27 Mar

Jenna’s wedding dress preview! shhhh..

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We have to say, it has been such a fun time opening the emails our friend Jenna sends us with her wedding inspiration tidbits. The latest one is insane. Ruffles, pleats, pink poofy layers, soft feather plumes and shiny prize ribbons. Jenna’s dress is being crafted as we speak by her talented sister, Sarah (hello, handmade!!), who studied fashion design at the Chicago Art Institute. Sarah is also currently working on her own line due to be finished this summer (more to come on that later). Behold – a feast of sugary delights:


and then there are the sketches… maybe you should sit down?


Uh yea, we can’t wait to see it in person either. How amaaazing is this?!

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  1. I just gasped so loud that my coworkers asked if I was alright! So beautiful! Jenna is a lucky, lucky gal!

  2. wow! it’s incredible how the inspiration translated to the dress, soooo pretty!

  3. oh my goodness. This is beautiful!

  4. beautiful! the design takes my breath away!

  5. wow, all of my favorite things in one post – sequins, feathers, pictures from the Marie Antoinette film – love it!!

  6. Wow, totally heart-stopping!
    Can I adopt her sister?

  7. just the dress top left corner would make me happy. whoa.

  8. I love, can’t wait to see it in person! I am so happy that Sarah is starting her own line!

  9. This dress will be so lovely and delicious. I love the textures and colors!

  10. Beautiful. I wish I could sketch like that!

  11. I love the sketch as well.

  12. swoooooooooooooon……………

  13. Oh, wow! I always love seeing how inspiration tid bits transform into reality! Her inspiration choices are amazing and the sketch of that dress just look drop dead gorgeous (not to mention wonderful!)

  14. I never knew there could be so much loveliness in one post! I am getting married in a few weeks and I thought I was over looking at wedding blogs until I came across yours! You guys do a fabulous job and I just love your DIY soap post!

  15. Yowza! I’m green with envy.

  16. hellooooooooo????? Sarah… I cannot wait to see your line. I’m all over it!

  17. just need at least 10 minutes to fully recover from a “major color – texture – inspiration crush breakdown.

    let’s say 20 minutes.

    in one word : MERVEILLEUX.

    sabine, la marquise des anges

  18. wow… i don’t know what else to say…

  19. swooning over here …

  20. who is the lucky photographer for this wedding? the dress looks like a dream.

  21. I love this! My client’s event is all about this! Would you know where to get a feathered fan like in your board?
    Thanks! Love it all.

  22. Ridiculous. Gorgeous. Vintage. Rock star.

    Can’t wait to see this!

  23. anyone have any idea who makes the sequin slide sandals on the left?

  24. Anyone know the scoop on the dress in the black and white photo?

  25. that looks so amazingly beautiful – it reminds me a little of my own, which is perhaps why i love it so much?? 😀

  26. That is a FANTASTIC inspiration collage! I love everything on it! & the dress is fabulous!

  27. The dress in the first picture is to die for! All that sparkle…! *sigh*

  28. Um, yeah I love all the horse ribbons- wish I hadn’t thrown all mine out! I could have re-purposed them into something beautiful. Love her inspiration and dresses- layers of tulle and netting are so pretty.

  29. Ohhhh… I love the dress with the multi-colour tulle in the first picture at the 2nd row. May I know where do you get this picture?

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  31. i love this!

  32. good ,I like white wedding dresses

  33. i know your probably looking for upbeat comments here, but i cant help but say that the photo of the multicolored tule and sparkly heels are of my dress and my feet. my husband and i had a private ceremony for the sake of keeping our day private, yet our photographer released our photos to all the wedding industry bloggers… which really really sucks. seeing our photos such as this one on the internet when its meant to be private makes me sad and sick :(

  34. Absolute breath-taking dress with all the color.

  35. Very fabulous design. Thank you for sharing your works and ideas. I like the gown.

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  41. It’s so beautiful, I love the wedding dress.

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