26 May

Thank You giveaway with Wiley Valentine

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Wiley Valentine has just added a new digital line of stationery printed on recycled papers and cotton envelopes. And in celebration, they’d like to offer 50 personalized ‘Thank You’ cards (with envelopes and mailing labels) to one of our lucky readers!

Just leave a comment and we’ll randomly pick a winner on Friday. Good luck!

Update: Congratulations Beth for being the winner of our Thank You card giveaway with Wiley Valentine. We’ll be in touch shortly with more information.

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  1. That stationery is beautiful! Fingers crossed!

  2. This would make writing thank you noted a lot more fun.

  3. Awesome cards! I’d love them for my small Mexico wedding thank you cards!

  4. recycled paper – neat!

  5. These look wonderful! I would love to have some!

  6. Our wedding colors are orange and blue so I love that one in the bottom left corner!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  7. Those thank you cards are so cute!

  8. *fingers crossed* i follow wiley valentine and love their work!

  9. Thank you for the “Thank You’s!” They are gorgeous!

  10. adorable! thanks for the giveaway :)

  11. Oh- I’d LOVE some thank you notes…I’m going to run out before the wedding!

  12. As a bicycle-lovers, my fiance and I are having a bicycle-themed wedding, and I absolutely love the Wiley Valentine bicycle thank you cards! And the recycled paper definitely goes with our eco-focus, as well! They would fit our wedding and our personalities beautifully! Thanks for considering!

  13. those are amazing, i LOVE the bottom two!!

  14. I love Wiley Valentine’s products. What a great giveaway!

  15. so lovely

  16. Wiley Valentine is one of my favorite stationers – I’d be so thrilled to win, as this is an indilgence that would be otherwise beyond my budget! Thanks for the chance :o)

  17. The Ryanne invites are darling!

  18. Beautiful! I love stationary!

  19. I was JUST explaining to someone that Thank You notes are one of my favorite things. And these are just adorable : ) I’d love to add them to my wide and varied collection! *fingers crossed*

  20. how cool! They are so pretty!

  21. Me please! I could REALLY use these!

  22. i’m in the market for thank you cards. pick me!

  23. Thank you notes are always a necessity!! Thanks!

  24. I love thank you notes and I REALLY need these!!

  25. Love, love, love the color combinations!

  26. love love love!!

  27. I have a thing for cute thank you cards and these certainly do the trick! Beautiful cards somehow help ease the pressure of having 150+ thank you cards to write in my near future! :)

  28. These would be sooo awesome to get! WV makes some simple and beautiful stuff! :)

  29. Yeah for stationery printed on recycled papers with cotton envelopes! Love the designs!!! What an awesome giveaway!

  30. The patters on these cards are so vibrant and pretty!

  31. I absolutely LOVE Wiley Valentine’s products. I buy their products all the time for invitations, thank you notes, and just anytime I need to give a gift or write a little note to tell someone I’m thikning about them. Love this new aesthetic as well!

  32. What great notes! I’d love to send them out!

  33. These are lovely!

  34. OOOOOO I LOVE these! I would absolutely use them!

  35. Love looking at the blog! there are always so many great ideas!
    Have a blessed day!

  36. Beautiful Thank You card designs:) Absolutely love them!

  37. I love Wiley Valentine’s work! They have such gorgeous items in their shop. I’m crossing my fingers!

  38. I’d love to win a set of Thank You cards from Wiley Valentine. I looked through their collection and the designs are pretty cool. I especially like the botanically inspired designs as our wedding is being held in our backyard.

  39. Gorgeous cards! These would be perfect for personal and professional uses.

  40. You had me at digital line and recycled paper. Yes please!

  41. I would like to write my thank yous on these beautiful cards

  42. These are so charming! I’m in dire need of thank you notes, and personalized ones are always so much more special!

    Gorgeous, as usual. Thanks for sharing! I’m a huge fan of the site.

  43. Thank YOU for the thank yous!

  44. pick me pick me!!! =)

  45. Oh how beautiful- I love Wiley Valentine. Pick me, pick me!

  46. huge fan of wiley valentine! adore their stationery!

  47. I’m dedicated to using recycled paper for all my wedding paper needs, so this would be awesome! And cotton envelopes are new to me. Thanks!

  48. Love the bicycle print!

  49. These are wonderful! I love Wiley Valentine–such intricate, gorgeous designs!

  50. Oooh, pretty! Perfect for birthday thank you’s and such.

  51. Beautiful cards! Thank you for offering up the chance to win them!!!

  52. Ohh, these look delightful!!

  53. The gifts are starting to come in and I’m totally unprepared! This would really help me out!

  54. Oh!! These are lovely. Thank you notes are literally the only wedding-related stationery need that I haven’t addressed yet. Fingers crossed!

  55. The bicycle set is very cute!

  56. I was just married on May 8th and am ready to begin writing my Thank You notes – these personalized cards would be the perfect way to get started!!

  57. Gorgeous, I would love to be a winner!

  58. I’m just starting to receive my first presents – it’s so much fun, but I’m already behind on writing my thank you notes … this would be a great kickstart!

  59. Soooo Dreamy! Would totally save me in the “thank you” department come July!

    Pretty Please!

  60. These are so cute! I would loveeeeeeeeeeee a set of Thank you cards!!!

  61. wiley valentine is awesome!! :)

  62. Wow! I love the vivid color combinations.

  63. I LOVE the orange and navy color scheme. Wiley Valentine always creates the best stuff!

  64. I love Wiley Valentine! I hope I win!

  65. Me me me! Your designs are wonderfully original <3

  66. Fingers crossed……..TIGHT! These would come in handy, for sure 😉

  67. Such cute designs. Pick me, pick me!

  68. I love sending thank you notes, these are fabulous!

  69. Thank you cards are a personal touch that I hope never fades away!

  70. pick me! pick me!

  71. how cute – and so unique! thanks for offering the giveaway!

  72. lovely cards! hoping to get lucky…

  73. I totally want to win!!! Love all things recycled!

  74. Wow, those are beautiful! And might actually get me motivated to send out some thank yous (ie: appease my grandma). :-)

  75. I love these! They’re so fun! Great giveaway!! :)

  76. What beautiful stationary!

  77. I am all about some personalized stationary, esp. when it’s on recycled paper. awesome giveaway!

  78. Oh these are just adorable. I love that they are recycled, eee! I go through thank you cards like it’s my job…these would be sent to very good homes <3

  79. thank you :] gorgeous.

  80. me! me! pick me!

  81. pick me! :)

  82. I heart these – crossing fingers!

  83. IM IN LOVE (with these thank you notes)!
    They will make thank you note thursday so much fun!

  84. Each design is truly beautiful! thanks!!

  85. i have been wishing for something like this.

  86. I would love love love to win this. We are doing online invitations, so I wanted to get extra-special thank you notes for everyone – and these would be lovely. Thanks!

  87. These all look beautiful! I love that there is so much personality in every design.

  88. This stationary is beautiful! So bright and colorful. Puts you in a great mood for wonderful nuptials to come!

  89. Beautiful stationary… I love trying to use recycled things as much as possible. Hope I win!

  90. Beautiful! Fingers crossed!

  91. These would be lovely to have! :)

  92. love this stationary!

  93. I’m always on the lookout for pretty notes. These are beautiful!

  94. so beautiful!

  95. Oooh…beautiful! What a fabulous giveaway!

  96. So beautiful!!!!

  97. Cute, creative, eco friendly, I <3

  98. I really like giveaways like this. This is so enjoyable. :)

    Count me in, please. Thanks.

  99. so lovely! Finger crossed!

  100. These are beautiful!!!!

  101. I love stationary. I love to say thank you. If you choose me, I’ll send you a thank you card.

  102. These are so beautiful!

  103. LOVEly!!

  104. Love these designs too and love your blog!!! :)

  105. oh, i need this!! :) my wonderful friends are coming over on saturday to work ALL day in 90 degree weather to rebuild my deck and privacy fence after nashville flood damage! i would love to be able to thank them on such beautiful stationery!

  106. Oh so pretty!!

  107. So adorable…..fingers crossed.

  108. Thanks for the opportunity!

  109. Definitely will be needing thank you cards!

  110. I love the vintage feel that many of their designs have!

  111. Maybe if I win this, my fiance will fill out my share of thank you notes for me…

  112. I heart Wiley Valentine! PuhLEASE pick me!

  113. Awesome…I am way behind on my thank-you note writing and just ran out of notecards! These are beautiful. What pefect timing!

  114. All of those designs are spectacular!

  115. Ooh, Wiley Valentine paper goods are the best–please pick me! I am sure my family and friends would love to receive such lovely thank-you notes! :-)

  116. Oh we so need these! We’re about to get married and I still haven’t picked out Thank You cards!

  117. what a wonderful addition this could be to a wedding, and there is no better way to say thank you than with the most adorable and perfect thank-you card!

  118. What loverly designs!

  119. these are so beautiful! i’d love stationery as pretty as these are!

  120. It would lovely to say ‘THANK YOU’ with this fabulous stationery!

  121. Oh wow… I Just had my wedding shower this past weekend and could really use these beautiful thank you cards. Thanks for the great contest!

  122. These are wonderful! I hope I win!

  123. love these! These would make writing thank you notes a pleasure!

  124. Small prayer to myself – oh please, oh please, oh please – Thanks!!! :)

  125. Thanks for the opportunity!

  126. This is so exciting. It is rare that I can say that I like a stationary company’s entire line. But, in this case, that is true! My fingers are tightly crossed that I will win this one.

  127. My soon-to-be married name would look fabulous on that stationary. I can see it now – Jenny Jolly emblazoned on the top!

  128. I love those fum and fresh designs! Thanks so much for the change to win such great stationery!

  129. Wow, this is a great giveaway! I love the set with the bikes, so perfect for Summer!

  130. Oh man, I want to win this one! love their work!!

  131. If I win, I promise to send a thank-you note :)

  132. I’m getting married in 23 days and would love to have some “Thank You”s we can start working on while on our honeymoon!

  133. I just passed up some cute stationary today at a big box store, because I knew I could find something way cuter and from a sweeter retailer.

  134. so lovely! i love the ones with the bike on them!

  135. Oh my goodness…I love these paper goods. So colorful and happy. I love this wedding blog, after a long day of taking customer service calls coming to this blog is like a little slice of heaven.

  136. There’s nothing better than a handwritten thank you….these are great!

  137. Oh Happy Day! I love these.

  138. These would be perfect for our thank you cards for our wedding! Pick me. My fiance would love them.

  139. I love their work! Pick me…….please :)

  140. Lovely. Love the repeating patterns.

  141. I love the intertwined ring design. It would match perfectly with the Celtic knot theme I have for my invitations!

  142. I write TONS of thank you’s and would love for these beauties to be a part of my collection!

  143. I love the bicycle Thank Yous! It goes along with the theme of our wedding.

  144. Not to be selfish, but I’m really hoping that I’m the lucky reader! =) Thanks for the chance!

  145. So beautiful! How stunning would it be to receive one of these in the mail. Would love to bring that joy with a thank you note.

  146. I’ve been looking for a some thank you cards too and these look super cute :)

  147. Aww, I LOVE the bicycle print! Pick me!

  148. So many of us have our fingers crossed- good luck everyone!

    These are beautiful ty cards.

  149. Shoot, how awesome are those! I love ’em.

  150. These are irresistible! I hope, double hope I’m the winner!

  151. amazing!….and recycled!

  152. These are absolutely beautiful.

  153. These are beautiful!!!

  154. The cards are beautiful, we’d love to share something like this with our guests to thank them for joining us on our wedding day!

  155. So many great designs! What a great giveaway!

  156. yes, please!

  157. So beautiful!

  158. Love the stationary!

  159. Great stuff!

  160. your blog is a constant source of inspiration to me. so thank you, darling.
    i would love if you stopped by my little dreamworld: D E S I G N L O V E F E S T

  161. there are so many people i need to thank for continuing to help make my wedding. i would love to send any of these!

  162. these are oh-so cute!!!

  163. Oh I just drooled on my keyboard a little bit! So lovely…

  164. oh my goodness! what a fabulous give away!

  165. wow i’d love to win!

  166. So beautiful!

  167. Pick me please!!!

  168. I wouldn’t mind winning this 😀 😀 they are beautiful!

  169. These are beautiful!

  170. Beautiful Cards! Love them!

  171. so cute! i still need to get my thank yous so this would be perfect!

  172. So excited!!!! My fingers are crossed!

  173. mememe!

  174. Recycled rocks!

  175. Crossing my fingers!

  176. Hey- look over here! In the corner! I’m raising my hand and jumping about!! Me! Me, me, me!!

  177. I am in <3 with the orange and blue combo!

  178. I have always loved your stationery!!! Im hoping I get picked.

  179. I’d love to win these!

  180. Beautiful!

  181. Gorgeous cards!

  182. Oh! I just sent the last of my thank you cards this morning.. It’s like this giveaway was meant for me. :)

  183. pick me! oh pretty please! oh pretty paper!

  184. It makes the art of a handwritten note t hat much better. It is beautiful.

  185. Yay for Vintage that isn’t too frilly!

  186. I would love to win this!

  187. Those are so fantastic, perfectly thoughtful cards for perfectly thoughtful gifts!

  188. Love the cards. they are beautiful <3

  189. Love that this is eco-friendly! This is a great giveaway!

  190. so pretty!

  191. Love the stationary- would love to win!

  192. oooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo! I get married this weekend! I have loads of thank you’s to start on next week!!!

  193. this stationary is BEAUTIFUL and recycled! sweet.

  194. Wiley Valentine has some AMAZING creations! Ab fab!

  195. I so very much would like you to pick me!! THANK YOU

  196. Pick Me!!!

  197. Oh so lovely!!

  198. Love the new cards!

  199. beautiful, i love the colors especially

  200. beautiful designs! i love the colors!!

  201. gorgeous notecards! want some!

  202. This is awesome, thank YOU! :)

  203. I love the bicycles!

  204. Personalized stationery and recycled paper…too perfect!

  205. wow!! these are simply lovely :)

  206. I’m a huge fan of snail mail! Pick me! :)

  207. saying Thank you is my favorite; made even better with bright cheery stationary. the smiles will ensue :)

  208. oh my goodness…gorgeous notecards AND labels!? i would LOVE to win!!!

  209. lovely~ I hope luck is on my side ;p

  210. Awesome! Fingers crossed.

  211. Yay!!! These are beautiful…I would love a set!!!

  212. One can never have too many “thank you” cards :)

  213. What a treat these would be!

  214. How I adore Wiley Valentine. I’d love to win these Thank You notes!

  215. adorable – would make me feel all the more appreciative as I write our thank yous!

  216. Beautiful!

  217. love it!

  218. pick me! great giveaway :)

  219. Love that they are printed on recycled paper! my finger’s are crossed XX

  220. Ah! We are getting married on Saturday and I’ve put off designing our thank you cards. Winning this would be amazing!!!

  221. I’m a lush when it comes to stationary, I can’t get enough!!!

  222. Oh please! :)

  223. Those are adorable!

  224. i have lots of thanks to give-and these would be PERFECT!

  225. How gorgeous! I am always on the lookout for thank you cards, and these fit the bill

  226. I love their designs! And the little calendars make great gifts–or STDS!

  227. wonderful! So happy to see amazing designers creating consciously!

  228. After 10 years, my fiance and I are so excited to share our wedding day with family and friends. These thank yous would be the perfect way to show how much everyone’s support and presence means to us!

  229. So gorgeous!

  230. These are so pretty!

  231. orange and blue (my school colors) AND my name is lauren… definitely meant to be 😉

  232. I love it! Thank you for the giveaway. :)

  233. How cute! Would love to win :)

  234. Ooooh! These are glorious! Whoever wins these, I am happy for you to have such cute Thank you cards!

  235. really cute thank you cards! =)

  236. Thank you for thank yous!!

  237. SO cute! Love them! :)

  238. These are perfect…and they are recycled paper too! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  239. Beautiful and playful cards!

  240. Thank you cards always come in handy – and I’m sure I could find a lot more reasons to use such gorgeous ones!

  241. Oh how pretty!

  242. These adorable Thank You cards will definitely give the utmost sentimental value to the Bride and Groom and to the guest too!

  243. Through beautiful, bold and eclectic designs, your commitment to doing what you clearly LOVE to do while minimising your footprints on the environment is inspirational. Slowly but surely you are making a difference to the world, challenging and changing the way of thinking.

    THANK YOU xo

  244. Thank you cards + envelopes + labels!!! What a dream! Especially sweet! I would use these for everyday thank you’s because everyone who deserves a handwritten thank you should receive one written on such gorgeous cards as these made by Wiley Valentine!

  245. These are lovely!

  246. Me! Me! Pick me!!!!
    I LOVE those cards and I’m sure they’ll motivate my hubby-to-be to write a personal note on them! WOOHOO!

  247. How lovely! And what a fun idea to have personalized thank-you notes.

  248. I’m getting my thank you cards together and these would be lovely!

  249. I love these.. absolutely gorgeous xxx

  250. ooh so pretty..pick me pick me

  251. Yay I love Wiley Valentine’s stationery and her blog!

  252. Those thank yous look great! I just cleaned out my thank yous so I’m in need of some new ones. I’ll have to look into these even if I don’t win the giveaway!

    xo Kirby

  253. What cute designs! They would be great for our fall wedding in Ireland – when you live abroad, stationary becomes v. v. important!

  254. i would so love to win these amazing thank you notes! they are just stunning and would make writing my notes so fun!

  255. Oh, this sounds amazing! Wiley Valentine is the best!

  256. so beautiful! i’d love to have a bit of their work– in the form of thank you notes!

  257. Love the stationary! So pretty! Would love to use it to send thank you cards after my wedding in October. :)

  258. So pretty and such an nice giveaway!

  259. Could always use more thank you cards in my stationery collection! These would be great for shower gifts in a couple months!

  260. Beautiful! Great giveaway!!!

  261. these make me want to send out some random Thank You’s (ie. Thank you for not starting your lawn mower until after 10am on Sunday morning, sincerely Amy)

  262. Just the right number for my small wedding!

  263. This stationary is GREAT

  264. BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love the cotton envelopes and recycled paper…….we’re making our own invitations but would LOVE to not have to make thank you cards as well! : )

  265. I would never take these stupid cards, even if someone gave them to me (reverse psychology?)

  266. Beautiful! Love the orange and navy!

  267. Splendid! I’d love to send these beauties out!

  268. As a proper Southern Miss, I can never have too many thank you cards :) I love these! They’re so cute!

  269. I LOVE Wiley Valentine. Pick me! Pick me!

  270. Love these thank you notes and I’d be lucky to get to share them with my friends and family!

  271. absolutely darling!

  272. oh, those colors are amazing! count me in!

  273. I’d be thanking people for no reason just to show off these little lovelies!

  274. I’d be thanking people for no reason just to show off these little lovelies!

  275. Love the bike theme! I keep seeing that pop up!

  276. Who doesn’t love a thank you card! Then add that its environmentally friendly…… score!

  277. BIG fan of wiley valentine – here’s hoping!

  278. ooh those are lovely!!

  279. These are gorgeous. I love writing Thank You notes.

  280. Beautiful! thanks for the chance to win.

  281. oh my! these personalized cards are so gorgeous! i’d love to win!

  282. Love these so much! A girl is always in need of some thank you cards, don’t you think?

  283. LOVE THIS! I have an obsession with stationery… you can never have enough! :)

  284. Love them and I’d love to win!

  285. I love beautiful stationery!

  286. Those are beautiful!

  287. Very cool!! thanks for sharing– i love note cards!

  288. Oh, they are sooo beautiful. These would be great TKU’s for our wedding gifts and so much more.

  289. WOW! What an amazing giveaway! The colors and designs of the note cards are simply stunning. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  290. Totally gorgeous!

  291. We’re using all recycled papers for our wedding and these thank you’s are beautiful! I hope we win.

  292. Gorgeous designs!

  293. awesome! love the sample shown with the yellow and blue!

  294. :::HOTNESS:::

  295. Love the bicycles!

  296. yay thank you cards! so cool looking!

  297. These would be AWESOME to have in my collection!

  298. now that’s stationery, baby!

  299. Have to love a company that names itself ‘Wiley Valentine’. You know they are going to be a lot of fun! And their work is amazing too!

  300. what awesome thankyou notes!

  301. Love WIley!!
    the designs are gorgeous!

  302. gratitude is always in style!

  303. We have many people to thank. These would be perfect. Thank you for the chance to win! xoxo.

  304. love love LOVE!!

  305. lovely, would love to win this! :)

  306. Le sigh! Those are uber awesome! I’d love it.

  307. Love these designs! The winning couple is one lucky couple!

  308. Holy Moly! I love those cards!!!

    Congrats to whomever the winner is, you are one lucky gal (or guy!)

  309. oooooooh my guests would definitely appreciate these fun thank you notes!

  310. oh i hope you’ll pick me… i love wiley valentine… =)

  311. Thank you notes?!? Please and thank you!

  312. These are so lovely that they would make writing thank you notes much more enjoyable!

  313. i could definitely use these great little prizes. lovely

  314. Beautiful! Love the colors.

  315. i LOOOOVE these! especially the little bicycle ones – adorable!

  316. I am just playing with fire by trying to win more beautiful stationary… I won the Paper Monkey Press giveaway on Simple Pretty last week, too!

  317. Love the graphics!!! Hope I win!

  318. Wow, maybe this will inspire me to finally finish my wedding ‘thank you’s’!

  319. adorable!!

  320. i love environmentally friendly pretty paper

  321. How adorable! I would be thrilled to win :)

  322. very fun designs. :) thanks for the giveaway. hope i win!

  323. I love, love, love the idea of these thank you notes! We are going for an organic/natural theme for our wedding so they would be perfect!

  324. Saving for a wedding is hard enough…we need all the help we can get!

  325. So so pretty!!

  326. So cute! I will need lots of these!

  327. I have long been a fan of Wiley Valentine. Their work is always flawless and stunning…I would be delighted to sport any of those thank you’s!

  328. thanks for the consideration

  329. Oooo i love these! Such beautiful stationery -and ideal as thank you cards for my super-small wedding in August xxx

  330. These are just lovely! What a wonderful giveaway, thank you!

  331. Dear Wiley Valentine,
    if you give me these cards, I promise to diligently send one to every person who gives me a wedding gift. Even if I don’t like it.

  332. Love the thank you cards! So cute…hoping I’m the lucky winner

  333. these are beautiful! If I could be so lucky!

  334. cute cards! I hope I get picked!!

  335. Beautiful stuff! And thank you, 100 Layer Cake for a wonderful blog!

  336. These are AMAZING!

  337. i LOVE writing thank you notes, and these would make it just that much more fun!

  338. I could definitely use some thank you cards!

  339. gorgeous! hook this broke bride up!

  340. What a great giveaway! I love their designs.

  341. I have always drooled over Wiley Valentine’s creations. Would love the these soo much!

  342. How fun!! i love these cards!!

  343. Gorgeous! I love these!!!

  344. Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  345. So pretty! Nothing would inspire me more to start tackling those pre-wedding gift thank you notes…

  346. How pretty! Nothing would inspire me to write thank you notes more than these lovely papers

  347. pick me!

  348. Thanks for the opportunity! Cute cards :)


  349. How lovely are these cards! Yes, please! My friends would love to get these in the mail…

  350. I love thank you cards. I still write thank yous for every gift I receive or for dinner parties, just like my mother taught me. People love mail and it’s such a lost art in the world of email and facebook. These thank you cards are beautiful!

  351. So cute!

  352. I would love to be your winner! Oh please, oh please.

  353. Gorgeous! Love these cards.

  354. What an amazing give away! They are beautiful

  355. These are BEAUTIFUL! Fingers crossed!

  356. Bikes are sooo super cute!

  357. eee! how wonderful! they look delightful and i would love to send these to my friends and family!!

  358. I wish, i wish….

  359. These are so cute! I’ve been trying to find thank you notes with “personality” and still in a good price range since I’m getting married on a small budget.

  360. I am in love with the pool blue and red/pink cards! They are super summery and would make writing notes so fun!

  361. LOVE THEM! Gorgeous colors!

  362. I would be totally stoked to be able to send extra special thank you’s to all the important people who are contributing to our special day! These are fabulous!

  363. Wowzer! I seriously like these! So great!

  364. Love this entire set and would love to have these in my paper collection!

  365. I adore Wiley Valentine. Their thank you note cards are incredibly adorable!

  366. Ooh, yes please! it’s lovely!

  367. SO adorable!! Love them

  368. LOVE LOVE LOVE these styles! I’ve been trying (to no avail) to find some great thank you cards for our Palm Springs wedding at the Viceroy…something classy, simple, “classic Palm Springs” with that vintage/deco appeal and yet a little quirky just like us. These are lovely & PERFECT! I would be delighted to win these since the represent exactly what we’re all about…

  369. These would be wonderful! The colors are gorgeous.

  370. lovely!

  371. Oh I hope, I hope, I hope! What beautiful designs!

  372. These are gorgeous!!!! I would love to send them to our guests :)

  373. Simply amazing!!! They are sooo cute!

  374. such pretty designs!!

  375. pretty!

  376. These are gorgeous! Please pick me!

  377. Please pick me! These thank yous feel right.

  378. What great designs!

  379. Simply put, these inspire one to express gratitude. Thank you guys for the work you do on this blog.

  380. I hope it’s not too late to play!

  381. how neat! such bright and fun colors!

  382. would love to win those thank you notes….Wiley Valentine is awesome!

  383. so cute!

  384. adorable! and recycled! :)

  385. Love the bike – and the retro look!

  386. Pick me pick me!

  387. Gorgeous paper! Love all of the designs!

  388. These are all absolutely gorgeous!! I’m in love with the red and aqua set but to have any of them would be fabulous!! Wiley Valentine always has amazing stationary! :)

  389. Such beautiful and colorful stationary!

  390. What a gorgeous, wonderful giveaway!

  391. These are amazing! Would love to win any of them!

  392. I may look forward to the thank-you’s a little more…

  393. Love, love, love these Thank You notes. My FH and I have been debating which route to go on this, and I think these would be just perfect!

  394. cute cards!

  395. Amen for recycled paper!

  396. What beautiful stationery and what a beautiful blog. I hope I win (:

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  398. Simply beautiful!

  399. Am I too late? These are gorgeous!

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  401. Rachelle and Emily have done it again! Nice work ladies. :)

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