Guest tote: Cape Cod

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Yay! Another guest tote post. These are so fun, aren’t they? Desiree Spinner hooked us up with this one. She’s an expert on the Cape and we most definitely are not. Thanks so much Desiree!

And please please add your suggestions in the comments!

1. Kandy Korner Saltwater Taffy (assorted box $8.95)
2. Lobster Lollipops ($2.45)
3. Whales Tail Pale Ale ($4 per bottle )
4. Cape Cod Lavender (Small Lavender Sachet $5.50)
5. Cape Cod grocery tote ($17.00)
6. Bean Stock Coffee ($8.99)
7. Cape Cod Chips ($2.50 per 8oz bag)
8. Chatham Jam & Jelly (3oz $4.95)
9. Kayak Cookies, Salty Oats (6 pack, 18 ozĀ  for $14.95 plus shipping )
10. Sailor’s knot bracelet ($6.99 each)

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Social Love

Alexa @ Sohdalex on Aug 19, 2010

Salty Oats cookies, those look delicious! ....Making a note to myself to try whenever I'm in the area ;)

Meredith on Aug 19, 2010

I love these posts so much! How about Miami next?!

Katie on Aug 19, 2010

I love these posts!!! Can we do a Charleston, SC one soon?!!! pretty pretty please!! It's such a huge wedding destination for people and there is so many things that are unique to the city!

Alison on Aug 19, 2010

Must have this bag now. Thank you for sharing Desiree!!

Sarah on Aug 19, 2010

When I visited the cape several years ago we went to the cutest ice cream shop. Somehting about eating those Ice cream cones wile looking out on the beautiful ocean made them taste so much better :)

Samantha on Aug 19, 2010

What a fabulous gift to give and receive!

alison on Aug 19, 2010

how CUTE!!!! i love each piece...what a fun theme! xox alison

Kellie on Aug 19, 2010

I just love these! Hoping to see one for good ole' Ohio. Cleveland, that is.

Melissa Madden on Aug 19, 2010

I love it, I haven't seen one of those bracelets since I was a kid!

Lian on Aug 20, 2010

Miniature golf is so big in the Cape! Guests would probably enjoy something related to that too - a golf ball? Gift certificate or coupon to a miniature golf place?

Lauren on Aug 22, 2010

OoOo I love these! May I request Seattle, WA next? Pretty Please :)

Emily on Aug 24, 2010

whale's tale pale ale - best beer on earth.

anna on Aug 25, 2010

I lived in the Cape for some time and this tote is spot on! So glad you included the cape cod chips.

Kaylyn on Sep 26, 2010

WE NEED A MISSISSIPPI! I would absolutely swoon to see a mississippi one. :)

Jesse on May 1, 2011

This is such a cute combination for a theme. I found this site while trying to plan a beach party last year (nothing in comparison to a wedding, I know) and it has a bunch of lollipops like the lobster one and a huge amount of taffy. For the beach theme I liked using rock candy crystals for sand too. Any gathering with this theme would probably find this site helpful.

Carl Waldock on Jul 3, 2011

Wow, this is such a great website!!!!!

Stacey on Jan 6, 2012

Such a perfect combo of all that is wonderful around our beautiful peninsula! Great job, Desiree! And I'm getting some ideas from this myself :-)

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