24 Jun

Succulent Love Designs

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We’re so excited about this little announcement! You all remember Kelly. You know, KELLY… of this adorable wedding, this DIY tutorial, and the cute blog, yes, please? Kay, well. She just launched a new business, Succulent Love Designs. And yep, you (So. Cal people) can now hire her to make her beautiful arrangements for your wedding, event, or just your house.


Succulent Love Designs. Go visit.

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  1. I just love the look of succulents and totally want a little succulent love in my home. Too bad I don’t live in CA. The gallery on her site is so inspiring. Kudos to a great new business!

  2. love it! can’t wait to recommend to our SoCal brides :)

  3. i love succulents, there is something so simply beautiful about them.

  4. Reason 642 that I wish I lived in So Cal

  5. simple and natural. these are great!

  6. thank you for all the kind comments ladies!! due to the increasing demand, i’ve started a delivery pilot program…I’ll give participants a 15% discount to be a part of our little experiment! contact me directly for details. we have the first shipment going out this weekend – i’ll post the results on my blog. fingers crossed we can open up delivery sooner than later!!

    100layercake ladies: you are simply amazing. thank you so much for your support. xoxo, kelly

  7. These are beautiful. I’ve seen some succulent wedding bouquets recently too. An interesting idea to do a terrarium as a centerpiece.

  8. And the website is even more adorable! Thanks for sharing this. Love succulents.

  9. I am so obsessed with succulents right now. I love these arrangements and wish I could get married again….it’s not the typical.

  10. This is nothing to do with this post, but I read this blog and am getting married in October (so I’m allowed to comment with random stuff, I’ve decided), and … well, I thought everyone would like this very much – http://www.vam.ac.uk/things-to-do/wedding-fashion/home

  11. Oh! I feel like I’m in paradise because of the setting. I like the combination of green and white, it make me feel fresh and so relaxing.

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