24 Apr

Have a pretty weekend

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We’re all away from our computers today so we just want to say happy sunny summery weekend… with these pretty red flowers. Also we love her nails.

See you all next week!


from here.

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  1. lovely photo. Happy weekend!

  2. oh that image is absolutely perfect. wow! have a wonderful weekend yourself!

  3. gorgeous photo, love the nail polish;)

  4. gorgeous image
    have a great weekend

    x from

  5. A beautiful image, I hope you have a good weekend too! I always look forward to your blog posts!


  6. Love the rich colours ! Brightens up my day. Really enjoy following your blog!

  7. I LOVE this picture, these are pretty much exactly the colors we’re looking at using, along with a lot of white, and keeping the green as more of an accent color than a main color – much like the green is in soft focus in this picture. Would love to see you use this picture as the basis for one of your color boards, I’m sure it would be AMAZING!

  8. one of my favorite photographs – i actually have it framed in my room!

  9. yummy photo something about it just grabs me!

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