20 Nov

Peach Press winner!

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Happy friday, pretties!

We cannot believe how many sweet entries we received for the Peach Press giveaway! We love those little cards too. We had a pow wow with the girls over on the press and we’ve selected our winner. (It was hard, trust us!)


Congrats Lillian! We’ll be in touch about collecting your prize.

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  1. hi. i love your blog! what fonts did you use for Lillian’s entry?

  2. Hi there,
    I stumbled into your blog and found it extremely enjoyable. I just want to make a small Swedish footsteps following me. Trust that I will be back again soon!

    Peace & Love


  3. That is a cute story and a sweet thought on Lillian’s part.

  4. That is just *too* sweet! Congrats to Lillian! :)

  5. Oh, that is so sweet! My husband used to do sweet things like this for me…I must remind him that even though we have been married almost 5 years, I would love it just as much – if not even more now!! xx

  6. It’s so cute… it reminds me my fiance… by the way, today is his birthday! Happy birthday, sweet heart!!!
    xoxo from Brazil

  7. I really won? This is too exciting!! Can’t wait to see the little lovelies, and thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway. You have definitely made my day. :)

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