5 May

DIY contest finalists: Meredith’s bachelorette survival kits

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Meredith went all out with these bachelorette party survival kits. She says:

“They include:

1. Lip smackers
2. Advil, individually packaged and sewn between two sheets of Martha Stewart velum
3. Tic Tacs
4. Candy Necklaces
5. Condom, sewn between two sheets of Martha Stewart velum

All of these items were nicely packaged in a chinese take out box with details attached with a brad and cute ribbon. I made approximately 15 of them for the party. They were a huge hit!”

Love. it.

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  1. I love this idea! I think it is so cute…especially the name of the party “The Fling Before the Ring”. Great job on these favors.

  2. Loving this idea! It looks like there was a lot of time and thought put into it and I was recently at a bachelorette party where they gave out little goody bags like this and I really loved it-it was a very nice touch.

  3. I can’t get over how cute and simple this project is. I love the designs, wordings and you can personalize each one if you wanted. Great work!

  4. how adorable and chic are these!!!
    OMG! the are fun and sensible! And the best part is you can coordinate them to any color scheme! and i bet they come in handy ; )

  5. i have to vote for this one b/c of the creativity in packaging, theming, wording….it all ties together, and took alot of effort, and personal attention.

  6. i love it!! From the contents, the little note on each item, and even the chinese take out containers….too cute.

  7. Such a cute idea! I would love to get one of these. How clever!

  8. I am going to make these!!! I love them!!!!

  9. These are an awesome idea! What a great addition to a bachelorette party!

  10. These are so fabulous, what a clever idea. This bridal party is lucky to be a party of this event!

  11. wow this diy idea is fantastic! and what about the condom? 😀 great never thought about it..but for sure necessary 😉


  12. Love this one! Beautiful graphic design, much apprichiated by a fellow designer :-)

  13. OMG…these are so cute!!!! I totally wish I did this for my wedding. LOVE, LOVE IT!!!!

  14. love the fonts used on the labels. The pallet of colors were a perfect fit for a bachelarette sending off!

    hope the bride remembered to use the 5th item!

  15. OMG i would run around the house crazy if my friend did this for me!

  16. Cool idea. i will have to pass this onto my fiancees’ maid of honour

  17. WOW… this is my top pick of the bunch.

  18. WOW – How creative are you? This DIY is the best I’ve seen by far. Everything a girl needs in one cute little package. Meredith whoever this was for is lucky to have you!

  19. So talented – so creative – lots of fun! The bride is lucky to have like you.

  20. How cute. I love the detail that was put into the packaging. I wish I would of thought of this for my wedding.

  21. Fabulous idea. Very creative and what a great gift to hand out to everyone.

  22. This is just the most perfect idea ever. Each item is totally necessary and so thoughtful!
    I love it.

  23. These are the perfect little appreciation trinkets for attendees to the party! I love the hand sewn packaging what a clever idea.

  24. I love the instruction tags that come with the items, definitely a lot of thought went into this project – truly unique.

  25. This is a beautiful, creative and practical idea..the detail on the boxes is gorgeous..a fantastic addition to any wedding celebration 😀

  26. Fresh and unique! An amazing way to personalize a memorable event. Love the thoughtful details.

  27. What a perfect idea…it must have been a fabulous night!!

  28. So great. I wish I had a friend this crafty putting on my pre-wedding festivities.

  29. What a fabulous idea. This is for sure the top on my list. Great detailing and you can tell that there was a great deal of effort and thought put into these little packages.
    Will be trying this out on a bachlorette party that I will be having in the next month.
    Love the fonts that she used!!!

  30. What a simply fabulous kit!

  31. Is this girl for hire?

  32. These are great!. I am planning a bachelorette party and definately will using this idea!

  33. Too cute! All the girls would love this…. totally copying!

  34. All ideas are tremendous but I have to choose this one its creative and practical and I can tell it would be a big hit at any Bachelorette.

  35. No contest ! Meredith takes the cake. So creative, it makes me want to get married. Oh oh.

  36. These are so fantastic! they take an event up a notch!

  37. Brilliant, I could not imagine a party without them….I will be all over that neckless

  38. I am planning my best friends stagette and I LOVE this idea so much I’m totally going to do this too.

  39. What a fantastic idea, so creative and unique. Love it.

  40. I love this!!! If only I had seen this before I had planned about 5 stagettes. So cute and shows how much you love the bride – so much effort!

  41. So cute, it’s crazy that the packages are hand sewn. How thoughtful.

  42. Love this idea, I cant wait to use it.

  43. So fabulous! What a lucky bride.

  44. I love it!

  45. I really think this is just a gorgeous idea. Brings a lot of class and some craft to what can sometimes be a wild and raucous event. So sweet!

  46. This was a great idea! It makes one wonder, what you did for the actual wedding!

  47. What a fabulous idea. My fiance just showed me this. Looks like fun.

  48. I love this! What a great way to make the night just that much more fun!!!

  49. i love how easy this one seems to be to put together…and definately bound to get a reaction from the guest to make it worth the effort! great title too!

  50. love the takeout boxes, genius!!!

  51. What a great idea. The time and thought that went in to these kits is amazing. Being in the takeout boxes is fantastic.