Sharkpig Los Angeles, CA

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A shark pig is 1/2 SHARK and 1/2 PIG. Easy to remember right? But if that doesn't stick in the brain like a thorn, try association. As in: sharp like a SHARK's tooth and cute as a curly PIG tail. Truth be told, the real life SharkPig is a dog. His name is Dominic. I know...even more convoluted, right? I used to call him Shark Pig because of the way he moved his flat triangle head back and forth as he sharked around under the table, that damn pig. As a business it's sort of a grand experiment. I'm trying to see if I can figure out a way to hang out with my awesome friends who comprise "THE FLASHDANCE" and also make some money. Money is a great thing to have on hand in case you need to buy some flowers for a girl, or some beers for your bros. But as an artist, I know that I will totally lose my marbles if I work on things exclusively for money, so I try to approach these little SharkPig films with love in my heart and a spark in the eye. Another thing I know as an artist is that I'm going strait to HELL where I'll be stuffed in a room and forced to watch every video that I've ever shot before they let me out, so I really try to keep them short and snappy these days. Please let me know if they're something I can do for you. -Brian

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Awww, Brian. We love this quirky, modern take on video. He's super talented and his eye for capturing the moment is unmatched. Plus he's part of the Flashdance, which gives him the ultimate street cred in the wedding universe.

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