26 Jul

Max + Margaux Ceremony Video

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Top of the morning, cakelets! To start the week, we have an awesome little treat to share with you. You all know Max, right? Well he and his gorgeous gal Margaux got hitched a few months ago and their wedding is now on display. We have the video from Sharkpig to share with you here. Aren’t they the cutest?

Margaux, your dress is so chic! Max, you don’t look half bad yourself.

You can see the photos from Our Labor of Love on Once Wed too. THIS is a real Flashdance wedding, isn’t it?

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  1. I absolutely love this video! It is so beautiful, and they look so in love and happy! Oh, i can’t wait for my wedding!!!

  2. Gorgeous dress! Love the sheer back. And the video was amazing! Congrats!

  3. The couple looks amazing! This video is great, it really brings their wedding, love and happiness to life. I think it also seems a bit like old hollywood, so glamorous!

  4. Gorgeous videography! And i had zero idea that Max was such a stud! Margaux is stunning + their love is just beautiful — fantastic post!

  5. I have to know where she found her dress/outfit (is it a skirt and blouse?)! Can anyone tell me who made it/where she found it???

  6. I love her dress, how beautiful the groom looked, how gorgeously elegant her hair and makeup was; everything about this was beautiful and my eyes watered when he grabbed her face to kiss her. Lovely!

  7. i adore this video. so beautiful and sweet.

  8. shark pig is so very, very talented. this is beautiful and so are the couple.

  9. thanks, everyone! courtney, my skirt & blouse are by morgane le fay.

  10. Beautiful video! I really enjoyed the play on nostalgia and the present! Great work :)

  11. made me cry! again. I adore them.

  12. Beautiful images, couple, style..all amazing!

  13. OMG OMG this is the best wedding video i ever watch!! and i’ve read all of ur post!! xoxo ur big fans :)

  14. This is the sweetest thing I have ever see. She looks amazing. What a gorgeous bride. And it is so happy and delicate and wonderful. Made my heart swell.

  15. I never knew Max was such a little hottie! Gorgeous couple and gorgeous wedding.

  16. Oh my. I have never seen such a beautiful video. Congratulations to the happy couple and thank you for reminding me what a wedding is really about. :)

  17. Its absolutely beautiful, many congratulations to the happy Couple,
    Wish u all the best

  18. perfect wedding for a perfect couple this video still makes me tear up, and i’ve probably watched it 5 times already… love love love the song!!

  19. Beautiful video! Does anyone know what song they used?

  20. That was the most beautiful video, it made me cry.

  21. I’ve watched this like 10 times…Huge Max Wagner fan! and Sara, the song is Zebra by Beach House. beautiful!

  22. wanger, not wagner, sorry max!!

  23. Totally inspiring, love everything about this post. I too have watched the vids, the ones over at flashdance, so many times. Beautiful!

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