker (SodaStream). Hands down!

  177. My ultimate favorite item is the Ebelskiver Pan!!

  178. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have the automatic yogurt maker. I never even knew this existed and it sounds like the best idea in the world! Fresh, homemade yogurt every day, any flavor you want! GAH! I need it!


  179. Anything from Le Crueset. The color and the construction make these items not only irresistibly beautiful (flame, anyone!) but made for a lifetime. The kitchen my fiance and I are hoping for is one that has practicality and personality, both possible with the Le Crueset line that Williams Sonoma carries.

  180. I LOVE Williams-Sonoma! They really do have the best cookbook selection. I have actually been contemplating buying the Essentials of Brunch & Breakfast cookbook. And the Oval Stoneware Breadbasket would be the perfect vessel for muffins or scones.

  181. Ooh AWESOME giveaway! My dream fantasy is to be the owner of one of their KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Komen Pink !

  182. What a hard decision! It would definitely be between the citrus juicer and waffle maker! My fiance would love me to make him treats with either of those!

  183. W.S. Citrus Press + oranges + champagne = delicious brunch mimosas! Yum.

  184. I would love to win this! i adore Williams-Sonoma sea salts and their roasting pans!

  185. Everything! Love their canisters, dishes, cake stands, serving bowls…and on and on.

  186. This is such a generous giveaway – and completely useful! We already have a registry set up at Williams-Sonoma – it was one of the first we opened. I’ve just added the Heritage Bundt® Cake Pan – it would make a lovely rum cake! Thanks so much!

  187. Ohhh…. the All-clad Classic Round Waffle Maker! My ideal Sunday: To sleep in a bit, wake up with my hubby, while he makes the cafe au lait and I whip up banana topped waffles…

  188. I LOVEEEE pretty much everything! The colors are so simple and perfect!

  189. love all cookware from william’s sonoma. definitely my favorite store!!

  190. While I drool with envy every time is see the (WS exclusive!) Le Creuset and their gorgeous knives and appliances, I must admit the special place in my heart is reserved for ridiculously specific cutlery and gadgets. How did I not know i needed grapefruit spoons, peppercorn funnels, and ravioli wheels?

  191. I love their simple aprons and matching dishtowels.

  192. a classic MUST HAVE: the le creuset dutch oven. great giveaway! thanks so much!

  193. My favorite item is their Apilco dinnerware. I love that it is white and goes with everything. You can mix & match for the season and it can go from oven to table to fridge!

  194. My favorites are the kitchen torch and all those lovely pie and bundt cake pans!

  195. One of my favorite things to do is thank people (or surprise them!) with a batch of cookies. A few years back I picked up some beautiful, fall leaves stamp cookie cutters at WS. I use them to stamp my Specloos (a delicate Belgian spice cookie). They look so nice when I’m done that people have often thought they were store-bought but are generally delighted to find the contrary. And with fall well on it’s way in Yellowstone (where I reside) it may be time to pull them out and get baking….but I sure could use a few other items in my kitchen. :)

  196. They carry so many things!! It’s like entering a candy store, but better!!

    Definitely love, love, LOVE their Le Creuset cookware! And their Frittata Pans, and the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Komen Pink (for a good cause)… I was given a set of Global knives as gifts, and I will never go back to the knives I had before!

    I also cannot stop looking at their baking mixes (especially the Bouchon cookies and donuts). Yum!!!

  197. I am in love with the special-edition brushed copper Kitchenaid Mixer…though I will probably never get it, because it’s just so expensive! Next to that, anything Le Creuset just lights my fire! 😉

  198. I love my lime green Le Creuset… but don’t know if more than a couple pieces is too much. Perhaps I’ll have to purchase an ice cream maker… I’ve been wanting one for awhile! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  199. is it weird to dream about waffle makers? oh, good… ’cause i have.

  200. Their cake pans are to die for! I am especially in love with their cupcake pan!

  201. The best WS item for me is their madeleine pans. I lost two while moving together with a few other things and that is the first I replaced

  202. the little pocket lattice pie maker! Its so awesome

  203. would LOVE to finally get my hands on a le creuset dish!!

  204. all clad please.

  205. I LOOOVE my Williams and Sonoma Kitchen Aid Pasta Press Attachment! It was given to me as a birthday gift this year and I love making homemade pasta with my fiance!!

  206. I like the entire store!

  207. Love the Star Wars cookie cutters for my groom… He needs some kitchen love too!

  208. my favorite williams sonoma item is the nespresso citiz espresso maker. it’s so easy to use andmakes lovely espresso for guest and myself!!

  209. I am just starting out my kitchen. I am not at the point where I have a budget that allows me to shop at William Sanomoa. This giveaway would begin to change this… :)

  210. number one on my wish list is the zoku popsicle maker!

  211. I love the poached egg insert. Poached eggs are my favorite way to add a little protien to a simple summer garden salad or for a quick eggs benny on lazy saturday morning. I am also really loving their copper cookware, it only gets more gorgeous as you use it!

  212. I’m loving the Le Creuset Enameled Stoneware Canisters!! They would be perfect jars for flour, sugar and cookies!!

  213. I love my LeCreuset pot…
    from SLT of course!

  214. I absolutely love the Breville espresso machines! What a great way to get your caffeine fix.

  215. I am in love with everythingWilliam Sanoma! I am digging the citruss presses!

  216. the waffle maker .. i have always wanted one.. never had one before!

  217. My favorite item on my registry are our Apilco plates. I think they are so stunning and simple and chic. They were exactly what we were looking for – I hope to get them!!

  218. I love all of the cooking utensils, they will last forever. I have several of the spatulas!

  219. Anything that chops. I want it. But I have to agree with an earlier comment that my fiancee would insist on Star Wars cookie cutters above all else.

  220. I super heart that store. I’m not sure I have just one favorite thing there, but I would love the nonstick rolling mat. I have 3 silpats at home, but to have one for rolling out dough would be divine! Or perhaps a new kitchenaid…I’ve used mine so much that the motor is starting to get worn out!

  221. I love my Le Creuset, but i need more flatware. It is the best.

  222. The waffle iron is something I am going to put on my registry for sure. But, even more important in my mind, is an ice cream maker! And not just any…Williams Sonoma carries electric ice cream makers with built in freezers! That’s my dream gift!

  223. Great giveaway! I’ve always wanted to get the ebelskiver (filled-pancake) pan from Williams-Sonoma. My fiance’s dad used to make them when he was a kid — so I want him to make them for me!

  224. Without a doubt the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in komen pink and the WS essential cookbooks to get me through the first few years of marriage!

  225. I love the Le Creuset stoneware and all their beautiful table linens.

  226. Do the recipes or catalogs count? Any WS recipe I try turns out to be a keeper! I must fess up that I save pages from the catalog too for ideas (place settings, holiday gifts and decorations, organization tips)….

    But if those don’t count, I love my ebelskiver pan too! I can put the boy in charge of filling and flipping and he gets excited and brags to everyone that he can make me a fancy breakfast.

    I also love my cake stand/punch bowl. 2 beautiful uses from one item means more space to put new items!

  227. I’m a big fan of their selection of Le Creuset Bakeware!

  228. the popsicle makers! ooh, so fun.

  229. I am an avid baker, and I love the little tools I have from W-S — my fluted pastry wheel, offset spatulas, cookie cutters… But the big-ticket item that I covet — the one that would take me from pastry hobbyist to aficionado — is the Ateco cake stand with the rotating top. I envision spinning out one lovely frosted cake after another, right from my own counter-top.

  230. A Breville panini press would be just about perfect for me – have been dying for one!

  231. I love their little apply pie molds!

  232. Oh, the French porcelain… I am collecting the Pillivuyt Coupe place settings. I love them!

  233. We’re desperate for a waffle maker. mmhmm.

  234. I love the Frittata Pan! Breakfast is my fiance and I’s favorite meal to cook together and I’ve been dying to have a pan that I can use in my oven. I plan on registering at William Sonoma but not until the winter. Can’t wait to start registering!

  235. I need a waffle iron! A girl can only eat frozen waffles for so long.

  236. I am in serious need of a Kitchen Aide Mixer and a whole bevvy of attachments! And Good WS carries them all. Also a big fan of all things Le Creuset. ~swoon~

  237. I absolutely love the square waffle maker. I’m a sucker for the crispy and gooey corners!!!

  238. We could really use some new Calphalon pots and pans!

  239. Hands down…a Le Creuset Dutch Oven in some gorgeous, bright color

  240. Oh my favorite is definitely the All-Clad classic round waffle maker. Those look delicious!

  241. One of my favorite items at William Sonoma is their Christmas handcrafted Marshmallows! Yum Yum Yum!!

  242. By far, my favorite WS item is my green KitchenAid mixer. Love that thing!

  243. Absolutely: Siena Glass Tumblers

  244. This is totally impractical but I really want the Molcajete! I love making my own guac (i use a pea mixture).

  245. Got to be the LeCreuset. That is magical stuff right there! Though the juicer pictured in the post makes me weak in the knees…

  246. My wedding isn’t for 12 months, so my fiance and I haven’t done our registry yet. But my current WS obsession is the Le Creuset blue stoneware pitcher. It keeps water cool and fresh! For my registry I will be coveting an Emile Henry tagine!!

  247. The best for breakfast by far is the Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan. Williams Sonoma got me hooked with their Lemon Mascarpone Filled Pancakes recipe. It was a great hit for Father’s Day… and beyond.

  248. Oh wow! I love this store!

    My current wants are the Williams-Sonoma Pantry Canisters and a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. or maybe a juicer too. Oh and a food processor.

  249. The Calphalon pan with poaching insert is top on my list!

  250. I love my mesh colander set I bought a long time ago. I love that the holes are not too big and I can drain anything without worrying about the contents falling through.

  251. The Multicolor Ceramic 7-Piece Mixing Bowl Set is by far my favorite!

  252. love the kitchenaid mixers. and love your site

  253. I just added the Kitchenaid citrus mixer, thank you for reminding me! I am in love with my Kitchenaid mixer and can’t wait to add more attachments to it!

    Our registry- #N2825505

  254. All of the all-clad products are great, particularly, the measuring cups and mixing bowls!! They offer numerous sizes too! Also, WS sells the best pickles, McClure’s!! They are from NY, and it is the only place i can get them down in Alabama.

  255. Love, love, love, the Perfex Salt & Pepper Mills!

  256. We haven’t created our registry yet (though definitely planning on including Williams Sonoma), but we received a Le Creuset Dutch Oven for an engagement gift and LOVE it!

  257. Love my Cuisinart square rice cooker!

  258. simple little le creuset butter dish.

  259. I love my WS Star Wars pancake molds!

  260. call me crazy but my absolute most FAVORITE WS item on our registry is the blue ceramic woven breadbasket. there’s something to domestic and homey about it that it was the first thing we added to our registry- it set the tone for daydreaming about our tiny kitchen we’ll soon share!!

  261. Personally I love the Kitchen Aid Mixer, in yellow!

  262. I love their calphalon cookware – I have been lusting over it for years… :)

  263. My favorite gadget is their PB&J spreader–a purple spatula on one end (jelly), a brown one on the other (peanut butter). Perhaps the cleverest item ever!

  264. LoveLoveLove my mom’s pizza stone! Definitely the first thing I put on my registry. Can’t wait to have my own next May.

  265. I’m saving up for some All-Clad Stainless Steel pans… I registered for them, but I don’t think I’ll be able to wait!

  266. I love the square waffle maker, my dad used to make me them every sunday morning, but i recently moved out with my fiance and need my own now!

  267. I tried to think of something more specific, but I just cannot move past LE CREUSET!!! I am convinced that anything I cook in it tastes better!

  268. Funny how I visited WS on the past Saturday, spent 40 mins in there and walked out empty handed. A gift card would certainly help!! I had my eyes on some table settings, a salad spinner and some awesome knives!

  269. Love, love, love the orange juice squeezer. Yum-o

  270. What a great giveaway! I would put that gift certificate to use by getting a Le Creuset Round Dutch. I have dreamed of one for a long time.

  271. I love the large scalloped cake stand!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  272. I am in love with the ice cream cone bowls. Registry ID: 2611448

  273. my favorite w&s registry item was our waffle maker!
    my beaux really wanted one- and i was thinking about the space it would take up and that we would probably never use it. It is three months into our marriage- and every sunday i wake to the smell of waffles. :) lovely husband.

  274. The Breville Dual-Disc Juice Extractor is the top of my list.

  275. i just added the Breville Die-Cast Stainless Steel Toaster, 4-Slice to my registry. i would love to use my gift certificate to get that :)

  276. I adore all things Le Creuset!!

  277. Oh man, it is toooooooo hard to pick one favourite thing at William Sanoma! I mean, everything is designed so beautifully, and has such great functionality, how can you pick?

    I love all of their ovenware, and I hope one day to complete my set.

    But for this post, I would have to say that it’s a tie between a slow cooker (http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/all-clad-slow-cooker-with-ceramic-insert/?pkey=cpressure-rice-slow-cookers) and a bread maker (http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/cuisinart-convection-bread-maker/?pkey=x|4|1||4|bread%20machine||0&cm_src=SCH).

    I like to make roasts, stews, glug, and tamales are great to make in a slow cooker. (Long term steaming in the cooker). And we both work long hours at work. It would be nice to set up a meal before I leave for the day, and then get home to a warm lamb stew.

    Then again, my husband is celiac, and we can have wheat, rye, or barley in the house. Having the bread maker would be FANTASTIC. Baking is such a science, that I’m not very practiced in. When we do buy gluten free bread, it’s usually not too tasty or previously frozen. I would love to be able to experiment (successfully!) at making some breads that we could have in the house.

    Oh avocado sandwhiches! How I miss you!!!!

    Okay, the Bread Maker wins. Hands down. Anything that can bring back eggs and toast wins. I love my honey, and that we can’t have wheat in the house, but I know he misses good toast too.


  278. Oops, just noticed my typos.

    For those of you wondering, celiacs CAN’T have gluten. (wheat /rye/barley)
    Unlike having a food allergy, this is an autoimmune disease. It’s not the amount of gluten they ingest, but rather, any gluten ingested at all that get them sick.

    This is the reason that most celiacs have gluten free houses. If you put bread on the counter, then they touch it, and then bite their nails, they’ll get sick.

    It’s really not that bad, and it’s pretty easy to live with. But there are certain things that we don’t have: bread/crackers/cookies made of wheat, beer, whisky, sherry, anything breaded.

  279. I love the hand crank pasta machine I have from Williams-Sonoma. It’s great when you want a wholesome and healthy meal and aren’t in a hurry.

  280. I so badly want the beautiful bright yellow kitchenaid on our registry!

  281. I buy all of my le creuset at W-S- my favorite is my dutch oven!

  282. Only one favorite thing at Williams-Sonoma?! How about the whole wall of little tools? that’s my favorite!

  283. Who does not love a cup of coffee? I love a coffee maker :)

  284. Love me some 12 layer chocolate cake.

  285. I like the VeggieChop Vegetable Chopper, and also a mandoline would be wonderful!

  286. I have the coupe line of the Pillivuyt dinnerware on my Williams-Sonoma registry. I searched high and low only to find these right under my nose. I wanted classic white dishes (because Nana always told me one of her best decisions was to start with all white dishes- they go with everything!) that were NOT made in China. Anyway they are made in France and have excellent reviews so I’m way excited to get them and start using them!

  287. Waffle Maker! and some knives. Some really great knives! Maybe throw in some grown up stemware! oh man i’m starting to swoon!! awesome giveaway!

  288. I love the WS cookbooks and of course Kitchen Aid Mixer

  289. What a great giveaway! I LOVE Williams Sonoma. More than any one product, I love their customer service. If I have to name an item, I’d like to give a shout-out to the mini tiered cakelet pan, which I recently used to make mini wedding cakes for a friend’s shower. Ridiculously cute. Just ridiculous.

  290. What a great giveaway! I LOVE Williams Sonoma. More than any one product, I love their customer service. If I have to name an item, I’d like to give a shout-out to the mini tiered cakelet pan, which I recently used to make mini wedding cakes for a friend’s shower. Ridiculously cute!

  291. My favorite WS items are the Wusthof Classic Ikon knives, all of the Apilco Tradition dinnerware (and Apilco Tres Grand bowls!), and the Le Creuset Dutch ovens!!

  292. I am registered at Williams Sonoma and am hoping that some generous soul will get us a Le Creuset dutch oven! I also love the Apilco hare casserole – so whimsical. Thanks for the giveaway!

  293. I absolutely love the Le Creuset Covered Deep Sauté Pan. I’m not sure I would ever leave my kitchen if I had one of these :)

  294. I love bundt pans! Large, small, simple, or ornate. Lovely cakes for lovely occasions.

  295. My favorite is the piazza ice cream scooper, which I have used as a cookie scooper for cookie dough…it forms the dough into the perfect size balls which creates the perfect cookies! It sounds silly, and I mocked it until I tried it too, but once I did I realized how much better the cookies came out when they were all even! 😀

  296. MADELETINE PANS. I have dreams about those madeleine pans. Also the animal cracker cooke cutters : )

  297. MADELEINE PANS. I have dreams about those madeleine pans. I also wouldnt’ say no to those adorable animal cracker cookie cutters : )

  298. I’ve always loved Williams-Sonoma’s classic “Anniversary” bundt pan. I swear cakes just taste better when they’re baked in a pretty mold!

  299. I would get an awesome knife set, or the message cookie cutters, or (part of) a cappucino maker. Love your blog!

  300. Calphalon pans, bar none! I also love their hand soap/lotion combos.

  301. The La Cornue Albertine Provence Blue Stove is amazing!!! So cute!

  302. Love love love their linens – the tablecloths are just to die for!

  303. I would absolutely love to own any Le Creuset ware!

  304. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their meyer lemon soap! Simply the best. I would love to win this to help host my first brunch.

  305. Love everything there! Lately I’ve been thinking about getting the fancy Penguin SodaStream they have.

  306. I would just LOVE a Le Creuset 5 qt dutch over in red, to match my kitchen.

  307. I love the stainless-steel citrus press. I used to make lemonade with my mom using one when I was young! I haven’t in a long time, but would love to create more good memories like that.

  308. oh, oh oh! i’m positive i neeeeeed these things!

  309. Star Wars pancake molds are perfect for a chic geek brunch. & can’t leave out the quintessential registry item… the KitchenAid Stand Mixer (in cobalt).

  310. Morning buns!!!!I love it!!!!And the waffle maker…ooooh the waffle maker!!!
    Kisses from Italy

  311. absolutely had to add the Cuisinart PowerEdge Blender to our registry! and lots of baking supplies and the All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel 10-Piece Set. love love love this store!

  312. Cookie Cutters!! Cake pans!! I loooove their cutter sets and pans!!

  313. I love those Siena glass tumblers! They’re so simple and wonderful! Ooo, I could definitely use a citrus press!!

  314. Anything Le Creuset, the ebelskiver pan, and the Bonjour french press and milk frother! That’s just the beginning!

  315. I love anything Le Creuset! :)

  316. Way too many favorites to pick just one! Would have to say that I love their linens and glassware. Perfect way to change the mood for a dinner setting without a full dining room makeover!

  317. My favorite is definitely the Star Wars cookie cutters!

  318. The Ebelskiver pan. So my fiance stops trying to convince me that we should buy things off our registry.

  319. I’m a little cookie obsessed and they’ve got some great sets of cutters!

  320. I love the Pillivuyt Basketweave dishes that they carry! But I also have my eye on their simple Apilco white porceline servingware, lovely linens, or copper pots!

  321. Well, I LOVE the Emile Henry Ruffled Auberge bakers…they are so French and so beautiful. I also love the Siena glass tumblers – simple design but sturdy and very functional. Oh, this gift card would be amazing!

  322. egg poacher!!!!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  323. I am MADLY in love with their Multicolor Ceramic 7-Piece Mixing Bowl Set and have been since the day I we first made eye contact back in April -despite the fact that I could never justify the 159.95 price tag. If I won the gift card I could pay only 9.95 for the whole set!

    here is my registry by the way… https://secure.williams-sonoma.com/registry/N2824390/manage-registry-list.html

  324. My favorite item from Williams Sonoma is the electric raclette maker… mmm, reminds me of France. LOVE

  325. I love everything in that store but I can’t wait to get a large Le Creuset dutch oven

  326. I love my WS Star Wars cookie cutters and they have the best selection of colors and sprinkles to use on the cookies! :)

  327. restaurant style dinner ware

  328. My fiance drinks about a gallon of juice per day, so I would love to have that citrus squeeze so I can take advantage of the lemon and orange trees in our yard.

  329. My All Clad copper core fry pan is amazing, I use it every day!

  330. I love the entire store, but something about their soaps makes me so happy every time I wash my hands. It’s a splurge, for soap, but so worth it!

  331. A good set of knives! I am slowly building a collection of Wüsthof knives and LOVE them… will definitely be adding more to my registry. JUST got engaged so haven’t started the wish list yet, but YES it will be at WS! It will also have to include his/hers aprons… too cute.

  332. I have been continuously in love with the Kitchen Aid mixer. This gift card would certainly help off-set the costs.

  333. I love the OrangeX Chrome Juicer. I cant wait to add more to our registry!


  334. Its all MY FAVORITE, but setting a beautiful table always give me the most joy and the LINENS at Williams Sonoma are unsurpassed.

  335. What do i love at williams sonoma? probably everything….especially the gadgets and cookie cutters!

  336. I love, omg LOVE, the winter pine-scented handsoap. I buy a ton of it at the holidays and then use it all year long. I ADORE it. love love love.

  337. O, Williams-Sonoma makes my heart swoon!

    The things I could make with the Le Creuset Dutch Oven though… a girl can dream!

  338. I want the KitchenAid stand mixer attachments, like the pasta roller and ice cream maker!

  339. Absolutely LOVE the WS Goldtouch Nonstick cookie sheets! Makes the perfect cookies every time :)

  340. I would like the “Cuisinart Stainless-Steel Ice Cream Maker” so I could make some champagne mango sorbet :)

  341. I would die for a kitchenaid mixer.

  342. I’d love some mini loaf pans for the fall! Pumpkin bread is my favorite and I like to make a lot of little loaves for husband to take to work and to give to friends! Sweet giveaway! Thanks!

  343. The first we added to our registry was the Global 10-piece knife set!

  344. I have searched far and wide for beautiful, modern and not-too-expensive daily place settings — and the best around are the Pillivuyt Coupe pattern. I am in love with it AND my fiance and hope to have stack after stack of it filling our cupboards!

  345. I love all the all clad cookware. I want it all!

  346. Oh, there’s just so much there that I’d like to have. This summer though, I was really longing for the Zoku quick pop maker. And the various Microplane graters should be a must in all kitchens :)

  347. I would love to own a Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Azure Blue! :)

  348. I would treat myself to the Le Creuset grill pan in Azure that I’ve been eying for the last year!

  349. I would love a wafflemaker! Every time FI and I have waffles, we repeat that line from Shrek: “We’ll stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I’m making WAFFLES!”

  350. I love the Emile Henry Ruffled Pie plate — and the flour sifter – there is just something so homey about it!

  351. Any of the Le Creuset dutch ovens. They make me drool!

  352. Correction… Ladies AND Gentlemen, we may not be many, but you do have some male cakelets.

    Williams-Sonoma’s heart and daisy shaped egg fry rings are simply adorable, but for my tea loving friends and I, I would have to say the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker.

  353. the le creuset round dutch ovens are my favorite! but don’t ask me to pick a color!!

  354. It would be easier to say what I didn’t like from WS as I can walk around the store for hours! I do love all the knives.

  355. I have been lusting after the Copper KitchenAid stand mixer in my local Williams and Sonoma….a $100 gift card would get me about 1/10th of the way to that dream :)

  356. I would enjoy anything and everything from W-S, but would first get a KA mixer pro (go big or go home), a le creuset piece, or an All Clad d5 pot or pan. Close seconds are the newer pasta extruder or the Beaba Baby food maker + accessories (and I don’t even have any kids).

  357. I can hardly believe this giveaway!! There are so many divine things at W-S… where to begin. I would love to get a meat/ veggie grinder attachment for my kitchen aid so I can grind my own chicken and turkey and save some $! I would also dearly love the egg poacher, they are my kids and my favorite way to devour an egg!

  358. The message-in-a-cookie cutters set puts sunshine in my day!

  359. I love the clad waffle maker. The darling fiance is a big fan of waffles, and I know we have to have one of these!

  360. The Cusinart Ice-Cream Maker is so neat! And I would love the three tier oven rack for my tiny apartment oven!

  361. Love everything at Williams Sonoma.!! Would love to have a Belgian waffle maker, or a ruffled cake stand. Love, love, love shopping at Willliams Sonoma. Awesome giveaway.

  362. My favorite is my Cuisinart hand mixer I got as a gift from WS. I LOVE it. Would adore having some new Le Creuset pieces.

  363. I love love the Nito Chip & Dip Tray and it would be so awesome to have the pizza stone. i love homemade pizza!

  364. We heart the All-Clad D5 10-piece set. It’s the one item we’re looking forward to the most! I am imagining all the pastries that I’ll be able to roll out with the marble rolling pin. Since we have the Kitchenaid stand mixer, the pasta roller attachment would be awesome!

  365. Amazing giveaway … i love the farm animal pancake molds & Flex-it Silicone 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

  366. the gift that keeps on giving:

    a breville espresso maker.

    comforting cappuccino? check.
    fresh coffee aroma? check.
    lots of new friends? CHECK.

  367. How lovely! Now I’m having visions of brunch.
    W.S. is full of so many wonderful things, I’d love anything Le Creuset or dishes or cutlery.

  368. I love all the great gadgets and gourmet foods at William Sonoma. But if I were to pick one it would be the All-clad wafflemaker. My fiance absolutely loves waffles and has been wanting for someone to pick it up from our registry so we can make some. It would be great to be able to make some delicous waffles with strawberries and creme fraiche for our first morning as Mr and Mrs 😛 .

  369. I love how timeless Williams Sonoma is, and I would love to start my mornings with a Breville espresso maker.

  370. We’re registered at William Sonoma, and CAN’T WAIT to receive some goodies! I’m especially hoping we get the kitchen aid mixer and riedel wine glasses!

  371. I’m all about the Avignon flatware!

  372. was just looking at the various Apilco dinnerware sets. so practical, cute, and parisian! <3

  373. Definitely the KitchenAid stand mixer pasta attachment. I look at it every time I’m in the store.

  374. where to begin! anything le creuset, or all clad. And I’ve had my eye on the ice cream attachment for the kitchenaid stand mixer for some time!

  375. I am so into the Staub graphite collection! L.O.V.E.

  376. When I announced my engagement 8 months ago, my aunt got us the Cuisinart Elite 16 cup food processor from Williams-Sonoma! It was such a generous gift and we love it and use it all the time! My fiance and I also love BRUNCH!!! eggs any style, waffles, pancakes, mimosas, bloody marys, etc! That poached egg pan looks AWESOME!

  377. Ooh, my favorite would have to be the Zoku Quick Pop Maker Set. That would be so awesome to quick and easy popcicles on hand! My soon to be sister in law and her soon to be husband would love it!!!

  378. I soooo badly want a Le Creuset dutch oven!! or a waffle maker!

  379. Fall is here! This is my favorite season and in Arizona, the weather is perfect for outdoor cooking and entertaining!! My choices are:
    1) Monogrammed Steak Brand & Carving Board (how cool is this?! LOVE anything monogrammed with our new initials)
    2) Jalapeño Pepper Roaster (to spice things up)
    3) Cuisinart Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker (ice cream is our favorite)
    4) Grill Tray (what a neat idea!)

  380. I tried making poached eggs for my fiance since he had never had them. They weren’t the prettiest, but he decided he loves poached eggs! The egg poacher insert would be great for Sunday brunch and late night snacks!

  381. My favorites are, in order of use: my Wusthof 8″ chef’s knife – cannot.live.without.; their dishtowels, love ’em!; and their scented candles, the aroma is fantastic!

  382. Two of my hands down favorites are the kitchen aid standup mixer and the margarita maker! :)

  383. Oooh, right now the seasonal Provence patio tablecloth in indigo would look killer on my deck table……perfectly elegant for an evening harvest party!

  384. Right now, I’m in love with their Shimmering Sugar in Gold. I made a Tea Bread, with a glaze and sprinkled the gold sugar on top. It looked wonderful! This is just what you need to add a little sparkle in your baking!

  385. I’m in love with the Breville Smart Grill & Griddle!

  386. I have to have the GoldTouch bakeware…all of it!

  387. I absolutely love the All-Clad Belgian Waffle Makers and the Breville Smart Grill & Griddle.

  388. My favorite W-S item is the 10 piece glass bowl set, which I received at my bridal shower. I had no idea how useful the bowls would be – I use at least one almost every day!


  389. I have LOVED their red silicone spoon (with metal handle) for baking. I also love their pot holders because they are extra thick, and I’ve enjoyed the KitchenAid Architect hand mixer that I picked up off my registry :) OHHH and I have thoroughly enjoyed my Microplane graters (box grater especially. there are way too many great things at WS! I’ve been eyeing the All Clad belgian waffle maker for quite a few months now.

  390. I’ve always wanted a KitchenAid mixer so that would be my big ticket item for sure! I also love the fancy cake pans (not to mention the absolutely adorable Star Wars cookie cutters). The most practical item that I’ve been lusting over for YEARS and have never purchased? The All-Clad Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons. I would buy those so fast if I won this giveaway and I’d throw my current measuring cups/spoons to the curb!

  391. It would be a shorter list if I said what I didn’t like at Willams-Sonoma!
    But, if forced to answer by threat of wet noodles, Id have to say I need some decent knives like nobody’s business!

  392. Nespresso Espresso makers! They are amazing and to die for!

  393. I love everything Le Creuset!!

  394. I’ve been waiting my whole life for a kitchen aid, but in the meantime we have the Le Creuset Batter Bowl……beautiful!

  395. Orange Juice is by far my favorite juice beverage, so that Electric Citrus Press would get some good use at our house!

  396. I love just about everything from Williams and Sonoma, but especially their spice rubs. My partner is a chef and will usually turn his nose up at anything pre-made, but he uses them on everything!

  397. I usually just like to stop in WS to stare and their wonderful tools displays – one of my favorite spot in the local store! I once purchased an espresso machine from WS and enjoyed WS’ warranty service ! My wish list at WS for now would be the copper mixing bowl!

  398. I dream of owing a full Wusthof knife set: Chef’s knife, paring, bread… all of it!

  399. I’m a big fan of the fancy lion’s head Apilco soup bowls. So gorgeous and fancy!

    Here’s our registry!

  400. Definitely Le Crueset! I want one of their dutch ovens SO, SO bad!

  401. It would be such a touch decision, but I’d totally spring for the Marcato Pasta Extruder! homemade pasta is the best, especially with the end of summer tomatoes at every farm stand I see!

  402. I agree with Emily, the Le Crueset dutch ovens are fabulous!

  403. Bright green Kitchen Aid mixer!!!

  404. I love so many things! Their jam pantry, their cookware sets, knive sets….

    Oh there are so many wonderful things that I would love to add to my kitchen collection!

  405. My favorite thing on my registry is the rosle vegetable chopper. It looks amazing.

  406. The electric citrus press! SO nice!

  407. Love William-Sonoma!!! I was excited to add some of the fancy baking things I have been wanting – but would not buy myself. Like the Bouchon Mold or the Mini Muffin Pan – I also added our knives here and some basics like spatulas.


  408. i love their winter green soap that comes out in the winter. it smells like a christmas tree! love love love it.

  409. I just love LeCresuet, especially the cassis colored braiser and dutch oven.

  410. I have been drooling over a few things at WS. Their Twelve Days of Christmas plates, and the Star Wars cookie cutters are at the top of my list. I know – odd, right? Actually, it’s the kind of store I can lost in for hours upon hours dreaming of all the fun things I’d create with their stuff.

  411. A must-have for any Southern cook is the screen that covers your pan when you are frying. No more hot oil splatters when I’m making fried green tomatoes!

  412. I love getting my cookie and cake decorating supplies from Williams-Sonoma but I dream of owning a KitchenAid stand mixer!! All of you who own them, I hope you know how lucky you are.

  413. I used my little brothers as an excuse to buy myself a few of the pocket pie molds. They’re great for parties or just a night in with a few friends. Now I’m eyeballing the Star Wars line. I’m sure the boys would love Yoda cookies or stormtrooper pancakes :)

  414. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2381895/registry-list.html
    Loving the Solid Sateen 300-Thread Count Sheet Set!

  415. Le Creuset griddle….deelish!

  416. I love those beautiful champagne flutes! Can’t wait to start my registry!

  417. Right now I’m loving their pancake molds – Star Wars, Farm Animals, and now the Halloween ones! So cute!

  418. I’d love the pink kitchenaid mixer! I’m sure my guy wouldn’t be too crazy about it but I’m the one using it :)