26 Mar

Guest Blogger: Unruly Things, invites

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Being a designer, one of the most important elements to me about our wedding is the stationery and paper goods. One of the benefits of owning my own little letterpress shop, Postal Press, is that we’ll be able to print our invitations! I’ve been teaching DLB to print as well and he’s excited to be able to help.


{Image c/o Neither Snow}

Since our inspiration for our wedding is based loosely on natural medical and science related things, we knew we wanted our invitations to carry on this theme. We began our inspiration by browsing antique botanical books, old pharmacy labels and vintage calligraphy samples.  we came across a wonderful book from the late 1800’s filled with ferns that beautifully matched our theme.


{Images c/o Vintage Portland Map, Snippet & Ink, Ferns of Great Britain & Ireland, Ampersand, love potion bottle, vintage pharmacy labels, vintage specimen}

Aside from our design being nature inspired, we’ve  also been collecting vintage postage stamps for a few months now. We’ve found some amazing butterflies, trees, acorns and even lab glass stamps that we’re planning to don our envelopes with.


{Images c/o Paper is Lovely, dsbrennan, Vintage Postcard, Kraft tag, Butterfly Specimen}

I’m not sure about you, but I’m slightly obsessed with fonts. I’ve got hundreds on my computer and even more bookmarked away for future purchases. Combined with custom calligraphy and archive fonts, we’re planning on our invites have a truly old world/vintage feel with true aspects of our personalities shining through.


{Images c/o vintage post cardMr. Boddington, Emilie Friday, Tara Jones, Neither Snow}

So that’s it! I want to thank the ladies of 100 Layer Cake for having me here and letting me talk about wedding stuff for a whole week! Be sure to check in with Unruly Things to see the outcome of our July.

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  1. Would you consider sharing the names of some of your favorite vintage-feeling fonts?

  2. of course Diana! there are so many good ones in the Archive Font section over at My Fonts, but my faves are Archive Garfield and Archive French Shaded.

    here’s a few more that I’m loving right now:
    Penman Script
    Scotch Modern

  3. these fonts are stunning!

  4. wow i love all these images! i agree yummy fonts! sooo beautiful! i adore this blog!!!!!!


  5. beautiful fonts.

  6. Thank you! I’m definitely saving this page to use when I print my invites! I enjoyed your series immensely.

  7. The fonts and the designs you have used here are all amazing. I like the creativity behind it.

  8. The cards are amazing and the fonts are cool, Love This Idea…

  9. Beautiful fonts, thankyou!

  10. Thank you for the links to the fonts you used on the wedding invites. What is it about fonts that is so addicting? :) Love them!

  11. So incredible, so beautiful! I love this kind of writting!

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