24 Jun

Amy Butler inspired save the dates

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Pattern cuteness letterpress alert, people. These save-the-dates from our reader Martha are pretty darn insane. I think it’s safe to say that most of us would be overjoyed if these were our actual wedding invites, not just our pre-invite announcements. Martha please send us copies! We need them so we can see their beautifulness in person.

And while these are technically DIY, let’s all remember that Martha is obviously a talented graphic designer and it doesn’t hurt that her dear friend Amanda (of the amazing Alee & Press) was around to help with the letterpressing and such.



(fabric inspiration from Amy Butler)


Look at the little birds! So cute.

Martha wanted to set a casual tone with their save the dates, so she decided to pair the Amy Butler fabric (from sewmamasew.com) with a simple, lovely one color letterpress card. Which is an excellent way to cut down on letterpress cost without sacrificing color. So smart of Martha. She’s planning to incorporate the patterns and colors throughout the rest of her wedding details. We can. not. wait. to see what she comes up with!

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  1. These are beautiful! The pop of color is irresistible, very inspiring design.

  2. Martha is on track for a beautiful, creative wedding!

  3. these are insanely cute!!

  4. adorable and glad to see something new from alee & press.

  5. Ah- love Amy Butler! Great idea :)

  6. wow! these are so great!!

  7. how early do you think is too early to start planning what kind of things you want for a wedding? i’m not even engaged yet, but there’s a definite wedding in the near future. i was thinking it’d be a good idea to go through magazines and pick out things i like. do you think it’s too soon or obsessive???

  8. Katie,

    We don’t think it’s ever too early (or that obsessive) to start thinking about your future wedding. There is SO much to plan…you may as well start now, right? Plus it is just too darn fun to research and dream about that special day!

    I happen to be in your shoes…and I’ve actually started to collect “things” for my own wedding someday soon :)


  9. Thanks for the nice words everyone!

  10. WOW these are absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Those fabrics are gorgeous…what a neat idea!

  12. Yahoo! Marth happens to be my oldest and dearest pal, so I got one of these in the mail and I’ll get the peep the awesomeness of this wedding with my own eyes. I know, I’m a lucky lady.

  13. the name martha must equal creative. these are adorable!

  14. love those silhouettes! of course.

  15. Oh my gosh, me too!! Love the colors, and the birds are too cute.

  16. Gorgeous! I love Amy Butler patterns.
    is the fabric backed with cardstock? Or is it just fabric stiffened with spray?

  17. Jenny: Thank you! The fabric wasn’t backed up or sprayed. I did iron it before sewing the cards on, which helped get it a little stiff.

  18. I love fabric on invites. So cute.

  19. I absolutely love letterpress…and this is such a creative way of incorporating fabric into the overall theme of wedding. The possibilities are endless!

  20. Wow, yes, truly beautiful!!! The fabric is a great touch.

  21. Oh, lovely! That font (for the date) is terrific. Anyone know what it is?

  22. Thanks, Ashley! The font is Archer.

  23. Martha has always had the most creative and intelligent presence and essence! I taught her when she was young and I can see in this design work that her fabulous talent comes through, enhanced by her own sort of joy and unique vision. It’s beyond lovely!

  24. Strange but about part the post is displaying up for me. Is this the site or my browser. Should I restart my browser?

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