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Because Alison was nice enough to give us one of her pretty new books as part of our DIY contest prize, we thought we’d take a second and share some of her events, her tips, and a little about the girl behind the company.


1. Dress up existing lounges/furniture by throwing linens on them for a splash of color.
2. Have fun with your wedding shoes and pick a sassy color.
3. Take photos in unexpected places.
4. Candle light, candle light, candle light.
5. Arrive by boat. (if you’re near a body of water, of course)
6. Make your own unique, themed table numbers.
7. Let your personalities show in your invite.

And a few things you never would have guessed about Alison:

“I have a 1969 honda cb350 motorcycle. I own 20 pairs of flipflops and sandals. I lived in New Zealand for a year in college. I won 4th place in a border cross snowboard competition in Australia in college. I did an Japanese emersion program for a year in high school where we studied the language, history and culture for a year and then went to Japan for three weeks and lived with a family.  I had dreadlocks for two seconds until my grandmother paid me to cut them out. Oh and I am a Daughter of the American Revolution, my ancestor was Govenor Bradford who came over on the Mayflower.”

See, wedding planners are people too!

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Social Love

michelle on Apr 15, 2009

Love weddings! Great tips and photos.

Mishy on Apr 15, 2009

Awesome! I want blue shoes for my wedding! It's just a pity that purple is the colour for this season. Apparently blue is so last year. Hmph.

jackie@bridesandbabes on Apr 15, 2009

"Wedding planners are people too!" Ha ha ha ha! I love this line! So true, so true..... Some days I stay in my pj's all day, I stay home with my kids (almost) everyday, I have my nose pierced, I home school my kids, and I love (LOVE) to sew. Yes, wedding planners ARE people too! Thanks for your great post!

paula on Apr 16, 2009

what lovely inspiration.

Laurel on Apr 16, 2009

oh! must have those shoes! I wore red shoes for my wedding!

Frances on Apr 17, 2009

I love the red shoes!

Style Maniac on Apr 20, 2009

Just wanted to say I love your new blog--so fresh and pretty! As a decorator and event planner I also subscribe to the philosophy that a wedding (or any party) should reflect the personality of the couple (or the party's hosts) not to a traditional list of dos and donts. (For my own wedding I wore red shoes....and a red dress.)

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