27 Aug

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Fabu dessert table at the Utterly Engaged party. Love that luscious looking cake!

Cherry Blossom Girl gets married…check out her wedding attire and dreamy honeymoon photos. Check back soon for more photos!

How amaaaaazing is this dress?? The bride’s mom made it. True story.

Such a pretty and dainty invite.

Happy weekend cakies!

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  1. For the dress in the bottom photo – the comments say her mum made it.

  2. Lovely dress indeed, in the comments it said her mother made it!

  3. that cake table is devine and i love that dress especially because her mom made it ~ so special

  4. What ethereal beauty! This post sends me off to lovely dreamland! Perfect for a Friday afternoon.

  5. That dress is so beautiful!! It looks so designer & I love the fact that her mother made it. Also, the cake/cake table for the Utterly Engaged party is too much…♥ it all!

  6. mmmm desserts out in the wilderness! I’m in!

  7. I can’t wait to see The Cherry Blossom Girl’s wedding images. The veil is killing me albeit softly. Romantic and fashionable awaits.

  8. love this post! that dress is gorgeoussss!! love love love it!!

    [bless bless]

  9. oooh, love the swirly toasty meringue cake!

  10. Just stunning I love the shabby Chic Style and it just all has a romantic feel about it. Perfect for a Wedding well done.

  11. beautiful pictures !!!

  12. Thanks so much for featuring my dessert table!

  13. Oooooh that veil that ties around the neck? Like a ruffle? LOVE!

  14. Beautiful.

  15. These photos are gorgeous!! Thank-you for sharing.
    I was just at Cherry Blossom Girl -wow, outstanding wedding photos!!
    Paris lovingly, Jenn

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