Giveaway with Hello!Lucky

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Let’s start this week with a fun giveaway from Hello!Lucky, shall we? Remember those cute mustaches and word bubbles from Eunice’s wedding? 2 lucky readers will win either a set of those or $100 off their Hello!Lucky wedding stationary purchase. (Winner’s choice).

Leave a comment here and we’ll pick two peeps at the end of the week. Buenas suerte!

Update: We’re closing comments at this time so we can pick a few winners!

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Social Love

Susannah on Jul 5, 2010

I've been dreaming about stationery lately. Seriously, there is a lot of paper in my dreams. I'd love to win!

Rachel Morrison on Jul 5, 2010

Oh I would love to win these! Would definitely add some serious charm to my destination wedding.

cara on Jul 5, 2010

i loved her wedding! i love the word bubbles....

Caitlin on Jul 5, 2010

Would love to win - thanks!

sam on Jul 5, 2010

love love love this giveaway! the word bubbles are awesome.

Davonne Head on Jul 5, 2010

I just love ya'll and Hello!Lucky. What great inspiration and ideas.

Emily from Philly on Jul 5, 2010

Aw, you are just so chock-full of amazing giveaways all the time. Thank you. =) I must say that it's because of excellent shops like Hello!Lucky that this very crafty bride is considering outsourcing invitations and other wedding paper stuff. cheers.

Elle Johnston on Jul 5, 2010

Awesome! I love those speech bubbles so much.

Fernanda on Jul 5, 2010

Loooooooooove the mustaches, just did a Mexican theme party inspiration board and would love to own these :)

Whitney on Jul 5, 2010

We would be lucky indeed to have Hello! Lucky invitations for our June 2011 wedding. I visit their website nearly daily to smile over their designs and their fun attitude about paper goods and celebrations. Love them!

Peggy H. on Jul 5, 2010

Lovely giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

Filipa on Jul 5, 2010

The speech bubbles are absolutely adorable!

Beth on Jul 5, 2010

Aw, cute! Would be perfect for my faux-to booth :) And totally unrelatedly, the title in my google reader for this post was "Farmacia Reductil Barato- Online Drugstore." I can't imagine this is (a) a sponsor of 100 or (b) something you'd like. Might want to check with google?

Jay on Jul 5, 2010

Gah!! These would be perfect for the fauxto booth I'm planning! Please pick me.

elizabeth on Jul 5, 2010

What lovely fun! I'd love to win :)

Alissa on Jul 5, 2010

I love the word bubbles! I'd probably have to go with the stationery, though - it's time to start worrying about placecards!

Meg on Jul 5, 2010

I would love those word bubbles and mustaches!

Rachel Belcher on Jul 5, 2010

Love the word bubbles!

Casey on Jul 5, 2010

I want to win:)

Kate B on Jul 5, 2010

Ohhh, my best friend is getting married in October and is creating her own photo booth. Those props would be so great to be able to pass on to her!

Lindsey Becker on Jul 5, 2010

What a lovely give away! This would make my dream come true for personalized thank you notes to send following our wedding.

Elizabeth G. on Jul 5, 2010

The mustaches are classic! Pick me :o)

anna on Jul 5, 2010

these are brilliant

Liz on Jul 5, 2010

oh! I love the mustaches and quote bubbles!

Jessie on Jul 5, 2010

ooo....pick me please! *fingers crossed*

Christen on Jul 5, 2010

Pure awesomeness.

Amy Evans with Good Day! on Jul 5, 2010

pick me! pick me!

Den on Jul 5, 2010

photo bubbles and mustaches please!

Blithe on Jul 5, 2010

I absolutely love the stationary from Hello!Lucky, particularly the style pictured in the bottom right here. It fits perfectly with the feeling of our wedding. I'm at the perfect point in my wedding planning to start buying wedding stationary and this prize would be sooo helpful! It's just what I've been looking for. :)

Beth on Jul 5, 2010

Those word bubbles and mustaches are amazing! So perfect for a photo booth!

Kristin Kuhn on Jul 5, 2010

was oogling with my mama over the little gg bridge invites just last night! buena suerte a todas :)

Hope on Jul 5, 2010

I hope I win!

Lisa on Jul 5, 2010

The speech bubbles are great and I've been drooling over Hello Lucky invitations ever since I got engaged! Thanks for the contest!

Sarah B on Jul 5, 2010

We're on a budget, so we're trying to streamline our decor and details, but this plays to my weakness: beautiful stationary! I'm also in love with DIY photo booths and Polaroids, so the speech bubbles are perfect. Lovely give away!

queta on Jul 5, 2010

Can spanish readers participate in this giveaway?

Sharise F on Jul 5, 2010

I think the think bubbles and mustaches would make great props for a photobooth.

beth h on Jul 5, 2010

Oh!!! How wonderful! I looooove these!

Alison Kelly on Jul 5, 2010

I would love to win this!!! Super-dupery cute!

Johanna on Jul 5, 2010

I love the speech bubbles! And mustaches!

Lindsey on Jul 5, 2010

Looks fabulous, I've love the photo booth props...

vann palmer on Jul 5, 2010

I would love the $100 credit for wedding announcements :) i am getting married in fall 2011!

alexak on Jul 5, 2010

oh my! those mustaches are just a dream come true for getting hilarious wedding photos! fingers crossed!

carla on Jul 5, 2010

How cool! Love all of these items!!

Michelle K. on Jul 5, 2010

I LOVE the mustache! We are planning on having a photo booth at our wedding and these would be a fabulous addition.

Candace on Jul 5, 2010

I love the chalkboard signs. So adorable!

katie r on Jul 5, 2010

so much fun!

Erica Boynton on Jul 5, 2010

What's needed for my October 24th wedding to give it pre-Halloween flair (note: I've have been stuck in bed sick for the past three Halloweens, so need to make this one count): Photo booth with print outs for guests to snag: check Homemade animal masks made by yours truly: check Candy jars for the dessert table: check Talk bubbles and moustaches: hrmmmmmm.... Make my mini Halloween happen to make my NY wedding just a little bit more funtastic!

kelly on Jul 5, 2010

the mustaches and quote bubbles are the cutest things ever!

Sarah on Jul 5, 2010

How lovely! I would be so happy to win :)

laurar on Jul 5, 2010

i would love to win to use these for my wedding!

Jill on Jul 5, 2010

YES! This would be perfect timing. I just purchased my Hello!Lucky Invitation set and have been ogling their matching menus, but they're just not in our budget. Winning this would make that a reality! I hope we win!

Laura on Jul 5, 2010

Too cute!

Adriana on Jul 5, 2010

Loved these props. I couldn't shell out for the photo booth so I am doing instant polaroids and these would be great. Who needs another stuffy wedding? These'll bring out the ham in anyone!

Estie on Jul 5, 2010

Would L.O.V.E. to win this-Fab addition to the fundraising carnival I'm working on!

Harmony on Jul 5, 2010

Ohhh, pretty paper! And mustaches! Pick me please. *raises hand*

Jen on Jul 5, 2010

Would absolutely love to win! Hope it is meant to be!!

Kristen S on Jul 5, 2010

Who wouldn't love the mustaches for an amazing photo booth! Awesome!!

Erica on Jul 5, 2010

Adorable stationary and props, adds fun to any party! Would love to add to my collection!

Angela on Jul 5, 2010

Such sweet ideas for my wedding. Great giveaway - thanks!

Anna on Jul 5, 2010

Wow, I would love some mustaches and word bubbles for photo taking at our wedding. Super cute and really well made!

Corbett on Jul 5, 2010

I LOVE the quote bubbles! They would work perfect in our diy photobooth!!

Ilse on Jul 5, 2010

wow, would love to win!

Maggie on Jul 5, 2010

love the quirky creativeness!!! I just got engaged and loving every minute and picture on your blog! :) so much to choose from!

micaela @ hishouse;herhelp. on Jul 5, 2010


Liz on Jul 5, 2010

Ahh! We're having a photo booth and these would be perfect! Thank you for the chance! Fingers crossed.

Lucas Nissen on Jul 5, 2010

Out of all the stationary sites I have been looking at, Hello Lucky is by far my favorite! It would be rad to grab some with a discount!

Giselle Martins on Jul 5, 2010

How cute!!!! My carnival wedding would be a lot more perfect with fun details like these! Very creative and I can see they are well made! The mustaches I tried making turned out to look sad felt pieces, but I have hope! :)

Adriana Barrantes on Jul 5, 2010

I want those word bubbles! We would all have SO much fun!

Annie on Jul 5, 2010

I just spent way too much time on that site! I love everything and want it all :)

Jenny on Jul 5, 2010

Love love LOVE stationary! Just starting to look at invites for our wedding next spring and could really use the discount.

sk on Jul 5, 2010

Cool! I love their stuff. Those word bubbles are amazing.

jamie on Jul 5, 2010

so fun! thanks for the giveaway! the mustaches are so cute!

Amy on Jul 5, 2010

I LOVE those mustaches!! I want them at my wedding for sure!!!

Erin on Jul 5, 2010

These are so much fun! I hope I win, but I def want to see more cute pictures of whoever does win!

Tiffany on Jul 5, 2010

Oh how wonderful! My sweetie has been wanting mustaches for our photobooth!!

Melissa on Jul 5, 2010

I love the word bubbles!

Sonia on Jul 5, 2010

How cute! i love those speech bubbles!

Adrienne on Jul 5, 2010

So cute!~ would make my September wedding even more special.

Béatrice on Jul 5, 2010

Me! ME!! Pick MEEEEEEEE!! I'd be soooooo happy!!!

Lauren on Jul 5, 2010

Mustaches are funny. I like your blog. I'll cross my fingers for a chance.

stephanie on Jul 5, 2010

awesome giveaway! eunice's wedding was so beautiful :)

Kaytee on Jul 5, 2010

My best friend is getting married to her Navy boy in April and they are on a tight budget.She adores this stuff! Super cute! :)

Katie on Jul 5, 2010

Ooh, those would be a great addition to my wedding photos!

Alison on Jul 5, 2010

I love the mustaches!!!!

Kerissa on Jul 5, 2010

Oh how I love and covet thee, Hello Lucky! It's been one of my favorites since the beginning of my stationary obsession when I worked at a little boutique paper store in Seattle called Moxie. Thanks for the opportunity!

Sofia on Jul 5, 2010

My first comment here, after lots and lots of visits admiring your work. I'm portuguese, so forgive me if I'd wrote anything wrong.

Amanda on Jul 5, 2010

I have been planning to have a photobooth. My fiance is a photographer and loves pictures! The word bubbles would ROCK! PS - Im not sure what Reductil is, but the title of the post in my reader says 'order reductil' not sure if it was posted in error....

Brittney on Jul 5, 2010

Would love to win these word bubbles would be perfect for our photobooth!!

Mallory on Jul 5, 2010

pick me :) Please?

Courtney on Jul 5, 2010

I have been looking for some fun things to incorporate for our photo booth! LOVED the word bubbles and mustaches from that wedding! Would love to win :)

Tisha on Jul 5, 2010


Lex on Jul 5, 2010

Oh I would absolutely love to win these fantastic items, as a very new bride (last weekend) and in the "overwhelmed" stage they would help me out HUGE! the moustatches are very fitting as our friends usually just draws them on each other (late night) with a sharpie!

Nicole T on Jul 5, 2010

What a great giveaway!! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Susan Eckelmann on Jul 5, 2010

My boy already has a smokin' stache. Can I get some anyways, pleeaaassee????

Chelsea on Jul 5, 2010

Great giveaway, hope I win!!

Zoe, Conversation Pieces on Jul 5, 2010

Ooooh moustaches and speech bubbles for me!! Pretty please ;)

Crystal on Jul 5, 2010

I need mustaches at my wedding!! :)

Haley on Jul 5, 2010

This would be GREAT for me to get motivated to do my invitations!

Michelle H on Jul 5, 2010

Some mustaches and word bubbles would look lovely in a photobooth. :) I can't wait to see how creative my guests can be!

Marcie Palacios on Jul 5, 2010

Pick Me! Pick ME!

styleezta on Jul 5, 2010

cute! Please choose me :D

Laura Banashek on Jul 5, 2010

Not only are these adorable, but my fiance and I could definitely use the creative (and financial) help. We'd love to win (my fiance just yelled 'pick us!'), but if we don't, congratulations to the lucky bride and groom!

Julia on Jul 5, 2010

Mustaches and word bubbles would be excellent additions to our wedding! Thanks for this opportunity!

allison on Jul 5, 2010

ahhh, i'm hoping to put together a DIY photobooth and these would bring it all together! it's all fabulously fun :) what wedding DOESN'T need extra moustaches!

Annie S. on Jul 5, 2010

What a tough choice to make for the winners!

Pat on Jul 5, 2010

YES!! I would LOVE to win these. We have been working on a DIY photobooth, and this would be the "Pièce de résistance"!!

Cherie on Jul 5, 2010

I'm always oogling Hello!Lucky's stationery... so I'd love to win this!!! :)

Emily on Jul 5, 2010

I would looooooooove to win those word bubbles!

Jenn on Jul 5, 2010

Yay! My fiance and I have reached the pivotal point in our planning when we get to pick our Save the Dates and invitations! This giveaway would be super fab for us, as I'm having visions of the two of us buried in pretty paper on our tiny living room floor trying to make the decision (which may not be so bad after all...) :) Thanks for considering us!

Cami on Jul 5, 2010

i love these!! :) pick me!

Nina on Jul 5, 2010

Ooo! Ooo! Pick me, please! Fabulous give-a-way! :)

Sarah H. on Jul 5, 2010

Oh I adore the wedding stationary options... want... :)

Andrea on Jul 5, 2010

I love the mustaches! They would be perfect for my wedding.

Sara Case on Jul 5, 2010

Would absolutely love to win!! Thanks for always offering such scrumptious giveaways!

Sarah on Jul 5, 2010

I was just shopping for props for the wedding photo booth yesterday. I would love to win this fabulous prize. Sarah

Mandy on Jul 5, 2010

word bubbles, i adore you.

cristin mccarthy on Jul 5, 2010

hey there!!! whoo hoo these are amazing! love the word bubbles! i am getin hitched july 31st and we are havin a photobooth we are so siked!!! my son is 8 and he is big into mustaches and his friends and him would love the mustacheos and word bubbles so wld us adults so much fun - if we dont win do you know how to possibly diy/ or get these!!! tres fabulous!!!! xo

Zee on Jul 5, 2010

I love those mustaches! They're a must-have for any photo booth.

Windy on Jul 5, 2010

Hello! Lucky is simply the best stationery ever. I would equally be thrilled with paper or the word bubbles and moustaches... (which would be super duper props for an upcoming photoshoot!) Thanks for the giveaway and the continually inspiring blog!

Lydia Collin on Jul 5, 2010

Awesomeness! I was just introduced to your blog and have fallen in love. =)

Margo on Jul 5, 2010

Oh, I am truly obsessed with Hello! Lucky. My fiancé and I were fortunate enough to win Save the Dates from Hello! Lucky. This would help us to complete our invitation suite--maybe even splurge on some fun paper goodies for the reception, such as menus. Fingers crossed!

Sue on Jul 5, 2010

LOVE Hello! Lucky stationary, so fun!!

Eartha on Jul 5, 2010

I love love love Hello!Lucky!

Sara on Jul 5, 2010

Great stuff. I would love to win!

Hayden on Jul 5, 2010

Dreaming of a photobooth with awesome props - this would sure help get me started!

Hattie on Jul 5, 2010

O I love Hello Lucky; Eunice's wedding was so imaginative, what a wonderful giveaway!

Somer on Jul 5, 2010

Oooh! Word bubbles for me, please! Thanks!

DhiNa on Jul 5, 2010

OMG! I hope i can win that word bubbles ! that's a good idea for my pre-wedding picture or for wedding photo booth. Regards from Japan.

Allison L. on Jul 5, 2010

I'm desperately seeking stationary!! This would be soooo great!

Barbara Olson on Jul 5, 2010

I have bought a card from Hello Lucky, but it looks like I need to explore them further - I really want those speech bubbles!

La on Jul 5, 2010

Would love to see a photo of my mom and my fiance's mom with mustaches!!

Jacqueline L. on Jul 5, 2010

Hooray! Crossing my fingers...and toes!

Stephanie Liu on Jul 5, 2010

I really love the chalkboard word bubbles! Those would be fantastic for my photobooth at the reception!!!

Celia on Jul 5, 2010

I love the mustaches on a stick and the word bubbles too! I was planning on DIY'ing, but this would save me a ton of time!

Briana on Jul 5, 2010

Love them!

Kimberly on Jul 5, 2010

I have just started scouring websites looking for the perect wedding invitaion. This is such an awesome giveaway!!!

kristin on Jul 5, 2010

love this!!!

Megan on Jul 5, 2010

My creative friends can take any concept and run with it ... I can't help but lust for those thought bubbles; and to see what they can do with them!

Lekisha on Jul 5, 2010


Nia on Jul 5, 2010

I'm getting married in November and have been looking EVERYWHERE for those moustache bubble boards!!! Would absolutely be stoked to win them :)

Lauren Michelle on Jul 5, 2010

Oh my! Those mustaches and chalk board word bubbles just tickled my fancy...I simply MUST have them!

Pauline on Jul 5, 2010

Vince and I would absolutely love the cute mustaches and word bubbles! It would be perfect for our DIY photo booth we plan to have at our wedding! Thanks!

Emily on Jul 5, 2010

I love these photo booth props!

Allie Janson on Jul 5, 2010

Love it! So fun.

Megan on Jul 5, 2010

I want to wear a mustache!

Becky on Jul 5, 2010

Me, me, me! Love them! :)

Brittany Brown on Jul 5, 2010

i have been dreaming about those word bubbles. i need them!

Judy Hua on Jul 5, 2010

me and my fiance HEART the photobooth!

Naima on Jul 5, 2010

Love the word bubbles! How fun!!

Heather on Jul 5, 2010

pick me!

Sarah on Jul 5, 2010

Have been lusting after the fruit-label farm invites, fingers crossed to win!

Rebekah on Jul 5, 2010

love love love the word bubbles! Thanks!

CeCe White on Jul 5, 2010

I simply adore Hello! lucky! It would be the perfect stationary for my upcoming wedding in March!

Taura on Jul 5, 2010

need need need!!!

Christine on Jul 5, 2010

I've been seriously CRAVING these word bubbles!

Marissa on Jul 5, 2010

Love the word bubbles!! They'd be great in our wedding pictures!

ashley k on Jul 5, 2010

please please!! i can't even count how many stationary giveaways i've entered (and lost!) lately, but hello! lucky is my fave. we would really love to win this!!

kenny c on Jul 5, 2010

HELLO, LUCKY!!! my fiancee and i would looooove to win! thanks!

taylor paige on Jul 5, 2010

wee! pick me!!

Immortal Bird on Jul 5, 2010

oh my gosh! What fun! And what fabulous picture perfect moments.

Lindsey K on Jul 5, 2010

LOVE the bubbles!! would LOVE to win!

Meghan Brown on Jul 5, 2010

Love the staches, love the word bubbles, love hello lucky! I hope I win cause I could really use well, any of them!

Kathryn on Jul 5, 2010

I heart Hello!Lucky and I love that I found her site after realizing that Eunice's groom was actually 'Captain Cleaver' from Three Rings, one of my favorite game developers. Pictures of their wedding made for a delightful collision of my brideness and nerdiness.

Sarah Boardman on Jul 5, 2010

"a man without a mustache, is like a cup of tea without sugar." - english proverb thanks for the ideas ;)

Loan on Jul 5, 2010

I love moustach-ees!!!

Debra on Jul 5, 2010

I've been dreaming about Hello!Lucky's vintage sailor tattoo-inspired invitations for half a year now. They actually inspired me to go for a retro pinup inspired ceremony and reception! It would be a blessing for us to use the $100 towards the invites.

Emma Hayes on Jul 5, 2010

A bride workin' on a budget, but still yearning to make all the little details!! check out my blog for a peek into my most special day, set for April 9th, 2011. I've had my eye on some mustaches and lips for my photobooth, and these are just perfect!!! PLEASE!!

Kristin on Jul 5, 2010

Cheers to a chance to win!

Marlaina Gaspardi on Jul 5, 2010

My fiancee would be beside himself with those moustaches! I already promised him I would try to work moustaches into our wedding one way or another, and these would be perfect! I am envisioning some wonderful photo opportunities with those already...

Emily on Jul 5, 2010

Bubbles and moustaches on a stick...sure beats hot dogs on a stick! :)

Meghan on Jul 5, 2010

Love, Love, LOVE the word bubbles!

Jennifer on Jul 5, 2010

this would be perfect for our flip book booth! very cute!

Rebekah on Jul 5, 2010

Moustaches + Quote Bubbles = I would be INCREDIBLY happy!!! (despite the fact that I'm stuck at home all summer studying for the bar exam)

Meigh on Jul 5, 2010

mustachios FTW.

Rachel on Jul 5, 2010

I'd love to "get lucky"!

tiffany. on Jul 5, 2010

oh man this is a good one!!!! I'll start thinking positive NOW!!! ....oh yay! i won!!! :) xo.

Brandy on Jul 5, 2010

YES please! What a great start to Monday!!

judith on Jul 5, 2010

I thought their wedding is so much fun and I'm definitely planning on having some fun props at my wedding photo booth

Ms. Bunny on Jul 5, 2010

I adore those word bubbles. I would love a pair.

Sara on Jul 5, 2010

Suh-weet. :)

Emily Dart-McLean on Jul 5, 2010

Absolutely brilliant!

Abby S. on Jul 5, 2010


Laura B on Jul 5, 2010

HELLO!!!! I am never Lucky!!!! Please make my day- and some FUN moments at my wedding!!! and choose me!!!

S Sheriff on Jul 5, 2010

It's ALL about the moustachioed magic. Favourite. Sx

anneliese on Jul 5, 2010

: )

Amy on Jul 6, 2010

Love LOVE Love this giveaway! Would love to win and see our friends loving these fun as well!

Marijke on Jul 6, 2010

You will never ever know just how long I spend looking at the Hello Lucky wedding invitations every single day, only to decide that I really can't afford it..... And anyway, one day between now and my wedding in May next year I'm going to wake up and find that I am excellent at art and my head is overflowing with cool wedding invitation ideas, so I'm going to make my own. Ohhhhhhhh that's NEVER going to happen!

Valerie on Jul 6, 2010

the chalkboards are perfect!! I've been trying to find them in Australia but no luck - would love to win a set of those =D

ktrn on Jul 6, 2010

Aww, those word bubbles are very cute!

delwyn on Jul 6, 2010

love em all.

hannah on Jul 6, 2010

eeeeeek! you mean i could pass on the ones that i made myself and stuck on with tape!? :D

Stephanie on Jul 6, 2010

I would really like to win this...i never win anything.

Erin B. on Jul 6, 2010

Hello Lucky = Fabulous. I'd totally take the discount for my wedding stationary! I know exactly what I'd pick too. ;)

Priscilla Parra on Jul 6, 2010

A mustache or note would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for the opportunity!

monda on Jul 6, 2010

wow-wee, I'd love to win some moustaches, they are too cute!

Raquel on Jul 6, 2010

I love the mustaches and the bubbles!!

bron on Jul 6, 2010


Nicky on Jul 6, 2010

Love the mustaches and would so love to work them into our wedding pics next year... Writing all the way from South Africa and hoping someone from down here stands a chance to win!!

Stephanie on Jul 6, 2010

Stationary is such a big part of any wedding, but also such a huge expensive. I'd love to win!

jenny g. on Jul 6, 2010

I would love to win these items! I was actually just checking them out in the Hello!Lucky shop for our own wedding, coming up in October. I also just bombed a bar exam practice test, so I could definitely use a pick-me-up right about now!

Casey Deatherage on Jul 6, 2010

I love the word bubbles and mustaches. For my wedding 7/30/11 we are building our own photo station for guests to take pictures. These accessories would really set the scene! Also, One of our first pictures as a couple is my fiance and I wearing fake mustaches at a Christmas party! My fingers are crossed!

Kaila Woodside on Jul 6, 2010

AH! Just last week at my engagement party we pulled out stick on mustaches from Urban Outfitters and decided to make mustaches a theme throughout the parties - would love to add nice ones from Hello! Lucky. :)

Ari on Jul 6, 2010

Really fun stuff!! thanks for the giveaway!! ari

An Huynh on Jul 6, 2010

I would love EITHER! ;) pick me pick me! Xoxo

Jennifer on Jul 6, 2010

I am getting married next summer (July 2011). Pick me!

Laurel G on Jul 6, 2010

wow! LOVE the word bubbles and mustaches! so very fun!

Joanne on Jul 6, 2010

My fiance has a mustache every now and then, but will probably be clean shaven for our wedding. We would love mustaches on a stick for our photo booth. Thanks for the opportunity.

Shanti on Jul 6, 2010

yes! awesome giveaway!

Matilda on Jul 6, 2010

I ADORE those word bubbles. Too perfect for that oh so coveted photobooth these days!

Inessa Zherebnenko on Jul 6, 2010

I love love the mustaches they are not just great for props but for conversation pieces in the house as well

Jacquie on Jul 6, 2010

word bubbles + mustaches + photobooth = a great freaking time! PICK ME!!!

Carla on Jul 6, 2010

WOW! What an amazing giveaway!Hello Lucky has the most gorgeous and unique collection of invitations. I would LOVE to be able to have the Seashore theme wedding invitations for our San Diego wedding next year.

erin d. on Jul 6, 2010

i've been coveting the quote bubbles since i first saw them! i actually ordered the Big Day invites (with a twist) for my own Big Day. quote bubbles would put me over the edge (squee!!)

Kelaine on Jul 6, 2010

We just booked our photobooth....these accessories would be amazing!! :) Thanks for the great giveaway.

Erin M. on Jul 6, 2010

I was so inspired by this fun wedding in Martha Stewart Weddings! Love the mustaches for a photobooth and the modern invites!

Lauren on Jul 6, 2010


Tran on Jul 6, 2010

i LOVE HelloLucky Stationery!!!

Stacey on Jul 6, 2010

I am a semi-stalker of Eunice's wedding- the stage, the parade, the STATIONARY! The entire event was magical! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have some of her creative sparkle at my own wedding! xoxo

Caroline on Jul 6, 2010

I love the word bubbles! Such a fun idea!

Anita on Jul 6, 2010

I wish i could shout from my little comment, i love you, Lucky! My partner and i swoon at the chance to win stationary to add to the loveliness of our special weekend. We are hoping to create a special thank you for all of the wonderful people in our lives and Hello!Lucky, would be a great match. Thanks for the opportunity.

melissa on Jul 6, 2010

fingers crossed!

Chancy on Jul 6, 2010

I recently came across Hello! Lucky and have been obsessing over the "Heartland" wedding invites - so ADORABLE! The mustaches and bubbles are amazing too! We're planning on setting up a photo booth and they would be a perfect addition!

Rachel on Jul 6, 2010

Yay for mustaches!

Megan on Jul 6, 2010

I love those word bubbles! What a fantastic idea!

Aubrey on Jul 6, 2010

What a fantastic giveaway! I would love to win the word bubbles and mustaches - they'd be perfect for the fauxtobooth we're putting together!

Kerry on Jul 6, 2010

I have so much love for Hello!Lucky!!!

mollya on Jul 6, 2010

This is what weddings should be-- FUN!!

Amanda on Jul 6, 2010

I LOVE their stationary! I've been looking for great Thank-You's for our wedding and this would be perfect.

Elizabeth on Jul 6, 2010

So fun, and what a great giveaway!

Knittingnurse on Jul 6, 2010

I've just gotten into photography and have my first wedding to photograph in December! Would love to get some props for the guests at the wedding! Thanks for all the great ideas you provide!

Sara G. on Jul 6, 2010

Pick me! Pick me! I've been drooling over some of their wedding sets and this would help so much! Thank you for the chance to win. :)

Catherine T on Jul 6, 2010

Too cute. And so creative!

Morgana W on Jul 6, 2010

Love the mustache idea. It's great to add a touch of silliness to a very important day!

Niche on Jul 6, 2010

Pick me please. What a treat!

Karin on Jul 6, 2010

So fun and festive. The mustaches and word bubbles would look great with our photo booth, which my fiance and I are making by hanging an assortment of paper leaf garlands. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Sarah on Jul 6, 2010

ooooooh I could use those props in our DIY photobooth! What a great contest!

Heather Anne on Jul 6, 2010

These are amazing! Pick me please!

hepsibob plodka on Jul 6, 2010

The word bubbles are really neat- I had to buy them for my August wedding. I also love the mustache on a stick- would be perfect for my photo booth. Thanks!

Emily on Jul 6, 2010

Ooh! I would LOVE to have these! Sign me up!

Stella on Jul 6, 2010

Ohh..moustaches...please pick me!!

nicole b. on Jul 6, 2010

I'd love to win the word bubbles! Thanks! xoxo!

Sarah Duncan on Jul 6, 2010

I'm getting married next year and already decided to have a guest photo booth and mustaches as their prop...These are perfect :)

Lauren H on Jul 6, 2010

as a newly engaged bride to be, winning a little help for invitations would be wonderful! i've been considering going diy for my paper products but hellolucky is just too cute to pass up! would love to win and share the beautiful invites with all my guests!

veronica on Jul 6, 2010

please pick me! these invitations are beautiful but out of my price range, so winning the $100 would help me TREMENDOUSLY!!!!! thanks! =)

Lauren on Jul 6, 2010

We would be sooooooo grateful to win! Thank you!!

Amber on Jul 6, 2010

Her wedding was so gorgeous. We're working on making our own photobooth and I would love to have props as great as these!

Megan Manning on Jul 6, 2010

My husband and I have a serious obsession with mustaches. We make all our friends and family take a picture with one with our polaroid when they come over to our house... oh how it would make my year to upgrade to HelloLucky!'s

Melinda R on Jul 6, 2010

I just got engaged. Let the planning begin!

Christina on Jul 6, 2010

yes, please!

Joanna Kam on Jul 6, 2010

the speech bubbles sound like so much fun and great for a photoshoot!

Becky on Jul 6, 2010

Oh, how I would LOVE to win this prize!!!

Valerie on Jul 6, 2010

As my engagement approaches nearer, all I can do is think about Save the Dates! This would be a big help so I don't have to make them myself. :)

ChristyB on Jul 6, 2010

Great Wedding! I LOVE the word bubbles. So Much fun!

rachel thomas on Jul 6, 2010

my husband-to-be has a real mustache so i'd love a fake one to match his!

Shanley McArthur on Jul 6, 2010

5 weeks, four days ... tick tock until the day arrives! pick me and you will be sure that these fabulousnesses will be put to good use in short order :) we have this brilliant huge ornate frame that we've painted gold -- it'll be in the hands of two good friends during cocktail hour for use as a "travelling photo booth". We are hoping to capture at least one good shot of all the guests' sweet faces framed in gold, to put in our guest book -- and who doesn't look good in a mustache??? Pick moi!!

Kate on Jul 6, 2010

I'm not sure what it is I love about the mustaches, but I do - SO VERY MUCH. I think it's only fair that the ladies get to sport a dandy mustache every once in a while, I suppose. Pick me, pick me!

Jenni on Jul 6, 2010

i adore hello lucky!! i hope i win :)

Sara on Jul 6, 2010

Would LOVE to have those mustaches and word bubbles for our DIY photobooth!

sarah L. on Jul 6, 2010

I've always loooooove "the Moustache" as my dad has one since I'm a kid! I just started creating my own invitation wedding (I'm a graphic designer) and the moustache is one of my theme ;) Pleaseeeee Picckkkkkk meeeeeeee, moi moi moiiiiiiiiii (and yes I'm also French!!!)

jane on Jul 6, 2010

so perfect for a photobooth! fingers crossed!

claudia on Jul 6, 2010


Kendra on Jul 6, 2010

Word bubbles! Yay Hello Lucky!

Jordan B on Jul 6, 2010

I heart word bubbles! Choose me! :)

Helene on Jul 6, 2010

my fiancee once went as a thought bubble for Halloween, how great would it be to incorporate them into the wedding?!

stephanie on Jul 6, 2010

buenas suerte ! (how cute, well, gracias)! I would love to feature these little cuties at my 10*10*10 extravaganza! thanks!

Johanna Lee on Jul 6, 2010

cute cute!

Melodious on Jul 6, 2010

Great paper and funny can you go wrong? :)

Janna C on Jul 6, 2010

I told Dan I he would have to propose to me as a member of a functioning mariachi band, seranading me in a very public place. He chose to place the saxophone wearing Carhartts in our living room. The photo booth at our August wedding is the compromise. Please!

Kathleen M. on Jul 6, 2010


Taryn on Jul 6, 2010

The word bubbles are too cute and would be so great to include in our engagement pics to send our guests little messages!

Monica on Jul 6, 2010

great inspiration and ideas... loved the funny mustaches!!! thanks!

Hayley on Jul 6, 2010

Oh MAN! These would be pure awesome in our vintage-sitting-room-inspired photo booth backdrop! PURE awesome. Many of our friends are improv actors (read: total hams!) and I have hilarious visions of what would would get written on the speech bubbles! Not to mention how my Grandma will look in a moustache.....

Brandon H. on Jul 6, 2010


Marie on Jul 6, 2010

Those mustaches are so fun! I know we'd have a blast with them at our wedding.

Susan on Jul 6, 2010

Eeek! I would love to win those comment bubble boards! That is exactly what I was thinking about today! Pick me! :o)

Nicole on Jul 6, 2010

Yes please!

Sana Sharpe on Jul 6, 2010

I love 100 Layer Cake and Hello Lucky. Printmaking is my new passion so I would love to win. My wedding theme is a fiesta and mustachioed guests would really make our fiesta memorable.

Candice on Jul 6, 2010


debbie on Jul 6, 2010

Love Hello! Lucky's stuff and it would be amazing to win!

Sara on Jul 6, 2010

Word bubbles!!! What a FANTASTIC idea.... my fingers are crossed!!

molly on Jul 6, 2010

Love their wedding stationery!

Crissy on Jul 6, 2010

So fantastic! I can see those 'staches on my family now! <3

Kara on Jul 6, 2010

HELLO, sure would feel LUCKY to win!!

Allison on Jul 6, 2010

I love love love Hello Lucky!

Ashley Hart on Jul 6, 2010

I actually have a fun and talented group of friends who have began the cut and assembling of the mustache sticks but word bubbles?? We didn't even think of those. I would love to get some word bubbles sticks.

Molly on Jul 6, 2010

Oh I love Hello Lucky! I've been daydreaming about their seagull-themed invitations for weeks!

Kari on Jul 6, 2010

Super cute! Hope I win!

siobhan on Jul 6, 2010

love it. love it. love it. pick me.

Crystal on Jul 6, 2010

Love the mustaches and word bubbles, either one would be perfect for my photo booth! Pick me!!

rose on Jul 6, 2010

I would be so happy if I won this!! I've been thinking of props to use for our photo booth!!

Anjuli A. on Jul 6, 2010

ooh super cute! i love the stationary!

Emma Stanton on Jul 6, 2010

So so adorable! I sie! :)

Olivia + Jeremy on Jul 6, 2010


Lendy on Jul 6, 2010

Eunice and Daniel totally had my dream wedding so I would LOVE to win these to use in my wedding (which will be a lot less cool than theirs was... sigh). Thanks for the chance!

carrie richard on Jul 6, 2010

These are seriously adorable! The mustaches would be PERFECT for our Palm Springs "Hollywood Glamour" wedding at the Viceroy...they're reminiscent of Groucho Marx...a Palm Springs staple back in the day!

rachel on Jul 7, 2010

ooohhhh! yes please!!!

Samantha A on Jul 7, 2010

My fiance and I are SO EXCITED to have a DIY "Smile Station" (as we are calling it) at our wedding! The mustaches and word bubbles would make a perfect addition to the station!

Heidi on Jul 7, 2010

Ah, I've been looking everywhere for these ever since I saw them on Hello Lucky's site and Eunice's wedding! They're so cute...I love Hello Lucky! xxx

Jessica on Jul 7, 2010

Oo, oo, oo...PICK ME! PICK ME! Some dear and darling friends just got engaged and are planning/paying for the whole wedding themselves. This would make a lovely surprise gift for them!

Stephanie on Jul 7, 2010

Oooh, fingers crossed!

Kendra on Jul 7, 2010

Be still my beating heart! Fingers crossed.

Romina on Jul 7, 2010

Those speech bubbles are awesome! They would make a great addition for our wedding photobooth :)

Ella on Jul 7, 2010

oooo, so lovely! pick me!

Kristen on Jul 7, 2010

This would be awesome! I love their stuff!

Sarah on Jul 7, 2010

They have such amazing invites! I'm crossing my fingers that I win this!

Jacqui-Bay on Jul 7, 2010

I have already thought of 4,326 ways to use these if we [my fella is dying for them too] win! So you know, pick us and stuff! Loves!

Beata B. on Jul 7, 2010

Wow! Just gorgeous! Pick ME ME ME! Ha ha!

michelle on Jul 7, 2010

would love these mustaches and bubbles for my DIY photo booth!

allison on Jul 7, 2010

i heart this blog.

Sara on Jul 7, 2010

Oh my, I'm a little late to the party. I was just telling my fiance about the mustache straws a couple days ago. We're having a Memorial Day picnic wedding and thought these were the right amount of wimsy/carny to lighten up our older family members and tickle the kids that'll be there. On top of making for some great pictures.

Kristin on Jul 7, 2010

Love the word bubbles! They would be perfect for our photobooth!

Eryka Vincent on Jul 7, 2010

Oh Em Gee! Hello Lucky's stuff is fabulous! I love both the favors and especially the Stationery! There is so much inspiration on that site! I am just thinking how and what I want to incorporate for our Hard Rock Hotel wedding in San Diego! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lulu on Jul 7, 2010

Those mustaches are pretty cute, but I LOVE their stationary!!

Mary F. on Jul 7, 2010

You are not gonna believe this....I am COVERED in chalk board paint as I type this! I have been trying to make those "thought" bubbles myself....if I win this contest, or if these suckahs ever come out right, I am writing "Mary is the sloppiest painter evah!" on the first one! Hahahahaha.....this is too cool!

Jamie on Jul 7, 2010

I love Hello Lucky! I love the speech balloons too! Pick me! Pick me! =)

lindsey pischel on Jul 7, 2010

I shall be purchasing those mustaches for sure, but wouldnt mind a little help on that score!

bmolavi on Jul 7, 2010

wow! I love the word bubbles!!!

Claire on Jul 7, 2010

Fell in love with the stationery from Eunice's wedding while reading Martha Stewart weddings magazine over the Easter break when we got stranded in Florida due to the volcanic ash...after being there for an extra week I ended up paying excess baggage because of all the wedding stuff I'd bought and had to get it home in my suitcase!!!! So glad that Hello Lucky is available in the UK!

Catie on Jul 7, 2010

I need some serious stationary inspiration! and this looks like the perfect place to get started!!

Nadine on Jul 7, 2010

cute and lovely!

courtney on Jul 7, 2010

I'm using Hello Lucky for my wedding invitations and $100 would be a great help!

Laura on Jul 7, 2010

too cute! Would be perfect with my movie theme!!

Kelly Krupka on Jul 7, 2010

Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much.

Linsey on Jul 7, 2010

Amazing!!! Can these ideas get any better???? WOW

Linsey on Jul 7, 2010

Amazing!!! Can these ideas get any better???? WOW I think I have to get these!

Joanna on Jul 7, 2010

I love love love the chalk board word bubbles!

Dana on Jul 7, 2010

I have always admired Hello Lucky's style. Adorable stuff!

Mary on Jul 7, 2010

best. giveaway. ever.

Laura on Jul 7, 2010

oooooh I've been looking for those everywhere! I would love to have the mustaches and word bubbles for my wedding this August!

Claire Covington on Jul 7, 2010

Wedding thought of the day: if the pen is mightier than the sword, than paper is certainly more important than steel (well at least when planning a wedding!).

Jennifer R. on Jul 7, 2010

This would be awesome to win. I made all my wedding invitations myself, but still need rehearsal dinner invites, and I also saw some great items that would work for the photobooth!

Becky on Jul 7, 2010

I love the word bubbles. They are perfect for my wedding!

Carissa on Jul 7, 2010

Oh how cute!!! The word bubbles and mustache would be perfect for our wedding! Fingers and toes crossed ....

Caroline on Jul 7, 2010

These would be so helpful for us, especially on our tight budget. We were thinking of just sending out an email "save the date/invite", but would be lovely to be able to send out real invites. I love these, they are perfect for our wedding!

emily on Jul 7, 2010

Ooh I love Hello!Lucky's work! Count this girl in! ;) Thanks!

Lioness Ebbay on Jul 7, 2010

Pick me!! Pick me!! ^_^

Emily T. on Jul 7, 2010

They had such a cute wedding! Got so many great Ideas from it! The word bubbles and mustaches were my fave!

KatieRose on Jul 7, 2010

I love those chalkboard thought bubbles! I have some clever friends, and would love to be entertained by what they come up to fill those suckers. :D

Piper Jacquelyn on Jul 7, 2010

Ah, these are so cute! I loved seeing them in Eunice's wedding photos.

ashley marie on Jul 7, 2010

100 Layer Cake is the perfect addition to my morning coffee. and those adorable mustaches made my day!

Megan on Jul 7, 2010

so so so cute!

Okeoma on Jul 7, 2010

Would love to win! thanks for the great giveaway.

David on Jul 7, 2010

My fiance would love to win this. She's a huge fan of "hello lucky".

JD on Jul 7, 2010

Love hello lucky! Love the chalkboard bubbles!

Megan on Jul 7, 2010

Fingers crossed! Wishing for the luck of the Irish and awesome mustaches for a win!

Misty Fountain on Jul 7, 2010

WOW! If I win these that will be one less DIY! Love them!

Chelsea on Jul 7, 2010

I am such a huge fan of the moustaches! They are such a fun touch for weddings. :)

Angela on Jul 7, 2010

I drool!

Dana on Jul 8, 2010

Oh man, I like a girl named Adriana's comment saying she needs these for her carnival style cool does that sound? My comment isn't nearly as creative- I'd just love to be able to buy some awesome stationary which right now my budget doesn't have room for.

Thelma on Jul 8, 2010

Thanks for the contest.I would love to win the word bubbles package.Count me in.

Vivienne on Jul 8, 2010

If for some stange reason I don't win then where does one buy those lovely speech bubbles? Is this open to entries from England? Beautiful stationery.

Kristen on Jul 8, 2010

I Heart Mustache!

Tracy E on Jul 8, 2010

Yay for mustaches! My fiance and I have 3 kiddos between us, ages 5, 6 and 8. We'd love nothing more than photo booth pics with their mustached faces at our wedding! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Lulu on Jul 8, 2010

Mustaches, YES. I just started my wedding planning, and I would love for these mustaches to be the first big decision I make!

Priscilla on Jul 8, 2010

I wish I may, I wish I might, win this Hello Lucky contest!!!!!!!!!

Abigail on Jul 8, 2010

pick me! pick me! please.

carley on Jul 8, 2010

I love Hello Lucky!!! Why does everything that comes out of their crazy brains have to be so wonderful!! We have two kids and are finally getting married.....all i want is hello lucky....EVERYTHING!!!

Michelle on Jul 8, 2010

I LOVE Hello Lucky! I'm so happy to be in San Francisco near to them. Not only are their clever cards a common purchase for my lovies, but I recently was able to splurge and get my wedding invitations done with them. I've actually been trying to make similar mustaches and bubbles for our photobooth, but they haven't been nearly as cute as these! These would be a BIG help on my "things to do" list!

Giffin on Jul 8, 2010

I have these bubbles saved as inspiration! I would LOVE to not have to make them myself!

marlaine on Jul 8, 2010

wow...great contest :) i'd love to win!! there's always so many neat things on here - thanks for sharing it all! m

Suzanne on Jul 8, 2010

who doesn't love a good 'stache! The word bubbles and mustaches would just add a little something to our small, intimate celebration!

Sarah on Jul 8, 2010

I'm probably too late, but those word bubbles are too cute!

Clairissa on Jul 8, 2010

I LOVE the word bubbles!

Amy on Jul 8, 2010

I LOVE hello!lucky and Eunice's wedding was fabulous/amazing/inspirational/ sooo adorable! I'd love to win this!

Julie Rais on Jul 8, 2010

What a wonderful giveaway! I am getting married next June in Santorini, Greece. I would be stoked to have guests play with mustaches and word bubbles! Too fun. :) Thanks for the endless inspirations! xo- Julie Rais

edris kim on Jul 8, 2010

i would love to win. everything is so cute!

Jillian on Jul 8, 2010

The photobooth props are awesome! I can imagine the hilarity that would ensue. Great giveaway!

Elisa B. on Jul 8, 2010

I love the mustache idea for a photobooth. How adorable!

jessica on Jul 8, 2010

I've been coveting the mustaches and the conversation bubbles on Hello!Lucky for my wedding. Would LOVE to win these! I'll take any help in the budget department I can get! (Fingers crossed!)

Megan on Jul 8, 2010

Oh me me me!!

Gillian on Jul 8, 2010

Hello, mustache you a question!

Jeanette on Jul 8, 2010

I'm the maid of honor of my bestest friend. She would LOVE some Hello Lucky goodies!! *Fingers crossed*

Becca on Jul 8, 2010

Wooow! What an awesome giveaway! I would love to use the credit towards my wedding dinner menus!

jodi on Jul 8, 2010

I am so looking forward to having these mustaches at our wedding, either buying them or winning them. Prolly TMI- but the joke between me and my groom is that I had to pay to get laser hair removal for my mushache and he can't grow a full one! HA! :)

Yvonne Shelton on Jul 8, 2010

I check your website everyday! I find myself smiling, sighing and just falling in love with marriage all over again! I would truly love to win...that would be the "icing" on my cake! Thanks for the consideration!

Jessica on Jul 8, 2010

Since we plan to have a photobooth at our "Vintage Fair" wedding, these would be perfect! Also would LOVE to be awarded a discount on stationary as we are trying to plan on a small budget. Thank you from Alaska!! :)

Meg on Jul 8, 2010

Please pick me!!

Teddy on Jul 8, 2010

I will be forever thankful if I win the $100 credit!

Lindsay Palmore on Jul 8, 2010

Oh! please, please :) I still need to order invites & any little bit helps :) i do love the mustaches though & I plan on having a photobooth!

Carol Casey on Jul 8, 2010

Just seeing those cute mustaches and the word bubbles made me smile. Smiles, Carol

Carol Casey on Jul 8, 2010

Just seeing those cute mustaches and the word bubbles made me smile. Smiles, Carol

Lily on Jul 8, 2010

I would love to win this! I love the idea of having fake mustaches to liven up a wedding!

Jennifer P. on Jul 8, 2010

I love how colorful and happy the stationary (and mustaches!) are!

SMR on Jul 8, 2010

I've wanted to be a Hello Lucky bride since before I was engaged! Now I have to decide between paper and mustaches!! Too hard!

Christy V on Jul 8, 2010

I would so love to win the fun photo booth props! We are having a DIY photo booth so winning the props would be an amazing blessing. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway! :)

susan hwang on Jul 8, 2010

what a fun giveaway! thanks so much :)

Theresa S on Jul 8, 2010

The mustaches would be terrific props for my interactive photo backdrop.

Jennifer P on Jul 8, 2010

Love the props! Pick me, pick me!

Anne on Jul 9, 2010

We're hoping to do a fun and funky photobooth style guestbook with a polaroid and the word bubbles would be a wonderful addition to this! And the stationary would be a lovely bonus!

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