Colorboard #20 – glamorous jewel tones

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from left { Oscar Falk, fffound, Paul Raeside, Janne Peters}

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Social Love

sue on Oct 20, 2009

Those colours are just perfect, so elegant and cosy.

Snotty McSnotterson on Oct 20, 2009

I LOVE the turquoise! This is such an unusual palette, and surprisingly vintage.

Northern Girl, Southern Wedding on Oct 20, 2009

these are the colors we are playing with, in varying degrees. we are deciding on glam (deeper shades) vs prep (lighter shades) especially since it's an April wedding. but either would work! you can see one of my boards here:

Mouse on Oct 20, 2009

GORGEOUS--such rich colors. I love this for winter!

Kate/Magnolia Rouge on Oct 20, 2009

Love these colours, gorgeous, gorgeous board!!

lauren on Oct 20, 2009

yay, another great board! I love the blueberry color and how great is that Oscar Falk image?! thank you!

Courtney on Oct 20, 2009

I adore this colour palette. It is sweet and dramatic all at once.

Dynamite Weddings on Oct 21, 2009

What a striking color palatte! I wish I saw this more. This is so elegant and yet soft enough to be carried throughout an outdoor, backyard style wedding. Love it!

Michelle May on Oct 21, 2009

100 LC you are opening up creativity for so much more than weddings. Thank you so much for your insight and your sea change attitude. Stunning and right out there in front. Bravo!!

eventus on Oct 21, 2009

LOVE the color scheme. We just styled an engagement shoot and opted for very similar hues... pics are not posted yet but check them out in a couple of weeks. These colors work so well for the season... so rich!

vanessa - everything gardens on Oct 22, 2009

yes, yes, and more yes!

AKfour seven on Nov 24, 2009

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