22 Feb

Happy blog-birthday to us!

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Good monday morning everyone! Today is our little blog’s first birthday. Can you believe it? So much has happened in the last year that we just want to take a teeny moment to say thank you for reading. And for making 100LC the pretty little place on the internet that it is. If you guys weren’t here with us, we wouldn’t be doing this!


(Photo by Max)

We have lots lots lots more coming up in the next year and we’re soooo excited to share everything with you. Here’s to another excellent, inspired year ahead!

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday

  2. Congratulations on your first year, ladies! Here’s to many, many more!

  3. Yay! Congratulations!

  4. The best read out there.

  5. happy bloggiversary! here’s to many more :)

  6. Happy Blog Birthday! Looking forward to reading for another year to come.

  7. Yay! Y’all are my favorite and we all love you!

  8. Happy Birthday!! I don’t know what I’d do without all of your inspirations :)

  9. Happy birthday! Your blog brings me a little bit of beauty everyday! Thank you for the inspiration…

  10. Happy Birthday! Every day I check 100LC looking for the last post and going around on old stuff, thank you for all the ideas and news you bring to us every day!
    It’s the first post I write, I’ve been a silent fan from the very south of the world in Argentina!
    Have a great birthday!

  11. yeah…!
    congratulations, ladys, for such inspired layers of eye candy, loveliness and great editorial direction!

  12. happy birthday 100LC!

  13. CONGRATS on your Blog Anniversary!!

  14. Yay for birthdays! Congrats ladies!!

  15. Yay, congrats for being 100 layers of awesomenesss :)

  16. happy happy 1st blog birthday! thank you so much for being such an inspiration to my own blog. and here’s to many many more birthdays for 100 layer cake!

  17. ❤ Happy Birthday 100 layer cake !!!
    I’m a french girl and i read your blog everyday since almost a year. I love it.
    I dream about a futur wedding inspired by yours.


  18. Yaaaay! Happy Blogbirth!!!!!!!! I LOVE you guys, thank you for being such a great resource for my wedding planning!!!!

  19. happiest birthday ever to the lovely, creative, smart ladies that work so hard to inspire us each and every day. a huge, well-deserved *congratulations* to y’all!

  20. Congrats and thanks for always giving such great inspiration!

  21. Happy Birthday ladies! I’m so happy to call you guys friends and thanks for continuing to inspire me also!

  22. happy blog birthday! please keep the good stuff coming :)

  23. Congrats ladies! Wishing you many more blog birthdays to come!

  24. I share a birthday with one of the most warm-hearted and inspiring blogs around! Can’t believe it’s been one year. Congrats!

  25. Congratulations! Happy Birthday!

  26. aww Happy Birthday to your beautiful blog! :)

  27. Yay! Congrats ladies!

  28. Today is my birthday too, although I am turning much older than one… I feel so privileged to share a birthday with one of the sweetest blogs out there! Happy Birthday to US!

  29. Happy Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite blogs and creative women ~ all the way from Japan!

  30. Happy blog birthday!!!! :)

  31. Congrats on your blog baby’s first year! Thank you for the inspiration and being my daily obsession.

  32. Yay! Happy Birthday team :)

  33. Feliz cumpleaños desde América del Sur!!

  34. Happy birthday to you and you wonderful blog. Hearty Congratulations!!



  35. Congratulations!!

  36. Happy 100th Birthday!!! Woot-woot!!! Thank you for this beeeeautiful blog!

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