24 Feb

Jenny Yoo & Ban.do

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We’re aware that everyone loves Jenny Yoo’s insanely beautiful bridesmaids line, but we hadn’t really spent much time snooping around her site. Until yesterday when we found her “wedding alternatives” collection. Um, helloooo perfect dresses for under $1,000! I can’t figure out what makes these “alternatives” as opposed to legit wedding dresses, but we’ll take them. Especially when paired with the perfect accessory. Enter the headpiece du jour: a ban.do.


Here’s the plan:

1) Choose one of Jenny’s beautiful, relatively inexpensive white dresses (a few faves below)


2) Select ban.do headpiece or belt of choice (cannot stop obsessing about these)


3) There really isn’t a 3. Except of course shoes. We do love the shoe part.

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  1. ohh ban.do i love you.

  2. I can’t get enough of this collection. Ban.do is dreamy. xo

  3. love the new blog : )

    I shared the ‘bridal alternatives’ with my blog readers a couple of months ago… isn’t it a great idea?! I, also, have no idea why they would be ‘alternative’… they seem so sweet to me!


  4. That’s an idea … I know of a blogger who is thinking of getting a Watters or Wtoo dress, then having her mom sew on a sash and flower similar to a coutoure designer dress. So if there’s a look you love, there’s always a way to improvise if you can’t afford it – as your post demonstrates again!

  5. these dresses are so gorgeous–beautiful choices.

  6. […] while I was at it, 100 Layer Cake has a great post about Jenny Yoo, who has an amazing eye for […]

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