Dia De Los Muertos themed wedding: Angiela + Eddy

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A few months ago we posted an amazing Dia De Los Muertos themed invite suite from Hammerpress, remember? Lucky for us the bride, Angiela, got wind of the situation and sent over photos of the actual wedding.


She and Eddy paid for the entire celebration themselves, which meant that budget was an important factor in their planning. And as Angiela put it, “our wedding was made possible, special and completely unique by the fact that our entire community of creative friends and neighbors pitched in with gusto.”

Which is just the best way, isn’t it?




They live in Kansas City’s historic westside and used the date they selected as inspiration for their entire celebration. Dia De Los Muertos is a holiday in their neighborhood and because they’d chosen this day for their wedding, they took inspiration from traditional celebratory decor for their reception. They were married in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and had the reception at home, in a hidden courtyard that had already been witness to many loving memories over the years.






Photography: Lemon Lime Photography (there are tons more beautiful photos on their blog!) / Dress: Romona Keveza with matching jacket custom made by a local seamstress / Make up: Sara Thompson Lift / Flowers: close family friend who works for one of the best florists in the city / Invitations: Hammerpress / Catering: the neighborhood bodega, Los Alamos / Cakes: owner of Los Alamos, Augustine’s cousin who is a pastry chef and also lives in the neighborhood / Angiela made the bride and groom cake herself the day before the wedding / Mexican wedding cookies: Sylvia’s Deli / Wine and champers: their favorite local wine seller, The Cellar Rat / Flamenco music: Beau Bledsoe from Tango Lorca

You can tell the Angiela put a ton of thought into making sure her wedding reflected both their personality as a couple and also their neighborhood and their life.


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Social Love

Maggie ~ The Freckled Citizen on Jul 13, 2009

Her jacket and jewelry are fantastic!

Melissa on Jul 13, 2009

Love it. I especially love Angiela's dress and jacket. Very chic and unique!

wedding chicks on Jul 13, 2009

beautiful!!! and even on a small budget! wow!!

simply hue on Jul 13, 2009

Gorgeous images as usual. Thanks for sharing!

Melanie on Jul 13, 2009

I love the table of pretty little white cakes. So pretty.

Amy - Eat Drink Chic on Jul 13, 2009

Love the bright orange wallpaper and the touches of orange in her outfit!

Does the Dress Fit on Jul 13, 2009

I love the hint of orange she is wearing. Just a little is perfect and I love how she added it in her jewelry and shoes!

delphine studio on Jul 13, 2009

Super lovely! The fabric backdrop is amazing, and I'd love to see a closer pic of the fabulous necklace! Question... how much yardage of fabric did you use to create the backdrop? Is it to the floor? Longer and they're standing on it? Just wondering.

Dana Cordova on Jul 14, 2009

Wow, really inventive ways of adding the orange in--I love it!

Truly Smitten on Jul 14, 2009

wow! they did such a wonderful job and I love the color palette!

Angiela on Jul 14, 2009

Dana, thank you so much for the compliments, you're very sweet! To answer your backdrop question...We used 4 yards of fabric so that it could hang well above Husband's head and so that there was about 3 feet on the floor to stand on for pulled back shots. I was very please with the outcome. Thanks!

Kim on Jul 14, 2009

Love the flowers, pastries, and the backdrop of their photos! SO cute!

Jessica on Jul 14, 2009

Aww...this is adorable! The cakes are gorgeous.

Kelly on Jul 14, 2009

I really like the white cakes on the glass pedestals! Beautifully orchestrated wedding! Congrats! Isn't it fun being a newlywed? Kelly

JoDitt on Jul 14, 2009

Love the table with all the one-layer white cakes on glass pedestals! What a great idea! And it went so perfectly with their wedding.

Bonnie@InventingWeddings on Jul 14, 2009

Love the chunky orange necklace peeking out from under the bride's delicate dress. Great pick.

Maxim Photo Studio on Jul 14, 2009

Love your images. No offense, but I am definitely borrowing some of your ideas at my next weddings.

Angiela on Jul 15, 2009

Thank you lovely ladies of 100 Layer Cake for the feature and to all who left such nice compliments! It was the indeed the icing on the cake!! Angiela

Mary on Jul 21, 2009

This is such a gorgeous wedding!! So many details to love! Like everyone above, I've got to compliment Angiela on her hints of orange (necklace lust) among the delicate white lace of her stunning dress. The ring shot on top of the bottle of Patron is classic! The cutout paper banners are so fitting with the Dia de los Muertos theme as well!! Beautiful wedding, thanks so much for sharing!

Secret Leaves on Jul 24, 2009

I LOVE the first photo with the arrow. A really unusual and striking image. Very stylish wedding. Sharon

birthday cake pictures on Jul 27, 2009

Great photography, looks like the perfect day ;) hope you had a lovely time!

Jaclyn on Jul 28, 2009

the mexican wedding cookies look amazing on that great cake stand! what a great idea.

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