Guest blogger: Sarah Hendler, tips to unwind and eat!

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Hi Sarah here, I always liked food but when you marry a chef you start to LOVE IT.  Right when we got engaged people asked, “who is catering your wedding??”  We knew the food would be the focal point of our entire event. The way it was presented, served and tasted would set the tone for our party. For me the whole process of designing our menu was memorable. Yes, having a fiancé that knew some insider info was helpful, but I really learned a lot from collaborating and listening to my wedding planner, adhering to the budget and having a clear vision on the taste, feel and look of our wedding. I wanted to share some advice and lessons I learned along the way with the awesome 100 Layer Cake readers.


photo by Davina+Daniel

Here are my thoughtful ways to relax, appreciate and eat your way through your wedding.

Enjoy it! You spent the money to have it there for people to enjoy and help create a memorable event in your life. Make sure you sit down or at least take a private moment to have a bite!


I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss the knitty gritty of tastings, venues and meal options. In the meantime, what wedding food memories are you still salivating over?

chow, Sarah

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Kimberlee bendeck of Boutiquevents on Feb 8, 2010

Amazing Tips Sarah! Sarah is my go to girl for food! She is so well versed in the foodie world and has amazing concepts and ideas for how to incorporate the right menu with the right crowd- so happy to see her guest blogging - she also has her own blog which if you have not checked it out def do. Looking forward to tomorrow!

lara on Feb 8, 2010

these are great! i especially love the tip about keeping to cake table away from the dance floor :)

jess on Feb 8, 2010

i am still salivating over the tiny tomato basil soup in a large shot glass topped with finger-sized grilled cheese... our friends had an evening wedding and there was a chill in the air, this couldn't have been a more perfect appetizer!

bridal girl on Feb 8, 2010

I love the tips. Hopefully those who are getting married can take advantage of what they shared here.

Katie on Feb 8, 2010

My fiance is also a chef, and the food is the BIG deal for us. Unfortunately, both of our families are not at all concerned with the food. Any tips?

alyson on Feb 8, 2010

love this, great tips!

Janet - Limousine hire Melbourne on Feb 8, 2010

Step 4 is a great point. There is nothing worse than people going back and forward to their tables in a tight space.

Rose on Feb 8, 2010

Thanks! These are all really great things to keep in mind. :)

sarah on Feb 8, 2010

Katie.... Sarah here....a little advice on not having a "foodie" family is to maybe try to incorporate of their favorites and then the rest is up to you! My dad and one of my brother's LOVE pigs in the blanket. It was a deal-breaker if we did not have them at our wedding. So we did...but our caterer made them from scratch and used awesome local mini franks!!! Good Luck!!

Tara on Feb 9, 2010

Great tips!! Especially about the cake and the people who are dancing most. I also really like the idea of having snacks and drinks available as you get photos done. I have been to so many weddings where there is a two or three hour gap between the ceremony and the reception and no one knows what to do. Another tip is to have some announce near the end of the ceremony where to meet next, whether there will be snacks and when to expect the bride/groom there.

After Yes on Feb 9, 2010

This is great! As a wedding planner, I know the importance of feeding a bride!

Jaycee on Mar 6, 2010

It also helps when more than half your wedding guests sneak off into the woods and get stoned before the reception. Eat up!

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