16 Dec

Eco-beautiful weddings

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Exciting news… We’re featured in the very first issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings! Katie and her team have done an amazing job putting together their magazine and we’re so flattered that she asked us to be a part.


Be sure to check out the Winter 2010 issue. Our feature starts on page 25.

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  1. CONGRATS!!!
    That is so fun to be featured in such a great magazine!

  2. congratulations! you ladies look gorgeous!

  3. Congratulations! So happy for you guys!

  4. Congrats, looks great!

  5. Congrats ladies! Loved the article about you guys – and awesome photos!

  6. hurray, that is lovely!
    you girls look so BEAUTIFUL, i love max’s photos!!

  7. We love the article – Everyone can listen to your music while we get to know you! Click on their favorite songs and they pop up in a new window so you can hear them! :-) Thank you ladies!!!

  8. That’s so wonderful! Congratulations you guys!

  9. love that photo of you three! so glam. xoxo

  10. what a wonderful and scrumptious look at all of you! you are so top 50. a little redemption is sweet. you are my fav blog 1. aesthetically, 2. for wedding, 3. for originality.

    Merci, merci.


  11. Congratulations! Beautiful!

  12. Congrats, really cool.

  13. thanks again for talking about my blog on your feature, so much appreciated and sorry to haven’t thank you before…

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