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Guest Blogger: Lanie from Lovely Bridal Shop; honeymoon style + giveaway!

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Let me level with you. That adorable nightie that you bought for your wedding night will probably still have the tags on it when you board the plane to leave for your honeymoon.  Weddings are amazing and exhausting. The good news is, the fun is not over yet and you have ample time for amazing style over the honeymoon. Don’t let the honeymoon be an afterthought. You’ll take more photos that week than the paparazzi take of Lindsay Lohan on Robertson Boulevard. Take the time to feel like a celebrity and go for it in the fashion department. Plus, you know you worked hard for that rockin’ wedding bod so might as well squeeze every bit of attention out of it.

Here is your must-have packing list for three popular honeymoon locales.


I don’t even think you are allowed into Mexico without wearing something embroidered.  I love the traditional Mexican tunic, but think it’s even sassier as a minidress.  Show off the work in an embellished bikini, even if this is the one and only time you’ll wear embellishment in the water. For evening, no need to get too gussied, because they take it down a notch in Mexico. Wear a cute ruffly dress in white to carry on your bridal glow a little longer. Make sure your wedges are walkable because the best parts of Mexico aren’t paved. As a memento of your honeymoon, shop the local wares and pick up an artisan necklace. And when turning out the lights, get your new hubs heart racing a skimpy cha cha bandeau and shorts.


You don’t need to be the obnoxious floral-camp-shirt clad tourist in Hawaii to look like a beach babe. Go for soft sherbet sun-kissed colors like this fun ruffly bikini. A maxi dress is mandatory, especially because you’ll look like a goddess when the afternoon breeze blows off the water. Hawaii is all about chill, so you can tempt and tease in a girly short and borrowed boy shirt. Make sure you pack plenty of light easy dresses in photo worthy colors. And two essentials you’ll live in daily: embellished flip flops and a white short to pull over your bathing suits.


The French are not afraid to wear stripes on a daily basis and look totally chic and normal doing it. Take advantage of your chic side: wear lots of black. This sheer bodysuit has such a sexy retro vibe, but is totally forgiving to wear. Not all lingerie has to be barely there. Flaunt your curves in a Herve Leger look, and you can feel free to pack the skyrocket heels for France. If you are not striped out yet, get a kitschy swimsuit to play up the nautical motif, and white jeans and a tee are a great look for shopping. You would regret not having a scarf and oversized shades, so pack those as a carry on, put them on when you arrive, and immediately feel 100 times cooler when you exit the plane.

My final favorite item for France is this black jumpsuit from Huntress Collection. You would never know by looking that this is 100% knit french terry (see it’s French). So it’s packable, versatile, and most importantly comfortable for that long plane ride over. It’s also winnable, because we are GIVING AWAY one of these beauties to a lucky gal at random.

Just comment on this post and 100LC will pick a winner on Friday.

It’s been so much fun putting together style tips this week.  Thanks 100 LC for having me guest blog!  You gals are so Lovely!

xoxo,  Lanie

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  1. I love these looks!

  2. xo

  3. We’ll be going to South Africa for our honeymoon so I’m still looking for my wardrobe. I need cute outfits for wine tasting in the mountains, sexy things for dinner in the city, and cute casual for our safari!!
    I loveeee these outfits and could totally see myself in a little bit of everything!

  4. wow great selections! especially love the hawaii and france ones!

  5. I’ve enjoyed your guest posts this week – THANK YOU for the great giveaway!!

  6. great posts! i’m dreaming of my own honeymoon wardrobe now!

  7. That jumper is so crazy cute!!! Thanks for posting these gorgeous looks!

  8. I love the Mexico honeymoon clothing:). Perfect for Florida, too!

  9. Yes, please. I love a great jumpsuit for sexy summer nights out on the town. We haven’t decided on our honeymoon destination yet; these collections are super-inspiring. Thanks, Lanie. xo.

  10. Love, Love, Love this post. There is nothing more exciting than planning a dream wedding and a dream honeymoom! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. oh. my. goodness. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the spicy fiesta shoes?! crazy beautiful! :)

  12. my favorite is the Hawaii collection.. i’m loving the summery prints and ruffles!

    thanks so much for the giveaway :)

  13. Ooh ooh! Count me in! We got married just two months ago and aren’t able to go on a honeymoon! This would be fun just to have at home…… :)

  14. Beautiful! I am counting the days until my honeymoon this summer! Can’t wait!

  15. great pics, and awesome style! what a great idea for a giveaway!!!

  16. Wow! these outfits are amazing suggestions :) My honeymoon will be in hot July and I certainly need help getting all my outfits together. Great post!

  17. We are going to hawaii for our honeymoon. The maxi and floral dress are perfect for walking along the beach or a nice dinner.

  18. Creative photo collages today. Love the “torn out of a mag” look. Great style, as always!

  19. We are going to Tuscany for our honeymoon in October so I need to find some sophisticated but warm clothes to wear!

  20. I am pretty obsessed with all things nautical and would love this. Thanks for the great posts this week!

  21. Wow. I love all of the looks.
    I am trying to decide which one i like best – i think it might be a mix and match from them all – loving the wedges, the maxi dress and whole nautical thing……mix and match.

  22. Love the jumpsuit!

    I L.O.V.E. this post!!

    Ooooooh pick ME!!!
    We’re planning to spend our honeymoon in Asia, so I desperatly need something cute to wear!!!

  24. We’re going to Mexico and I l-o-v-e the Feisty Fiesta in Mexico look. I’m excited for the wedding, but I’m really excited for the relaxing honeymoon afterward!

  25. These are great!

  26. Oo la la is all i have to say!

  27. lovely. :) we’ll either be in hawaii or the carribean. great ideas!

  28. I love these outfits!! The colors and details in the Mexico outfits are absolutely beautiful! I would love to get to wear something like that on my honeymoon!!

  29. VERY cute outfits, I love looking at these posts to find great clothing and accessory web site I had no idea even exisited! Big fan :)

  30. so i really love this post…that red tunic is gorgeous and the striped dress is beyond amazing.

  31. Gotta love one pieces! Oh and French terry would be so comfy!

  32. You’re so good at this! I always leave this site with oodles of inspiration! Thank you! :-)

  33. beautiful post- all three looks are as dreamy as the destinations! thanks for the generous giveaway and inspiration to save for a honeymoon!

  34. love, love, love these looks! It makes me want to take a vacay!

  35. In the process of dropping some weight so I can look HOT HOT HOT on my honeymoon (and healthy, of course, I shouldn’t do it for JUST the cute clothes) and I think I’d find a way to wear all of the above =)

  36. WOW! What a great giveaway! I LOVE this post. These styles are great. They’re perfect not only for your honeymoon, but for any vacation.

  37. We’re going to Mexico for our honeymoon and it’s my first time being out of the country!! I only have 37 days left and would LOVE something fantastic like this to wear!

  38. these are all great pieces – unfortunately we broke the bank paying for the honeymoon so i’ll need a great giveaway to ensure i look hot at the beach! i am not working out every day for nothing!!

  39. What a great post! So many great ideas for honeymoon shopping & packing!

  40. Oooooh, so pretty for my honeymoon in Jamaica!!! I’d love love love to win this! Especially the 1st one (Mexico). I really love that black bathing suit!! Jamaica here I come!

  41. LOVE these outfits! So cute!

  42. I want all of these looks! Adorable.

  43. I love stripes, especially in navy and white!

  44. Oh how generous! I would love this. Mexico here I come, I mean we!

  45. I would love to win this, I’ve been looking for a classy jumpsuit!

  46. This jumpsuit is fantastic! I just had my fourth knee surgery and now that I have more scars than I care for, a jumpsuit like this will make me feel sassy and sexy again…like my old mini dresses used to. The jumpsuit is especially perfect for our honeymoon in the off-season in DR. I’d like to ooze sex appeal!

  47. I love the subtle pink touches to the Hawaii collection. And thanks for the link to the site with the floral dress. I’m loving the other dresses they carry too =)

  48. This was a great post! I just spent the last hour looking at the clothes collections of some of these designers, and I love them! I’m getting married in 23 days, and I still have lots of honeymoon shopping to do. This gives me lots of great ideas!

  49. These styles look really fun. I just wish they had a cold weather one. I’m honeymooning in Lake Tahoe.

  50. Also, I’m honeymooning in Scotland and England, so that jumpsuit would be perfect! Love it!

  51. beautiful!

  52. I love the all the looks, especially the South of France.

  53. I would love one of these looks! I’ve won a propane grill once… I still haven’t used it, but I know I would wear these nightgowns!

  54. Oh I want this so bad!! I am going to Hawaii in July for my honeymoon and that would be a great addition!

  55. OMG they are all so cute! We still haven’t decided where we are going so one could influence where we decide!

  56. What fun collections! Love them all!

  57. We’re headed to Kauai for our honeymoon and I would love to don a Maxi dress! That floral dress is a looker! So ready for the summer!

  58. It’s not quite the South of France, but this outfit would be perfect for our San Francisco honeymoon at the end of May!

  59. SO cute and SO versatile!

  60. That black jumpsuit looks like the best plane ride outfit ever!

    Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  61. So so cute!! I love all of it! And that jumpsuit is awesome :)

  62. Oui!!!Oui!!!

  63. Going to Mexico on our honeymoon in August and am in desperate need of a new wardrobe for the trip! I have lost weight since last summer and have NO summer clothes that fit! Help! =)

  64. love all of these! and the blog in general. i am an avid reader!

  65. mmm, yes please!

  66. that jumpsuit is adorable! i’ve always been curious about jumpsuits but haven’t made the plunge yet, and that suit is definitely a temptation! i’d love to have it for our long plane ride. we’ll be traveling from the west coast to france or italy in october (we’re postponing our honeymoon slightly so we can rebuild our finances after paying for the wedding ourselves) and it looks perfect for a very long plane ride with my honey! thanks!

  67. Good tips! I just got engaged on Friday, getting married in September and need all the help I can get. ( the jumpsuit wouldnt hurt the process!)

  68. i love the clothes for Mexico! Especially the adorable red embroidered frock!

  69. I love the cute bandeau top +shorts set for the Mexico honeymoon! Super flirty anc cute!

  70. Love these! Especially Mexico! That swimsuit is my favorite, and the shoes are adorable as well. Getting married in June, and are hoping to be able to go on a honeymoon somewhere exotic. Can’t wait.

    ps, pick me :)

  71. Would love to take this on our honeymoon!

  72. oooh, nice job on the three looks. i love the embroidered mini for Mexico, the ruffly bikini for Hawaii, and the whole French vibe is *la super cool.* If you did more of these style sheets i would not be sad… :)

  73. This post makes me so excited for an epically glamorous voyage!

  74. I adore these looks….my favorite is the Hawaii collection as well! I can’t wait :)

  75. aaaahhhmmmaaazzing. le chic.

  76. these are gorgeous! the french look is so me :)

  77. I love the mexican tunic and the printed Hawaiin style dresses. We’re not sure where we’re going on our honeymoon yet, but I would love to go back to the South of France (heaven!)

  78. Oh how lovely all of these looks are! It would be an honor to adorn any of these pretty pieces on my honeymoon! :)

  79. I’m headed to Buenos Aires after the wedding to meet my husband’s family that could not attend the wedding here in the States! I’m looking forward to attending one asado after another and eating a ton of alfajores cookies! I’d love to get some cookie crumbs on these outfits!

  80. Love these looks! Now all I can think about is the honeymoon!

  81. I love jumpsuits. My family has a long history of rocking them, starting with my super sexy amazing Grandmother. So I hope I win.

  82. What a terrific idea for a blog post! I’ve just started hunting around for honeymoon clothes- thank you for the added inspiration.

  83. I love the Hawaii collection…it looks comfy and sweet!

  84. I always thought that the French wearing stripes was a myth, then I went there, and I have to say that it is true, they are stripes stripes stripes!

  85. I love Hawaii – such a beautiful maxi dress!

  86. Wow! I love all of these looks. I think the Hawaii collection is my fave, that peach swimsuit is to die for!

  87. I love all the outfits! It makes me want to go on my honeymoon tomorrow!

  88. Love the looks, especially France! I will be honeymooning in Paris, so it is fitting for me :)

  89. Love the selections, great choices!

  90. Hi there! We are honeymooning in Cap d’Antibes and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this wardrobe! My future husband would particularly enjoy the sheer bodysuit, and the jumpsuit. Please think of me when choosing a winner! Thank you ladies! xo, Monique

  91. My fiance and I are going to the French Riviera for our honeymoon and I am gong GAGA over that jumpsuit!!!!! Love all the looks but I truly love the French the best as I’m a stripe wearer, love this blog:)

  92. So pretty! I love these looks!!

  93. Love these boards – they are getting me very excited for my Costa Rica honeymoon this year! This jumper would be perfect for strolling the beach :)

  94. Love many of the items in these collections. I am moving to Hawaii soon, and the Hawaiian look has inspired my shopping!

  95. Wow… these are so lovely! The Hawaii collection goes right along with my personality, but I like the sophisticated sexiness of the “South of France” collection. :) Any of them would be the perfect surprise for my FH on our honeymoon. :)

  96. Oh my what a generous giveaway! Thank you so much and good luck to all the girls! I’m digging everything!

  97. my fiancé says he would entirely appreciate this particular jumpsuit.

    à bientôt

  98. Love, love, love!

  99. I love the jumpsuit and the honeymoon inspiration!

  100. Looooove the jumpsuit! Thanks for your taste and insights both here and on lovelybride.com. Good luck to you and your new shop!

  101. I wish the Mexico suggestions weren’t all sold out online … I would love to have the red minidress and white ruffly dress for my honemoon there in July!

  102. SOOO cute! I actually loved a lot of the Mexican looks, but the French looks are right up there. I <3 your blog!

  103. The dresses are amazing! I’m so glad the weather is starting to warm up!

  104. Great post and amazing giveaway! I especially love the French collection!

  105. What fabulous looks!! I found myself clicking on almost every link because the selections were so great!! It’s like having my own online personal shopper! =)

  106. Thanks for the honeymoon inspiration!

  107. Yowza! I LOVE the Chilaxin in Hawaii one, and that embroidered tunic is the hottest thing ever!

  108. so cute! makes me even more excited for my honeymoon!

  109. We are going to Maui for our honeymoon. But I am loving the stripes!

  110. These are great – can you do one for a honeymoon in a tent in Glacier Nat’l Park? Ha, that’s where we’ll be!

  111. Gorgeous! We just decided today that we are going to go on our honeymoon immediately after the wedding. So exciting.

  112. Woohoo! We are going to Mexico for our honeymoon :)

  113. We are going to Indonesia for our honeymoon. I think a combination of the Hawaii and Mexico styles would work well for my wardrobe. Thanks for all the inspiration and style!

  114. What a great combination of looks! Very cohesive!

  115. love everything about the hawaii ensemble. now if only i was going there in the near future;)

  116. We’re going to Marbella Spain for our honeymoon the romper would be perfect!

  117. Love these looks!

  118. I can’t wait to start packing for my honeymoon!!

  119. I think I like planning the honeymoon more than the wedding. This post makes me go on our Hawaii honeymoon right now.

  120. sooo cutee! Love these!!

  121. I love all the cute outfit inspiration – it’s definitely helping me think about what I should wear on the honeymoon in Belize. And kudos for pointing out not everything is paved – I’m definitely rethinking what shoes I should wear :-)

  122. Love all these looks! The south of france is to die for!

  123. Wow! These styles look great! I’m so looking forward to finally getting away on a real vacation with my best friend!

  124. I wish I knew where I was going for my honeymoon!

  125. My fiance and I are from the Northeast, met while both living in the Mid-Atlantic, did a two-week round about cross country trip to CA where we now live, and have decided to continue our USA tour and head to HI for our honeymoon!

    I love all the looks! and completely agree with the work on the work-outs and pictures!

  126. Francis & I are having a destination wedding to Baja California in Mexico. I am on the hunt for tres chic outfits to wear while there for the beach celebrations!

    As far as the honeymoon is concerned, we’re off to hunt for rainbows, pots of gold & leprechauns…I hear the beaches are a bit chilly but all the more reason for more beach shopping, right? I’ll need layers after the sunny beaches of Mexico.

  127. I’m going to Hawaii for my honeymoon and I love, love, love the bathing suit and dresses. Cool giveaway and great site :)

  128. Adam and I are getting married October 9, 2010, and he is keeping the destination of our honeymoon a SECRET until our reception!! All I know is it’s somewhere tropical, and somewhere far away! He’s really creative and adventurous so I’m guessing it will be a really unique trip! I love surprises! I’m guessing I will need a blend between your mexico and hawaii looks. Ask any of my friends, I LOVE embroidered tops!

  129. Now THAT is a chic jumpsuit. Love these looks.

  130. Makes me so ready for summer. Soooo cute.

  131. lovely! getting married in november and trying to sort out the honeymoon now. I love this inspiration…

  132. i would LOVE to get something like this, esp. the hawaii one. getting married in june and need some fun clothes for the honeymoon.

  133. I am getting married this June and me and my “future” husband will be heading to Hawaii! I am so excited and would love if I could look totally cute for him:)

  134. Very cute stuff – honeymoon chic :)

  135. Ooooo Totally Hawaii because of that pink dress! I don’t even think we’re having a honeymoon, atleast not a big one, just a weekend trip to the beach or something since we’re paying for most of the wedding and would be totally broke for anything else lol

  136. Love it all! I will be getting married in Italian in May! My wedding budget is blown. So much focus went to the wedding day… any of these looks would make the rest of the week more chic, stylish and fab!

  137. I love honeymoon outfits! Who said the wedding had to stop the day after :).

  138. All three looks are gorgeous! You have great taste :) and I love the jumpsuit, it’d be perfect for the honeymoon in Paris I’m planning!

  139. We’re going on a pre-wedding honeymoon to get rid of wedding stress and attend a friend’s wedding (in Hawaii, how perfect – right?), and all these outfits would be perfect!

  140. french terry would look great in Jamaica too!

  141. love, love, LOVE!

  142. This jumpsuit is fab-o! LOVE it…and your fantastic blog!

  143. Oh my, that bathing suit from “chillaxin in Hawaii”…LOVE IT!! I must have it!!

  144. Oh how I love fashion!

  145. Love the Mexico look! I’m going to Costa Rica, but the Mexico look would definitely work there. I especially love the bikini!

  146. Wow! What a lovely giveaway!

  147. Senora in the South of France!

  148. Hot mama! Love the french fashions!

  149. I love all the looks!!! Super cute. Maybe I need to go on three honeymoons?? :)

  150. We’re moving across the country a month after our wedding, so decided instead of the glitz and glam of Europe or the relaxing beaches of Hawaii, we’d do a road trip to say farewell to our home state of Oregon. But who says you can’t look great while hiking? I love all these outfits!

  151. oh my gosh one of those would be so cute to have!! great post!

  152. Super Fun!

  153. Oh my! My beloved and I are headed to Costa Rica after our wedding! I keep tossing and turning about how to prepare for the honeymoon! Any of these packages would certainly send one prepped and ready for the occasion!

  154. i love the hawaii and mexico ensembles! the ruffle bikini is to die for!

  155. We are going to Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon and the fiesty fiesta collection would be perfect!!! Love.Love.Love it.

  156. Love that Huntress jumpsuit. So cool and chic, and I bet its super comfy. Perfect for our Paris and Barcelona honeymoon.

  157. We’re going to Mexico on our honeymoon, so naturally the Mexican inspiration board is my fav! Cool contest.

  158. Love all the sexy lingerie. we will be headed to chillax in the southwest – spa, minerals springs, hiking, and natural beauty.

  159. Thanks for writing this! I have not put an ounce of thought into the honeymoon, but when I read this I had a “Duh!” moment, because I totally will insist on taking hundreds of photos! As soon as I saw this, I scheduled a shopping weekend for just me and my honey to hit the outlet malls for honeymoon gear. Love the suggestions! (fyi: we’re going to Disneyworld!)

  160. I just found your blog…and am in LOVE with it! Looking forward to getting lots of inspiration here!

  161. chillax!

  162. Wow, everything on this page is just amazing…

  163. Beautiful picks…

  164. So CUTE! I love the collection for Mexico. This post has got me very excited for honeymoon shopping!

  165. going to hawaii after our july wedding! loved this style inspiration!! thank you!!!

  166. i LOVE these! this is the major gap i’m facing in wedding/honeymoon planning! what great inspiration!

  167. it’d be amazing to win this! this piece is just as versatile as a little black dress, and way more unexpected! gotta love it…

  168. Delicious, romantic and fun combos! This student would herself some of these pieces to impress her soon-to-be hubby!!

  169. Absolutely Lovely.

  170. I LOVE the ruffle swimsuit! Great looks!

  171. oh. i hope im not too late..
    loving these looks!! espically france!

  172. I love the fiesty Mexico look!

  173. You featured some awesome items! Although my honeymoon will take me to the Caribbean and not the south of France, I’d love to win that jumpsuit =)

  174. What a wonderful blog you have. I leave a footprint from Sweden & Agneta. Nice to meet you!

  175. Love the different flavor of the outfits, especially the minidress:)

  176. We’re going to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Love the “Chilaxin’ in Hawaii” inspiration above! So nice!

  177. these are pretty incredible

  178. Love the different styles. Check out http://www.stylemadesimple.net for more fashion tips!

    Good luck with the contest!

  179. Thanks for the lovely series, Lanie! I’ve really enjoyed it.

  180. super cute! loved ths posts this week!

  181. I love all of it! But I especially adore the flirty white dress, I will be looking for something like that for my honeymoon! Great post!! xoxo

  182. Not getting married till December – but we’ll def be going somewhere warm! LOVE the Hawaii collection

  183. LOVE all the collections shown! It makes me want to get out of the Seattle rain and head to somewhere WARM! We’re getting married in August and I think we’re heading to Greece for the honeymoon. I would LOVE some new attire to accompany me ;). What a great giveaway!

  184. I am absolutely loving your hawaii picks! We’re headed there for our honeymoon and this is the complete feel I’m going for as I pick outfits. Great post! The honeymoon often seems overlooked with all the wedding planning, but I personally can’t wait to get on that beach … in style, of course! :)

  185. They’re all so pretty (for me) and sexy (for him, obvs). Thanks for the themed looks! I honestly haven’t thought AT ALL about the Honeymoon! Yikes.

  186. I love the south of France picks! Costa Rica is our honeymoon spot, but stripes look good everywhere, right?

  187. I love, Love, LOVE the striped black teddy in the French collection…. soooooo sexy!!!

  188. Love all the looks! I am so going to theme my honeymoon, what a great idea.

  189. All so beautiful! Love the Hawaii collection and the French!

  190. Love it!

  191. I love all of this!! Can’t wait for the honeymoon!!

  192. Love the Chillaxin Dress.

  193. Feisty Fiesta for sure! I studied Latin American history as an undergrad and cannot get enough south of the border culture!!

  194. I love how connected the looks are to the locale, I hope I can capture that with my honeymoon attire!

  195. LOVE all of these, especially the south of France look!!


  196. I’d love to go back to Mexico… in that adorable red dress!

  197. Like the south of France one the best!

  198. We’re going to France on our honeymoon! This giveaway is a dream come true.

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  200. what a great giveaway! yes, please!