Michael Antonia of The Flashdance Los Angeles

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Paying homage to artists like Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Z-Trip, DJ P, Jam Master Jay etc. THJ plays EVERYTHING! Funk / Soul, & disco, Rock & Hip-Hop, club classics, top 40, indie & electro all seamlessly blend together and bring a feverish energy to every event. Live remixing, and on the spot & Blends (or mash ups) can make the sets, at times humorous, and ridiculous, because of the juxtaposition of the tracks that are used, but the people NEVER stop dancing! THJ doesn’t take himself or what he does too seriously, just the way in which he does it.

Having shared the stage worldwide with artists such as: Diplo, Z-Trip, Fatboy Slim, DJ’s are not Rockstars, DJ P, 2 Many Djs, Swamp, Grandmaster Flash, Afrika Bambaataa, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Andy Smith (Portishead), Thievery Corporation, Jazzanova, Bebel Gilberto, NERD, Kelis, Eddie Veder (with Queens of The Stoneage), Groove Armada, Felix Da Housecat, The Rub DJs, etc. THE HUMAN JUKEBOX has gained the respect of booking agents, promoters, the press, and most importantly, the audience.

I AM NOT going to tell corny jokes on the mic

I AM NOT going to play desperate, crappy disco to try to “please everyone”


I AM NOT going to play thug hip hop at your dinner (unless of course…)

I AM NOT going to play ipods/cds

I AM gonna play VINYL (remember that format?)

I AM going to be able to read the crowd and build the energy accordingly.

I AM going to seemlessly blend from dinner to dance party

I AM going to make you dance your ass off.

I AM going to make you laugh

I AM going to make you cry

I AM going to make your friends jealous.

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We love Michael and his extraordinary way with dance parties because, well, he's pretty much a musical genius. We've been to weddings where he's been on the tables and seriously, they've been some of the MOST fun parties we've ever attended. If that's not reason enough to hire him, not sure what you need to hear. Oh, and he's the nicest guy!

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