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We thought we’d start the week with a nice feel-good project from The Wedding Co. They’re creating a huge chandelier of paper cranes collected from engaged couples everywhere and donating 50 cents per crane to cancer research. Plus the end result is going to be a huge community art installation piece, and those are always great.


Their goal is to collect 10,000 cranes by January 2011, but if we spread the word, it seems like it could be more than that, right? Pass on the info and/or send your crane their way! All cranes from enagaged couples should include your names, a general location and your wedding date. For more info and to see where to send your crane, (or to request a premade crane from The Wedding Co.), go to their website:

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Social Love

The Perfect Palette on Jun 8, 2009

so fun and unique.

iis on Jun 8, 2009

we're planning to have lots of cranes in our wedding too and have started to fold some (i did about a hundred, he did one *smile*). would love to send one in... thanks for the info!

drd on Jun 8, 2009

So lovely! We are using cranes too! I will send some in.

Stephanie on Jun 8, 2009

Hi there! Thanks so much for the coverage - we're very excited about the project, every crane we receive is slightly different which is fantastic, the final project will be completely original. To request a pre-made crane with an addressed return envelope, click here:

wedding chicks on Jun 8, 2009

what a fabulous idea!

Joy on Jun 8, 2009

great idea - very innovative

IrisFieldsCoordinator6 on Jun 10, 2009

What a great way to make your decor really stand out!

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