10 Apr

Real wedding: Shana + Rob

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By now, the word is out about The Flashdance and you’ve probably seen this wedding a few places… but it’s soooooo cute. And the photos are insanely beautiful, and sometimes we just like seeing pretty pictures on our blog. Especially on Friday when everyone wants to drift off to a dreamy place far from desks and computers and internets. This wedding will be that place for all of us today, kay?






Why did they not invite us? We would have been really fun guests and brought our dancing shoes and everything. If anyone else is planning to have such a warm fuzzy pretty pink wedding, can you please send us an invite? Or at least the pictures?

Photography: Our Labor of Love / Flowers: Bold American Events and Catering / Food: Sun In My Belly / Location: Mason Murer Fine Art / Music: Michael Antonia of The Flashdance

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  1. These are really pretty photographs. I love the pink flowers and the dancing is the best. They look so happy!

  2. beautiful photos! the umbrella one is my favorite… how classic!

  3. I adore this wedding!!!! =) and i heart that the bride changed into white chucks! i have a scheduled post about the shoes tomorrow! lol!

  4. I love this wedding! :) You can tell they boogie woogied all night!!! What a fun, beautiful couple!

  5. great pics!! By far the coolest groom I’ve seen in pics. haha .. love him!

  6. beautiful photos! amazing colors!

  7. Man, looks like the most fun wedding. That’s how your wedding day should be – filled with laughter and fun. Looks like those two know how to kick off their married life. GREAT photos.

  8. this is one of the coolest weddings i’ve seen – the video’s of thedance routines made me smile from beginning to end…….x

  9. i hadn’t seen this yet. really, really fantastic. there are so few weddings that I actually wish I had been at not just looking at the pretty pictures. This one seems pretty dang fun.

  10. our Labor of Love is so inspiring! Their photos are wonderful!

  11. I adoore this couple! They seem so genuinely happy, it’s wonderful. Love the bowtie! I love how the soft edges in the photos give them a dream-like feel. These almost seem like vintage photographs. Beautiful.

  12. what a delight!

  13. Their wedding looks so *fun*. That’s definitely something I want injected in mine. In large doses.

  14. Classic. Made me smile.

  15. This is over the top wonderful. I want to be friends with them!

  16. I would love to know where she got her dress. It’s perfect.

  17. What beautiful photographs and what a fun wedding! :) The photographer did such a great job capturing the spirit of their ceremony.

  18. FYI — the video was by Wages Video of Atlanta; http://www.wagesvideo.com

  19. Anyone know where to find that thin metal frame chuppah that they beautifully hung with candles and twigs???

  20. I would love to know about the chuppah . How was it done? I love the simplicity.

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