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For all of your lovely and encouraging support this first week. Which was shiny and pink and beautiful for the first few days but quickly deteriorated into teeth gnashing and hair pulling and other unladylike behavior. We’ve been infected with server issues that are far too tedious to explain, but we can see the other side and we hope hope hope you come back next week when things are in their proper places.

If anyone has sent an email in the last few days and not heard a response or had it bounced back, we’re still here! Please try again.

And on the unsolicited advice front, if you’re considering hosting with Go Daddy, think again sister. That’s all we have to say about that.

Have a pretty weekend.

Photo by Lou Mora

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Social Love

Sarah on Feb 27, 2009

I just found your site and I'll be putting a link on my blog. Best of luck! I love what I see so far :)

Kate on Feb 27, 2009

I am so happy to find you blog! I love your logo and can just tell that this site will be right up my isle style-wise. I'll be checking back often as I plan my wedding in September (not sure what layer I am on right now). Thanks for the great new inspiration board!

tonya on Feb 27, 2009

Hey there! I am loving your new blog and will be checking back often for inspiration for my fall 2010 wedding. Best of luck to you guys and see you around! (and as an aside- a nonprofit I am on the board of was looking at Godaddy and I quickly talked them out of it. I am glad to hear you're going to be on something stronger ;) )

Kim B. on Feb 27, 2009

Good luck . . .hang in there!

Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs on Feb 27, 2009

so sorry about your server issues! it is so frustrating. grr.

pw on Feb 27, 2009

okay, just clicked on a link to your blog, haven't read anything yet but this is AWESOME. the designer in me squees with joy at the muted vintagey colors and well conceived graphics and layout. the bride to be in me cant wait to see what you post up next!!

east side bride on Feb 27, 2009

Hee hee. When I saw the pic I thought the post was gonna be "thank you for puncturing the balloon trend." <3

Anna on Feb 27, 2009

Hi Ladies, I love your blog and I'm tagging you ... check out my blog and participate if you want. Ta, Anna.

Sarah on Feb 28, 2009

Love the new site. The design is beautiful and inspiring in itself. Good luck with the start-up issues... I look forward to what you ladies have to share :)

Laurel on Mar 5, 2009

I just found your blog and I LOVE it!!!!!! You are SO creative!!! I can't wait to see what is instore for the future!

Marlon Divirgilio on Sep 28, 2012 Book Mark it-> | Reddit | Slashdot | Digg

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