28 Jul

Best wedding entrance ever. Seriously.

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We can’t embed the video here because embedding was disabled on YouTube… probably because all 9 million people who have watched this so far want to embed it on their blogs too.

Some of you have probably seen it around the blogs. It’s definitely making the rounds. In fact we had a friend at work IM it to us and one of our moms emailed it to us so, yeah, it’s pretty popular. But if you HAVEN’T seen it and you’re looking for a little something to make you smile, maybe make you cry, go watch go watch!

This is how you make your wedding your own. Who cares what people think, you know? If you want to enter the church like this, do it. Just because this couple chose an unconventional song and a hilariously choreographed dance entrance doesn’t make the bride walking down the aisle any less beautiful or special.

Okay, go watch the video.

And don’t forget the sound!! (If you’re at work, bust out your headphones. They’re essential for maximum appreciation).

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  1. That. Is. Adorable. I love it! What a way to really personalize your wedding! =)

  2. Am I the only one who thinks this is pretty weird? Sunglasses in a church? And to a Chris Brown song? Not a fan. But good for them if it’s what made them happy.

  3. I probably wouldn’t have chosen that song b/c I’m not a big Chris Brown fan, but I loved it! Everyone looked so beautiful and happy, and like they were having SO MUCH FUN.

  4. I seriously just went on facebook and saw one of my friends had posted a link to this and watched it!! how ironic that you have it on the blog right as I watched it!

  5. I thought that’s so creative and fun! A bunch of very sporting friends as well!

  6. I LOVED it!!!

  7. I have been seeing this going around but didn’t watch it until tonight…it was incredibly cute. I love that their friends were willing to do something so silly for them! Some of the negative comments on youtube made me sad, though.

  8. I so agree, the joy and the do it your way is the BEST thing!

  9. I thought that was amazing. Now that’s what a wedding should be…lots of happy everywhere!

  10. I thought it was just gorgeous – the part where the bride appeared and every one stood up and started cheering and clapping made my heart skip a beat and I wanted to stand and cheer too. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!!!!

  11. This was amazing. These friends who were willing to do *anything* because it was what friends like that do, no matter how unconventional… Last week was especially hard for us at the office, so a friend of ours sent this over. I watched it about 5 times that day, and Stace and I got tears in our eyes each time. This is a very sweet and touching tribute to how very much this bride and groom are loved and adored. And the part where the bride enters, well, she’s just so happy and pleased and so darn cute!

  12. after a tough start to my day today, this video just about had me in tears of joy! absolutely perfect, in surprise, fun and unconventionalism. i’ve already watched it 3 times and just saved it on my computer, for when i have more tough starts to days. thanks so much for sharing, i needed it!

  13. I agree with Anne…I am afraid in this day and age we have lost the meaning of the wedding day…the fact that two people are making a covenant with each other and more importantly, God. Although it is humorous and unique, perhaps this would have been the perfect reception entrance instead!!!

  14. Those people making negative comments about this cute couple’s wedding entrance are such downers. There is a reason most people dread going to weddings, they are boring and cliche so I applaud this couple for doing something unique. Marriage is about love and happiness so I’m not sure how people think this dance has “lost the meaning of the wedding day”.

  15. That was one of the most beautiful displays of love, friendship, and LIFE that I have ever seen! Unconventional, yes….but it totally made me cry because you see an entire group of people who agreed to make their friends day special and they will have that moment in time to share as memories as they grow older. You’ve got one life to live people…make it fun!!

  16. SOOOOO FUN!!!

  17. no one is ‘attacking’ this cute couple…they have a right to do their own thing…express their own ideas and opinions…as do I!
    I was simply expressing my thoughts, just bc they don’t match yours does not mean I am wrong or “downer”

  18. II agree with the “downer” people. How could you possibly do that without forgetting about what you were about to do…y’know, get married. Call me old fashioned but I believe a wedding is a serious thing because marriage is a lifelong commitment? But believe me, I realise that is not the general consensus these days.

  19. I think this is awesome. I say congrats to the couple for doing what felt right to them on their wedding day. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a wedding in this way! A wedding doesn’t have to be one thing or another (serious/non serious/etc.). Who says it does. It is a way for you to confess your love for one another in a way that suits the couple. If you dont like then dont watch it. Its not your wedding.

  20. I’m sorry, but I don’t like it :(

    who cares what i like though, GOOD FOR THEM if they had fun! 😀

  21. i don’t think it would suit me but if thats what you like then why not. Yes, a wedding is a commitment to God but that doesn’t mean it has to be BORING!!! God is all for joy and happiness (in my opinion!)

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