26 Mar

Real Wedding: Ameet + Lainie

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Ameet and Lainie are old friends from Kansas City who put together a completely do-it-with-your-friends-and-family, backyard wedding a few years ago. They had just bought their first house and decided having their wedding at home was a perfect way to make their wedding personal, to keep the cost down, and to show off their new digs to family and friends. Ameet is originally from Bombay and Lainie from Missouri so in order to honor both marriage traditions, they had two ceremonies. So fun!














Ameet is a designer at Hallmark, so obviously he designed the invitations himself. They used friends and family for the rest of their “vendors” whenever they could. A friend, Maria Brenny, took all of their photos and another friend, Sammy, played the guitar for their ceremonies. They bought liquor at cost through a favorite restaurant and martini bar, Velvet Dog, and even used their bartenders. Lainie’s mom’s friend made the bouquets with flowers from Costco, and Lainie’s mom tended orchids from Costco during the months leading up to the wedding so they were in perfect shape at the right time. She and her parents planned the arbor for the ceremony in the springtime, her dad built planter boxes and the trellis, and by fall the plants had filled out and it was beautiful.

Lainie said she took a lot of chances but it all worked out. Also, did you see Lainie rocking the crop top saree??? Piles of bonus points to her just for that. She looked amazing!

Venue: their backyard / Photograher: Maria Brenny / Food: Steven Ellenberg, Bagel Works / Drinks and bartenders: Velvet Dog / Flowers: Maui Goose and Costco / Dresses: Utsav Sarees and BCBG from Nordstrom

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  1. Hi – great blog and great pics from this wedding.

    Just one correction – the Indian outfit Lainie is wearing is called a “lehnga” (which is the two-piece, shirt-skirt plus dupatta combo). A sari is a different type of outfit.

  2. How lucky to marry a man who is already a fantastic designer, their family is in store for many more creative memories to come. I love Indian weddings, I’ve not gotten a chance to attend one but if I ever do, it will fulfill a tiny secret wish of mine. Gorgeous couple.

  3. These photos are so romantic and beautiful. I love this wedding!

  4. I love this wedding, the photographs are beautiful!!!

  5. On beyond beautiful, in the terms of the great Dr. Seuss.

  6. Very Nice Post.

  7. Wow, this is so beautiful! Such an attention to details, it is amazing!

  8. Those photos are so beautiful that they gave me chills.

  9. I was really touched by this post – especially the first photo. It’s lovely to see something that had spiritual resonance – plus it just looked beautiful. Also, the hugging photo is so full of love! It’s tears over here!

  10. Awwe, Ameet! I used to work with him. And I know Maria, too! Wow, such a small world.

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