Heirloom LA Los Angeles, CA

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At Heirloom LA of course we use fresh, seasonal, Farmer's Market ingredients-- that's to be expected! What we strive to do is challenge ourselves to use these ingredients in unique and creative ways showcasing them for your event in all of their delicious glory from our signature "Lasagna Cupcakes" to our Crostini Bars. Food is one aspect of our company. We realize that your event is very special to you so we have a full-service team that is dedicated to making your event have an impact that exceeds everyone's expectations!

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Having your wedding (or party!) catered by Heirloom LA is like sitting down for a meal at the most thoughtfully prepared farm-to-table restaurant. And that's like a MAJOR compliment. Everything (including their serving ware) is exceptional. And yes, the lasagna cupcakes are as delicious as you imagine them to be. Oh and the cocktails?? OMG. People will leave your wedding RAVING about the food & drink. Which is so how it should be, don't you think?

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