30 Mar

Guest Blogger: Lanie from Lovely, les fleurs

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So now that the bride has been covered, we thought we’d discuss blooms for the groom…and guests. We love the idea of not only outfitting your groom and groomsmen in flower accessories, but carrying it through to your wedding ‘vips’. It is a thoughtful touch to give your immediate family a bit of handmade love, but it also helps alert the photographer to who the key family members are. Let your photographer know that anyone wearing your special flower should be in a good share of the candid reception shots.

There have been so many cool updates to boutonnieres and corsages, that it is hard to chose just one! But remembering the style rule of ‘create a story’ you should make sure the effect contributes to the over all stylistic theme that you are going for. Here are some of our favorite looks by style.


These sugary sweets from Sarah Culleton are a delicate little treat. You guests will be endeared by the vintage findings and the cute fabric mixes. I love the idea of guests using these as bookmarks after the wedding! Usage: Romantic Brides and Vintage Brides.


The look of dried flowers and frost bitten leaves would be great for a fall or winter wedding.  These Twigs and Honey accessories have a pale beauty to them for a snow wonderland theme. Usage: Eco Brides and Hippie Brides.


For the classic prepster, Emerson Made pins are a-class. There little little guys are so fun in bunches! Usage: Preppy Brides and Classic Brides.


For the no frills couple, these Nimbler Grove flowers are beautiful and architectural. With such a simple design, you can really punch up the color quotient. Usage: Modern Brides and Rock & Roll Brides.

If none of these looks fit your theme, or if you are just feeling a little d.i.y itch coming on, you should attempt your own flower pins. Tomorrow, I’m going to show you a simple and quick techniques for pumping out a high volume of romantic fleurs. See you tomorrow!

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  1. love all of these handmade florals. i have a red flower from emersonmade and i wear it all the time. wedding or no wedding:)

  2. these are a great spin on a classic white flower!

  3. There seems to be a problem with your feeds. In google reader, the images no longer show up for your posts… it’s just dreaded the box with the red x. I have to go to the website to view the photos. Is this a permanent thing, or just a feed problem? Thanks!!

  4. Thanks for the heads up Robyn…We’ll look into this right away.

  5. the top flower clips, so adorable!

  6. the neutral palette and organic look on twigs and honey accessories are great. i love that you can have a well-crafted, keepsake boutonniere that looks as lovely as the fresh kind! these resources are fantastic.

    i, too, am having the problem with photos in reader. i thought it was just me!

  7. What a cute little idea! I wanna tag our important guests….now to choose what they will be tagged with…

  8. Hi ladies, I’m looking for blush pink and black high heels for me and my bridesmaids. We want something really romantic and fun. Obviously I am wearing white but my bridemaids are wearing black dresses. Should I wear the pink shoes or should the bridesmaids? I’m going back and forth. And back and forth. And again. Any help or suggestions would be great! I just don’t know where to look for blush pink wedding shoes!

  9. these are adorable!

  10. Oh my god that is so freaking cute!

  11. Does anyone know where the little flowers in the top right picture of the Harvard Yard collection are from? I don’t see them on the Emerson Made site.

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