17 Feb

Guest blogger: Head vs Heart, type as decor

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One of my biggest obsessions is typography. I could look at it, design with it and talk about it all day. So it’s been exciting for me to see typography playing a larger role in wedding and event design recently. Decor is an area where we’ve just started to scratch the surface, but we’re definitely looking for fun and interesting ways to incorporate type into our space. Here’s a few examples that are getting the wheels turning.


{Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Cheree Berry’s wedding via Martha Stewart Wedding}


{Style Me Pretty, Mille Holloman Photography}

Another aspect of our wedding I’ve yet to mention is that we’re trying to go handmade as much as possible, so Etsy has been a trusted companion throughout the planning process. Etsy also just so happens to be an amazing resource for typographic decor items. Here’s a few to get you started:


{Clockwise from top left: 1. Gold leaf wood letters, 2. XO Vintage Marquee Letters, 3. Love You Always Vinyl Wall Decal, 4. Personalized Sterling Silver Cufflinks, 5. Personalized Just Married Sunshine Banner, 6. Glitter Monogram Cake Topper}

~ Courtney, Head vs Heart

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  1. You know — one of the reasons I also love typography (aside from the aesthetic) is that it makes your words come ALIVE. Words alone, without swirls or blocks or curvy edges, just pull you in and stir up emotions inside of you.

    Then… combined with the beauty of design — mmMmmm, heavenly! Thank you for the inspiration :)

  2. The Love is Sweet Picture is Amazing.. Love it

  3. Awesome ideas! We love the aesthetics of typography so much that we turned one of our favorite poems into a wall decal and displayed it in giant format on a wall in our apartment. You can’t go wrong with typography.

  4. All of these pictures are beautiful! I love the way couples are using special typography in their wedding day celebrations!

  5. I love the look of typography in wedding decor,too…it adds an artsy feel :-)

  6. I heart the first picture with “love never fails”

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this list of absolutely beautiful typography inspired items! So wonderful! I am a huge type nerd so these truly speak to me! I am so insanely honoured to have our Just Married Sunshine banner included! Thank you so very much!! – Bridgette / Earmark Invitations

  8. @ alejandra i totally agree!

    @bridgette you’re very welcome!

    @miss fancy pants great idea. do you have a good resource for printing the decal?

  9. I love all of these ideas! We are planning on doing a monogram in moss, a Just Married Sign a la vintage Etsy style and I would love to have a candy bar with a sign that says “how sweet it is to be loved by you”

  10. I’m a lover of topography too and adore your ideas!

  11. The “Love Never Fails” sign is just such a fresh idea…. genius!

    Well said, Alejandra. It’s very true.

  12. The print on the wall is sweet :-)

  13. i love topography too i love the “love is sweet: how cute is that!!

  14. The ‘Love is Sweet’ photo is fantastic! The outfits, the unorganized line up, it is great. The topography is great. I actually have a friend that works for a great company that does these type of things. http://kristacorey.uppercaseliving.net Wonderful share! Thanks.

  15. Oops, sorry http://kristamcorey.uppercaseliving.net I don’t usually promote but it’s fitting for these ideas.

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