30 Jul

Pretty inspiration from Emersonmade

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You all know about Emersonmade, clearly. Their gorgeous flower creations are legendary around the blogs. We were snooping around their site the other day, ogling their gorgeous new (ish) pieces for the home. Aren’t they such great inspiration for simple, handmade wedding decors? Not to mention their sweet bouquets, ring pillows, shoe clips, corsages, bouts, lapel pins, etc etc etc. They make everything! And it’s all scrumptious.

Could look at their site all day long. They are such a great resource for sweet little details. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have all of your flowers for your wedding made by them?

(We’re not even going to mention their new clothing line. See, here we are, not mentioning it. Sooo cute. You can pre-order it now. Perhaps along with a lovely corsage for your fall cardigan?)

Happy weekending!

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  1. Could those fabric flowers that say “I adore you” be ANY cuter? Nope! So adorbs.

  2. Gorgeois!!! Love emersonmade to the core! Have a great weekend.

  3. omg to cute. what a great idea.

  4. YES! She can do no wrong in my book! I love her and your collection of images!

  5. I too am in looove with the “I adore you” flowers… so cute!
    Great photos!

  6. This is fabulous! I already like making fun little magnets out of those clear rocks. It’s so simple and cost-effective! It’s great. You can pick up WHOLE BAGS of those at Dollar Trees nationwide!

  7. Oh wow! I love Emersonmade things, but what I really love is their photos and styling. So nice.

  8. Lovely ideas! It makes me want to get married again and again!

  9. some truly lovely things here!

  10. Soooo pretty and sweet! Those fabric flowers are especially lovely

  11. This wedding is so beautiful and EXACTLY what my fiancé and I are looking for!! We’ve actually looked into renting out a cabin for a weekend or so just for our wedding but haven’t been able to find such a beautiful spot!

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