25 Feb

Engagement shoot: Amber + Stephen

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Happy Thursday everyone! We’re soooo excited today because our dearest Kristina had a baby boy yesterday, 7lbs 9oz. Mama and baby are happy and healthy.

In the name of love we thought we’d share this sweet little engagement shoot with you by Emily of Borrowed Blue Old New. It’s getting us all geared up for sunshine and daydreams.


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  1. so whimsical and dreamy
    i love it!

  2. The Boardwalk!!! I live in this town!! I was so excited to turn on my computer and see my hometown in beautiful pictures!! It’s a great idea, I never thought of it as a good site for and engagement setting!! So fun and dreamy!! I love it!

  3. Love this…OMG so cute!

  4. Such a great feel! Like a summer crush that ended in love and marriage! Lovely.

  5. Ooooh….I want Spring! Gorgeous photos!

  6. CONGRATS Kristina!!! that is so exciting! :)
    glad the delivery went well and everyone is healthy!

  7. So glad to know Kristina had the baby and they’re both fine! I follow her blog and guessed her absence meant baby came. And it’s a boy! Now she can finally shop for all the clothes she’d been sharing! :)

  8. This is great! Love the gumballs!

  9. gorgeous photographs.. loved the one of her on his lap.. and he picking her up..

  10. beautiful photos such a fun shoot! I want it to be summer now!

  11. I LOVE the color tones! Muted and romantic.

  12. Love this idea. Totally captures the inner kid in all of us. Is this in Santa Cruz? Trying to pinpoint the exact location…

  13. cannot, for the life of me, find a way to email you! my name is sergio, i used to work with misha and i am interested in submitting a wedding. thanks.

  14. these are amazing images.

  15. It is Santa Cruz! The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! Such a fun idea!

  16. Wow – what cool and fun photos! Looks like they had a great time.

  17. santa cruz beach boardwalk!! i just did an engagement shoot there myself!
    it’s a great location for such a shoot!

  18. I did my engagement shoot on a boardwalk, too, albeit in Virginia! You can’t rival the saturated colors you find there. This is lovely.

  19. what an amazing set of images.

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