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DIY recycled vases, pots, and tea lights

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We love the simplicity of mix and match vintage mason jars as centerpieces on a rustic tablescape. But finding enough of those jars feels like a part time job in itself, with the scouring of ebay and the trips to thrift stores and flea markets. So we started thinking about all of the lovely food items that come in vessels that would be perfect substitutes for vintage glassware. Having cupboards full of this sort of thing ourselves, we love using them for vases around the house. And it seems reasonable that one might be able to save enough of these during the course of a year of wedding planning to fill your reception tables.

We chose a few of our current favorites here, but if you cruise the aisles of your nearest Whole Foods, you’ll find lots more. And you can always supplement your finds with cases of simple quart and pint size mason jars.


We used Spega La Natura yogurt (available at Whole Foods and Trader Joes), Saint Benoit Yogurt (available almost exclusively in the Bay Area, though we did recently find it at the Venice Whole Foods), and Straus Family Creamery quart and pint size pitchers. But there are tons of other products (like french mustard crocks and pasta sauce jars) that would be perfect for this kind of project… once their labels are removed.


Spega yogurt jars are absolutely perfect tea light holders. These don’t even need any further explanation. And the St. Benoit yogurt crocks make nice little succulent planters, but they could easily be used as vases too.

And then the big jars. This is where it gets fun.


We wrapped ours in scraps of quilting fabric and detailed them with different ribbons and trims. SUCH an easy project and one you and your bridesmaids (or crafty friends) could do well before the wedding. We love love love using varied patterns and textures within the same color family all mixed up together. Plus if you dress up your jars you can probably skip expensive flowers and use a few stems of simple blooms and greens instead.

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  1. I love this idea. They are really cute!

  2. Sort of like an obi for a jar, no?

  3. This is such a super idea — I love all of the yogurt jars you found. I actually used the mason jars as vases concept for my wedding, and it was a ton of work finding all of those jars (and I paid a lot on shipping from eBay.) This is a great solution!

  4. i have been collecting my clear jars for my backyard rehearsal dinner and even the lame jars (lots of natural almond butter) look good once it’s all set up. i did a test new years’ eve and it looked great. the fabric wraps are a great idea to add color too.
    and going to thrift stores every extra moment is getting very tiring.

  5. The yogurt pots with succulents are *adorable*! I’ve been wanting to use succulents but not sure about getting a bunch of pots… I eat tons of yogurt, but haven’t been familiar with Saint Benoit. I’m psyched to try out some new local yogurt, and reuse the pots for wedding decor. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. omg i love this. i’m printing this out for reference.

  7. These are darling! I love the red and purple combo … very chic … or should I say, very ‘eco-chic’ :)

  8. I have family that lives in France and every time we go we bring back as many glass jars from food items as we can. We love the variety of things we can use as drinking glasses, vases, jars to re-gft in… glass jars are infinitely useful and very beautiful.

  9. Just what I needed! We are doing our own centerpieces and are gathering inspiration, so this is perfect.
    I also wanted to let you know how much I love the blog. It’s quickly become one of my favorite wedding reads.

  10. always a fabulous idea! love the yogurt crock jars!

  11. What a beautiful way to display spring buds. I passed by the flower markets yesterday and saw dozens of buckets spilling over with blooming branches. It was all I could do to keep myself from snatching every last one of them! As always, your creativity hold me in awe.

  12. I’ve been collecting Martinelli’s juice bottles for the past month or so– they cost less than 3 bucks for some delicious juice and a gorgeous bottle! The mouth is narrow, perfect for one or two blooms. Here’s a picture (not mine): http://www.flickr.com/photos/sprytaen/2504744400/

  13. Thanks for the great idea! How did you affix the fabric? Fabric glue or tape?

  14. This is an adorable idea and looks so natural. I think wine bottles or transparent bottles in the shape of wine bottles would be a lovely addition as well. Jars and bottles of different shapes and size would be great centrepieces if they are filled with flowers. Or they could be used as part of a dessert table and filled up with old school candies and jelly beans – just make sure the candies follow your colour scheme and it will look fabulous.

    For more ways to go green, take a look at my blog entry on green weddings:


  15. It’s pretty idea with ribbon. It’s gorgeours flowers vase. Great!

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