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Using seasonal/local elements when ever possible, Brown Paper Design's style is best descrbed as clean and crisp meets natural, wild beauty. Danielle has a passion for all things growing, visually inspiring, and deliciously tasty. Her calm confidence and commitment to understanding exactly what her clients want before she starts design make her a joy to include in your wedding day.

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Oh Danielle. We love her so. She's been an amazing partner of ours for a bunch of different projects and we absolutely love working with her. She's so incredibly nice, and completely inspired by her work, which is exactly what you want from your florist! She's also committed to using local and seasonal material, which is always a nice bonus.

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John writes: March 23, 2014

- Hey Rachel, no problemo! I haven't done a post about harsh mid-day lnthgiig yet, but probably because I try to avoid it at all costs! I'll have to dig through the archives and see if I have anything that fits that bill.Howdy Chris! So glad you enjoyed that. I hope to see you sometime this year before the next Mystic!

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